Zoo Worker Has Adorable Feeding Time with Baby Panda

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A female and male panda were brought in to the Toronto Zoo.

Now say what you need but pandas are some Of the most adorable animals around. This particular video amassed over 5.2 million viewpoints and over 58 kgs enjoys for being cute and adorable.

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Source: Flickr

As anticipated, The baby pandas managed to draw the attention of many zoo visitors, as well as the Canadian Prime Minister, who cuddled with them during the personal celebration for their first birthday.

Who’d pass up the chance to cuddle with pandas?

Source: TouTube Screen Shot

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Holding a bottle of milk and the panda immediately understands he’s there to feed him. He grabs the guy’s legs, a means of asking for milk.

Source: Pexels

The guy needs to use both his hands to manage the animal- let’s not forget that pandas may be as light as 100gr when they are born, but they soon get larger. After all, they’re bear species. Therefore, the caretaker has to set the bottle in his pocket and choose the panda in his arms.

Source: YouTube Screen Shot

The Guy chooses the panda to a stone nearby and he sits there, cradling the panda in his arms as if it were a giant baby, and he begins feeding it with the bottle. The panda acts as a human infant that wants milk, and takes the jar in his hands!

They grow up so fast…

Source: YouTube ScreenShot

The man is Examining the cub’s feet and nails while the fluffy creature fed. He appears to be speaking into the animal, and, though we don’t have any idea what he may be telling him, it seems like he’s talking to him like it were his baby.

The panda beverages up the milk and now it’s time for the best part: patting the white and black fur ball onto its rear till he burps!

Source: YouTube ScreenShot

This man is completely devoted to his task.

He Pats that the panda on the back for quite a while until the infant bear burps. Visitors, who’ve been watching this whole time excitedly, are currently enjoying this adorable moment between both.

Source: Pexels

YouTube users Commented on how great the guy is in his job and that he’s ready to become a father to his kids.

“This Young guy is surely prepared for Fatherhood because of his own children,” somebody wrote, while another Youtube user commented:”Happiest job on the earth is becoming a panda nanny. . They’re so adorable…”

Source: flickr

And it is true. And when taking care of pandas looks like the best job in the world, then we agree. In fact, where to sign up? I’d like to pat these babies till they burp. Then cuddle with them after.

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