Women Worldwide who Choose Cosplay into the Most Impressive Level

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Source: Photos via Flickr

Some people work hard to replicate down these characters To the very last details while some put their own creative spin on things or perhaps formulate their own characters — and this is far more complicated than just dressing up as it’s Halloween.

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Over the last 15 years, this hobby has just become more And popular around the world. And it’s Ok if you don’t know it — hobbies don’t need to be approved by other individuals to be legitimate.

While cosplay can be as amateur or time consuming as a Person wants, there is no arguing that some people have taken it to the next level over the last ten years. In reality, many individuals even make a living both creating costumes and modeling.

It can also be a very empowering action for girls and We have found 55 of them around the world that really blew our minds with their talents.

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(but do remember that some social media accounts are NSFW, so while the following photos are relatively tame, following a link to some cosplayer’s account could provide you — or anybody looking over your shoulder — an eyeful!) .

1. @monpink_mon as Sasuke

Ting Hsieh is from Taipei, Taiwan, also goes from the Title Mon…

The only thing more elaborate than her costumes is her Makeup, and her cartoon-like photos are usually aided by a few filters.

Still, there’s no denying that she’s among the very talented cosplayers about — and she has well over a quarter of a thousand Instagram followers to prove it.

While many of her photographs can be on the risqué side, she also does a little gender-bending within her roles.

We are loving her as Sasuke Uchiha, as an Example, a Character in the popular Naruto manga and anime franchise.

2. @uniquesora as Domino

Jasmine, aka @uniquesora, is a fine arts student from Texas who has managed to grow her Instagram audience by leaps and bounds during the past year as her costumes have become more elaborate.

She often does cosplay together with her partner @khyvacraft, but In this case, she’s on her own to portray Domino from Dead pool 2.

She’s been very vocal about accepting LGBTQ+ individuals into Cosplay in addition to allowing individuals of all ethnicities to play whatever characters they need, irrespective of skin tone.

3. @magnetomystique as Mystique

Anna Martin and Juliet Chevelle cosplay together under the handle @magnetomystique. The makeup and design are done by Martin, but this photo of Chevelle as Mystique in the X-Men franchise gives you a detailed glimpse into exactly how much goes into some of those designs.

Transformation of the shapeshifter from the soldier who uttered a U.S. army base during the Saigon Rescue Mission to her “organic” mutant form.

Oftentimes, you really have to know the backstory to appreciate a few of the nuances, but there’s no denying that this really is impressive even if you know nothing about comics!

4. @rociocosplayer as Wonder Woman

Rocío Madariaga is a cosplay designer out of Santiago, Chile who posts under the handle @rociocosplayer.

While she has portrayed personalities from franchises like Mortal Kombat to The Justice League, she famously portrayed a hot Freddie Kruger previously!

But she is pretty amazing here as Wonder Woman, that is a Very popular costume these days so pulling off it right requires deep attention to detail.

5. @marieclaudebourbonnais as Susan Storm

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is a French-Canadian model posting under the deal @marieclaudebourbonnais. Since she began in 2009, she has become a legend in the cosplay world.

This photo is from New York’s 2010 Comic-Con by which she dressed as The Invisible Woman (Susan “Sue” Storm Richards) – not to be confused with Storm from X-Men!

The 41-year-old remains modeling, although her more recent photos are definitely on the NSFW side.

6. @chief_squat_low as She-Hulk

We only love when women take it up a notch and move full Hulk, or at least She-Hulk.

Ginger Kutschbach has altered the picture a bit to bulk up, But as a fitness guru, she does have a pretty amazing figure even without the computer-generated muscles (and you can tell exactly what her favorite move is with her manage, @chief_squat_low).

You won’t discover too much cosplay on her account, but it’s a Good spot for fitness inspo!

7. @twerkingherkin as Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell goes glam when she’s played with Brisbane, Australia bombshell Tasharni (Tash) Coralie.

Disney characters are fair game in the cosplay world – it’s not limited to geek culture by any means!

It’s not limited to geek civilization by any means!

In fact, this 23-year-old pink-haired pixie has played with everything from Jessica Rabbit into the very real Marilyn Monroe and was involved in cosplay for over 8 decades.

Her main costume is Harley Quinn, but recently her photographs are extremely Tinkerbell-centric.

Needless to say, she rips it out of the park whoever she plays.

8. @ryoko_demon as Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a very popular cosplay personality, Especially after Margot Robbie’s 2016 portrayal of her in Suicide Squad.

Likely because she’s a costumer and professional wig manufacturer.

She frequently cosplays with buddy @ry_creator that you may see on the next slide. The Russian duo was shooting photographs together since 2002 and they create each of their costumes by hand!

9. @rei. Lady as D.Va.

Here is the other half of those Russian energetic duo playing D.Va. from the video game “Overwatch.”

While she doesn’t have a large following just yet, keep an

Their artistic abilities allow them to choose their costumes to Levels few different cosplayers can.

In March, she debuted her Most Recent costume — Kasumi Yoshizawa from Persona 5 Royal. But like many cosplayers, the COVID pandemic has set a real damper on costume and materials shipping in addition to chances for in-person collaborations.

10. @enjinight as Supergirl

There Are Several Different ways to groom as Supergirl, Depending on what style you’re after.

Cosplayer @enjinight from Budapest, Hungary has obtained the Part of Kara Zor-El back in time a little (compared to her most recent CW show-inspired appearance).

As one of the most famous cosplayers around (partially Inspired by her 920K+ Instagram followers), fans often look to her for inspiration for their own costumes. And she’s given them a lot to work with since she is dressed as a wide array of personalities, from cartoons to Lara Croft.

11. @ahhchewcosplay as Dr. Strange

Rachel Meikle provides all the credit to photographer @jeffzoetvisuals and cosmetics artist @rebeccaru beauty for her amazing portrayal of Dr. Strange from the Marvel Universe. However, her creativity in selecting characters and largely handmade costumes mean not only anyone can pull this off, even with the right team around them.

According to her Facebook page, Meikle’s love of costuming was motivated by her “countless hours playing Legend of Zelda other Nintendo games together and contrary to her loved ones” as a kid together with time spent creating costumes for her horse to wear at local 4-H fairs!

12. @lola_v_cosplay as Batgirl

With just a few thousand followers, Lola V remains Cultivating her viewers in the world of cosplay. But the “Ameri-Kiwi” who now lives in Australia is nailing function after role from Star Wars to Suckerpunch.

Obviously, Batgirl is this a timeless, so many Men and Women Attempt to fill those bat sneakers — so it actually takes a dedicated cosplayer to try and get it done right.

And in some cases, it is about the right angle and attitude.

13. @lianne. cosplay as Mantis

Lianne L (aka @lianne. Cosplay) is a costume manufacturer and Hairstylist based in Los Angeles.

You May Have to scroll farther back in her feed to find A number of her more elaborate work, but we cannot help but adore her portrayal of Mantis in the Guardians of the Galaxy picture franchise.

Even though Mantis ranks low on the “sexiest girls in Comics” list, this portrayal of her would probably bump up the character the listing quite a few notches!

If you want to see more of Lianne’s makeup and costuming skills, check out her YouTube channel also.

14. @OhMySophii as Raven

Oh My Sophii is shoving 60k followers on Instagram with her frequently racy cosplay, along with also the professional creator who lives in Wichita, Kansas really makes all of her own costumes and props!

She also creates exclusive articles on Patreon for People Who donate, including “a Variety of photo collections (cosplay, boudoir, and sometimes style ), cosplay music movies, cosplay progress blogs, tutorials, exclusive selfies, prints and behind the scenes, statements, Discord hangouts and much more!”

As one of the Teen Titans, the personality Raven frequently gets A bad wrap for her demonic parentage. But we see this cosplayer giving a nod to her empath facet as well.

15. @suteroozu as Deadpool

Stephanie Rose is a Twitch streamer, content creator, and Cosplayer who’s taking gender-bending into a glam new degree.

In this photo shoot with Fractured Photography, she manages to create Dead pool look hot (not that Ryan Reynolds was a slouch)!

This was her final photo shoot from the costume Retiring it — apparently, Latex isn’t as simple to wear head-to-toe as she makes it look!

She has moved on to much more colorful characters since then — at least hair-wise.

16. @OMgCosplay as Captain Marvel

Maggie, that goes by @OMgCosplay, has the great healthy look to play Captain Marvel, Brie Larson-style.

In fact, we needed to perform a double-take because she seems so Much like Larson in the movie.

With over 750,000 Instagram followers she is stunned fans with her astonishing — and often sexy — costumes and has played everyone from Superwoman into Batman’s sidekick Robin.

She has played with a convincing Sabrina the Teenage Witch In the new Netflix series, which is one of the risqué portrayals.

17. @cutiepiesensei as Starfire

Jasmine, aka @cutiepiesensei, has some of their best Movies around, and like her over quarter-of-a-million fans, we simply couldn’t quit scrolling through her 300+ photographs.

With equal flair and she is rocking this DC Comics’ Starfire costume, complete with colored contact lenses!

Believe it or not, this is actually a fairly tame Edition Of the costume — the way the character was initially attracted was fairly PG-13, to say the least!

18. @gilly_kins as Petra Venj

Dressing up as a video game character is currently a lot of Pressure because they were never designed to be played with a human.

But Gillian Owen is positively rocking this Petra Venj costume in her bathroom!

The personality is from Destiny, an online-only multiplayer First-person shot video game.

And while Owen doesn’t post a lot of cosplay, her attempts Are pretty amazing when she puts her mind to it!

She creates costumes as well, which is probably why this pic Is so impressive. And no doubt we’ve seen her work on a few other famed cosplayers too.

19. @HannahRayNinja as Punisher

Comic-Con. Not only are her costumes spectacular but she is a photographer as well, so she knows just the correct angle for her racy but rad Instagram photos.

It’s not often you see Marvel’s The Punisher played by a Girl, but maybe that should occur more often because the Netflix series got canceled after 2 seasons!

Should Frank Castle be Francine Castle? If Hannah is playing the personality, sign us up!

20. @didrainsfall as Xayah

Spanish model @didsrainfall has a psychological depth that makes her characters believable no matter what present they are striking.

Her cosplay ranges from arcade to Disney but we are completely to her League of Legends character Xayah, who wages a war to save her people from destruction.

The wig alone makes the personality among the more Elaborate to play, so it’s not often you find that a Xayah costume.

We would not be surprised if additional cosplayers were Intimidated to test after viewing this endeavor.

21. @tanuki_tinka_asai as Hellgirl

Sure, Hellboy is nice, but may it have been better Film franchise like Hellgirl?

Tanuki Tinka Asai (that’s her nickname) is a Russian Cosplayer taking this character to another level. And also this pic makes us believe that gender role-switching brings out the most innovative parts of cosplayers.

She makes all her own costumes and encouraging her Patreon account enables her to keep doing this — as well As supporting the pastime she has loved since 2009.

22. @ladylocosplay as Goldeen

@ladylocosplay is here to remind you that there is no one Body kind which makes a good cosplayer. In fact, that is something the role-playing world still needs to take at times.

Here, she is taking creativity to another level using a Pokémon Goldeen costume.

In case you didn’t know, that’s an aquatic character most closely resembling a fish.

We would love to know the creative process behind turning something distinctly non right human into a costume, wouldn’t you?

23. @saramonicosplay as Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz is a DC Comics superhero and member of this

Model Sara Moni has us totally buying into the function in her Simple but wonderful costume.

In fact, color seems to play a big role in her cosplay and she’s proved that she’s all too prepared to paint her entire body to enter character.

We were not surprised to see she has over 55,000 fans — we’re just wondering why she does not have more!

24. @barraza_lakette as Queen Mera

In her spare time, therefore it is pretty astonishing that she’s racked up more than half a million followers around Instagram!

She makes a stunning Queen Mera, the warrior royal out of

We can’t imagine where she finds the time to work out, but Fitness is a big part of her life as well and you will find some fit-spo on her account in between cosplay pics.

25. @jessicanigri as Jon Snow

Known best for her alluring Pikachu costume (yep, you read

With 4 million followers, she’s one of the most Recognizable cosplayers in the world — at least when you can recognize her under her amazing costumes.

Her photos tend to be around the sexy side, but let us face it, Jon Snow from Game of Thrones was already sexy, just in another manner. However he could have pulled off that bodysuit!

26. @kalinka.fox as Daenerys Targaryen

Speaking of Game of Thrones, it’s no surprise that Daenerys Targaryen is a favorite role among cosplayers.

Russian Cosplayer Filinka Fox tried to bring the Character to life and managed to do a fairly epic job with it!

Funnily enough, her “casual” page has even more followers than her cosplay page — but it is difficult to tell which involves more dress-up.

Her photos are famous for being edited to have a dreamy Background which makes her characters appear ultra-realistic.

27. @camenezesx as Cyclops

Props to the women who perform with the less-than-sexy X-Men Personality Cyclops, particularly when they somehow make him look great!

But she has also got some imply Dungeons & Dragons and Dragon Ball Z garb as well.

She looks anything but. But that is the best thing about cosplay, right?

Geek culture is finally getting its day in sunlight!

28. @angeladomanico_ as

Makeup Artist Angela Domanico stuns as Rei Hino, better called Sailor Mars, by the Sailor Moon manga series.

If you really wish to find out what she can do with makeup, check out her SFX Instagram narrative, where things get gory but the gift is crazy, especially when she works together with prosthetics.

According To her website, “her work was featured in magazines, film, and TV” and she is “the Key Makeup Artist for Ismahawk, a film production company based out of Las Vegas” along with doing freelance makeup work.

29. @maweezy as Valkyrie

Playing the Asgardian, Valkyrie, from Avengers: Is making us wonder how she even finds the time to glam up whatsoever with everything else she’s going on.

We would need some severe escapism also if we needed to be an Essential worker during a pandemic, and there’s no doubt that her 31,000+ lovers appreciate everything she does, from saving lives to alleviating their boredom.

Make sure you scroll down in her 1600+ pics for some seriously amazing costume work.

30. @Merrysynth as Kida

Polish cosmetics artist @merrysynth isn’t all about cosplay But that does not mean her art is any less stunning — in fact, being infinite by the bounds of a character means she could be more imaginative.

We are enjoying her as Kida, the Queen of Atlantis in the 2001 Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

She created this look using just black eyeliner and some random foundations for contouring – “No powder, no bronzers, highlighters, no eye shadows,” she said.

31. @alodia as Freya

Playing D.Va, but we’re digging her since the warrior Freya by a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

She’s also been known as one of”the Philippines’ maximum Beautiful women” and won endorsement prices for everything from skin care to restaurants!

Gosiengfia has also worked as a TV presenter and actress, But began cosplaying in 2003 at the suggestion of some friends.

She is so hot that she’s now encouraged only to show up at conventions and she has well over 1 million Instagram followers.

32. @lizkatzofficial as Rogue

a “Feisty lil Cosplay Model, Retoucher, Gamer, Inferior Actress Half Elf, Professional Eccentric & Muse” and 1.3 million individuals follow her every movement on Instagram.

She is expecting a baby right now, but she is just proved You can game a baby bulge AND a sword!

Here, she plays with the X-Men’s Rogue, whose ability to absorb And even eliminate people’s memories is considered a curse by the character herself well, except that 1 time she absorbed Ms. Marvel’s powers and made to fly.

33. @lyzbrickley as Mercy

While she’s finding less time for cosplay and more for mommy blogging since the birth of her daughter, Lyz Brickley still makes a mean Mercy from Blizzard’s video game Over watch.

Mercy is a healing character and a field medic.

But can we just talk about this unbelievable costume? The Article may be out of 2017 however we really want to know where that ended up since it has some seriously incredible equipment!

Quite a few fans offered themselves up for healing after Seeing this picture.

34. @stellachuuuuu as Mako Mori

The prior burlesque performer-turned-sponsored-cosplayer Stelle Chuu has some crazy costumes her sleeve up, but we love this easy shot of her playing Mako Mori in the Pacific Rim movies.

As the adopted daughter of Stacker Pentecost and an

It’s a badass character to get a cosplayer to shoot on, even If it’s on the side, aesthetically speaking.

35. @kieraplease as Danny Phantom

Together with 656,000+ Instagram followers, it’s safe to say @kiera please has found her place at the influencer world.

She can move glam as tough as anybody else can but she can Also manage to be sexy as Danny Phantom from the Nickelodeon series of the exact same name!

It’s not a role we would expect anyone to take on but it only Goes to show that a number of the greatest costumes are from leftfield and beyond the mainstream.

36.  @meaganmarie as Atomic Blonde

Model Meagan Marie may gender-swap with the best of them.

Here, she celebrities the Atomic Blonde herself, Lorraine Broughton, who was played by Charlize Theron at the 2017 movie based on the 2012 picture novel The Coldest City.

It is about a spy Searching for a list of double agents who are being smuggled into the West in 1989, right before the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

37. @eeelyeee as Ereshkigal

@eeelyeee is a very famous cosplayer in Taipei, Taiwan Famous for her elaborate costumes. In reality, you would be hardpressed to not believe she was a cartoon in some of her photographs!

With over 765,000 Instagram followers, she is also among The wealthiest cosplayers, having an estimated net worth of $1.5 million (and she’s in her early 20s!) . Her cats Regal & Mya are well known!

She is based in Japan these days — along with the cats, of Route — and we think she makes a fairly amazing manga edition of Ereshkigal, the Mesopotamian Queen of the Dead who rules the underworld.

[email protected] as Snow White

39. @yayahan as Lio Fotia

A legendary figure from the cosplay world, Yaya Han still Dons a costume but can also be a television personality and American actress.

You may recognize her from the Syfy channel’s Heroes

While she’s famous, her personality Lio Fotia, the Pioneer of Mad Burnish from the animated movie Promare may not be recognizable to you.

What can we say is we love when these amazing women Tackle unexpected characters!

40. @nika_enot as Princess Bean

Speaking of characters that are unforeseen, we adore how @nika_enot Took on the function of the glamorous princess around, Princess Bean in the Netflix web collection, Disenchantment.

Do you think this beautiful Russian cosplayer can burp as Loud as the princess she’s playing?

Normally her characters are a Bit More glam and she has got a penchant for Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

She’s also spent quite a bit of time playing Princess Merida from Disney’s Brave.

[email protected] as Varric Tethras

It May be an old photo but Amie Lynn’s — aka @misshabit – portrayal of Varric Tethras stands the test of time.

Tethras is a surface dwarf from the House of Tethras in BioWare’s Dragon Age video game franchise.

How often do you Find a woman play with a stunt less one By a fairly geeky (in a good way!) video game?

Obviously, she has her share of glam characters as well And is a very popular gamer.

42. @ gglindsayelyse like Valeera Sanguinar

You knew there was going to need to be something from World of Warcraft on here and we chose Lindsay Elyse’s portrayal of Valeera Sanguinar, the rogue hero in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

She believed this costume a landmark in her cosplay Livelihood and also we could see why.

In addition to her huge social media following, this geek Gal is also a popular Twitch streamer — in case you wished to see that she’s really got game.

43. @violinelf as Rapunzel

We don’t like to refer to girls as someone’s spouse, but in This case, @violinelf’s audience is much more compact compared to her husband’s (@danqu15h).

But we did not need to leave out the self-proclaimed “quarantine coach” (and really outstanding violinist) because her Rapunzel is one of the best we’ve seen!

It certainly helps when you’ve got the hair and do not even Need a wig.

Her additional alter ego, you’ll be unsurprised to know, is of An elf that performs the violin.

44. @kamuicosplay as Aloy

Over half a million Instagram followers make the German cosplayer Svetlana Quindt certifiably famous. In fact, additional cosplayers are excited to catch sight of her conventions just to check out her armor (and no, that’s not a euphemism — she’s great armor!) .

She’s mastered characters from each match from Diablo 3 to to World of Warcraft.

But one of her coolest costumes is Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. Here, she’s on the Shadow Stalward Armor that you would be lucky to have from the game less IRL.

45. @kinpatsucosplay as…well, anyone

Tayla Barter comes with an eye for costume design and also the proof Is on her Instagram page in @kinpatsucosplay.

The Excellent news is that if you are crafty even sells some of Her design templates on Etsy!

She’s pulled off some of the finest turns as personalities from Games, films, and anime shows and it seems like every time we scroll her feed we are pleasantly surprised by something new.

These are the 5 brand new outfits she’s made this season, but Trust us when we say a visit to her web page will leave you in awe even after viewing these.

46. @pink. mason outfitting Gamora

Life can be a real bummer when you are the last of your species And your adopted father is Thanos.

The woman behind @pink. Mason costume shop is frequently a model for a number of its own We don’t know much more about the model other than that she is an unbelievable creator as evidenced by this Gamora costume and makeup. She even did the styling for the photo!

That can be cosplay at its finest — and it makes us want to Buy a costume from the shop for sure!

47. @aza_miyuko as Star Guardian Xayah

As a design student and big Vivienne Westwood enthusiast, she’s Big into fashion, which is apparent in her costumes.

But when she’s not becoming glam, you’ll find her playing Games like League of Legends, which inspired this wonderful Xayah costume.

She also loves traveling and matches her cosplay costume Choices to her location. It seems like she is on the ideal track to pursue her aim of becoming a fashion designer.

[email protected] as Aquawoman

Fitness fiend Laney Jade Fenimore may play villains and Vixens alike convincingly. In reality, a photograph of Super girl actress Melissa Benoit’s face has been superimposed on her body and is floating around online.

With over 68K+ followers it is reasonable to state the Washington D.C. resident is getting lots of attention for her cosplay.

Her Aqua(wo)man costume is arguably better than Aquaman’s suit itself. (Then again, we don’t have to see Jason Momoa wear considerably ).

She even takes part in some team cosplay with a group Called Hero Hotties.

[email protected] as Belle

Momo Kurumi is a cosplayer and designer living in Arizona who has a flair for the dramatic!

As a seamstress, she can create her own Incredible costumes, Including lots of Disney princesses.

She has been cosplaying since 2007 and has made over 100 Costumes and she’s a professional and cosplay judge in competitions.

You can even buy some of her incredible patterns on her website.

She is also passionate about making her community a Welcoming one, stating :

“It’s my goal to spread positivity, and Diversity awareness from the cosplay community. I believe cosplay is for everyone, since cosplay is for fun- and everyone deserves to have fun!”

50. @hannaheva as Elsa

Cosplayer Hanna Eva actually knows how to play Elsa from And dividing time between Iowa and icy Minnesota means she knows how to take care of the freeze.

She makes all of her costumes by hand and does her wig styling herself. She cosplays as a full-time occupation (or at least she did prior to the pandemic), currently winning lots of awards.

As a photographer and performer, she knows how to style All her own photos.

Just like many of these incredible ladies, she’s got it all!

51. @zazie.cosplay as Nitocris

While she only has 4500 followers right now, we predict Good things for @zazie. cosplay.

She started a Twitch account this season in which she Assured lovers they could capture her”watching anime, eating and chatting with you all.”

Here, she is dressed as the assassin Nitocris in the game Fate/Grand Order who happens to be based on the ancient Egyptian queen that held the throne in the Sixth Dynasty.

She’s a role model for women of color and body positivity in the cosplay world.

52. @jazzthebatcosplay as M’Baku

We are completely obsessed with @jazzthebatcosplay along with her Mission to attend events which”help expose and encourage people of color to research cosplay as well as the arts.”

Her gender-bending take as M’Baku from the Black Panther Franchise is awesome.

If you don’t remember the films (or his appearance At Infinity War, where he had been among those few survivors), the character is the leader of the Jabari Tribe that had eliminated themselves from Wakandan mainstream culture in opposition to T’Challa’s rule.

53. @hiso.neko as Himiko Toga

Tessa — aka @hiso. Neko — has a huge Instagram after of More than 111K people and it’s pretty clear why. She does everything 100 percent from her outfits to her makeup (and even her contact lenses!) .

And she fashions it all, even making her own props.

This Himiko Toga costume is pretty fantastic if you ask me And we will not ever look at the character from the manga series My Hero Academia at precisely the same way.

The personality is a member of the League of Villains however Tessa’s talents give her hero standing in our publication.

54. @jannetincosplay as Urd

Janneet is a professional wig-maker and artist whose sexy Cosplay has earned her nearly half a million followers.

You can view some of her amazing wigs, which Are extremely impressive even though cosplay isn’t your style.

Here, she seems as Urd, a fictional character in the popular Oh My Goddess!  Manga and anime series and we are stunned at how the makeup really transforms her to the personality.

We are glad she found the picture since her photographer Accidentally deleted a bunch of her snaps out of this photo shoot!

55. @becksters_lab as X-23

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t Wolverine. This is @becksters_lab as X-23, a female clone of the character who becomes his adopted daughter.

Rebecca is also an artist — in case it wasn’t clear — And does sketch design and work and makes her own costumes!

Scrolling through her page reveals tons of creativity that Will no doubt grow her audience nicely over her current 3200 followers.

If you enjoy her as X-23, simply wait till you see her as Thor!

55 Girls worldwide who choose cosplay into the most impressive level

We are more in awe than ever of the effort that cosplay Requires and the extraordinary women who take part in it.

So Many are creating a safe, inclusive, and Creative community in which everybody’s interests and abilities are accepted.


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