What to Text A Girl You Just Met – Romantic Texting Guide 2020

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Sometimes, you might just need a few ideas on what to text a girl you just met. There is just no denying that Texting is a very important and efficient way of getting close to someone. It’s casual enough for you to not come off as creepy or overly excited. But it also gives you the chance to get to know someone. As you may already know, communication is essential in any kind of romantic relationship. This is particularly true when you’re just starting to get to know one another for the first time.
When you communicate, you are baring your souls to one another. Even when it’s just informal conversation, you are still giving the other a slight glimpse into your personality. This is why you always want to make sure that you are as exciting and as compelling as possible. This way, you are giving her more incentive to want to converse with you and get closer to you. Texting is unbelievable because it’s direct. You don’t have to schedule a way for you to see each other in person before you can talk. With Texting, you can converse even when you’re apart.
First things first – Texting isn’t for everyone

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However, Texting isn’t always going to be strength for a lot of guys. There are all types of people out there who struggle with Texting because they lack the confidence and knowhow to do so correctly. This is what this article is for. You don’t have to be gifted with unbelievable fictional powers for you to communicate through text effectively. Feel free to pick from all of the options that are highlighted here and incorporate them into your conversations.
Although it’s important to note that you need to stay true to yourself throughout the entire process, at the end of the day, girls respond best to realism. The moment that they start seeing you as fake, then it’s all over. They will lose the trust they have for you. This is why it’s essential that you just make use of texts that you are comfortable with using.
Four Common Mistakes in Texting:
Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Sure, you might think that you have the freedom to send her a rude text message so soon after meeting her. However, that doesn’t mean that this is the right thing for you to do. Before we get to how you’re supposed to be texting her, let’s first discuss the big texting mistakes that you need to avoid.
1. Being Too Formal and Boring

Just. Don’t. There’s no way she’s ever going to respond to a boring guy. Remember that a text message is supposed to be casual and fun.
2. Being Too Forward

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Don’t be too aggressive, either. Most girls these days don’t respond to guys who just want sex right off the bat. Take things slowly. Be logical about it.
3. Not Using Proper Spelling and Punctuation

Yeah, just avoid typing like that as much as possible. Also, make use of proper punctuation marks.
4. Being Too Desperate

If she doesn’t respond right away, then just let it be. Don’t be the guy who forces her to reply to you. You are only going to end up pushing her away.
What to Text a Girl You Just Met:
It can be very challenging whenever you’re trying to flirt with a girl, and you’re not particularly skilled or experienced on that front. This is especially true when you’re not capable in the art of communication or conversation. Sure, you might get a chance to score her number by being straightforward or maybe out of sheer luck. But what do you do to follow up? What do you text a woman that you like? Perhaps you do have the confidence to send out that first text, and you get a reply. How do you keep the conversation going? How do you elevate the level of communication between the two of you?
These are all things that we are going to try to address today. Sure, you can always go for the usual, “What’s up?” or “How’s it going?” messages. But that wouldn’t set you apart much, would it? Keep in mind that you always have to differentiate yourself. She probably has so many other guys who are texting her right now. You need to make sure that she sticks to you in particular.
1. Make Yourself Memorable

This is always key. So, to do this, try to recall a simple lament or comment that you might have made when you first met that will make her remember you. For example, “Hey! I’m the guy you discussed with about whether Friends or How I Met Your Mother was a better TV show.” This is a particular message, and it will allow her to remember you better.
2. Be Funny

Always try to inject funniness into your messages. The great thing about humor is that it allows her to lower her guard and defenses. Humor is the best way of getting her to feel more happy when she’s with you. It also makes you come across as more casual and inviting with your personality. Inject humor into your text messages by sending her memes or recalling funny anecdotes that you might have talked about when you first met.
3. Be Forward-Thinking

Always have a game plan in mind. Be forward-thinking. Don’t just text her for the sake of following up on that initial meeting. Try setting another meeting between the two of you as soon as you can! “Hey, I had a lot of fun talking to you last night. We should do that again soon.” It’s not very aggressive, but it also lets her know that you’re serious about liking her.
Final Thoughts
It doesn’t have to be all that complex. Keep things simple. Make sure that you’re memorable. Try being funny. And always have a game plan. Those are the simple principles you need to keep in mind. Do you agree with my thoughts on what to text a girl you just met?

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