Waitress Tosses Man To The Ground Following He Gropes Her

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What may have started off as a normal shift for Georgia waitress Emilia Holden ended in anything but that. She was just doing her job when she got an unwanted surprise from behind. However, it didn’t end there.

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Source: YouTube

He obviously thought nothing of it since he kept on walking. He clearly did not realise that groping wasn’t about the menu.
The man also probably didn’t find the restaurant’s surveillance cameras that captured his moments of groping and what happened next.

Source: YouTube

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The waitress quickly pulled his shirt and threw him to the floor!

He clearly messed with the wrong woman. It did not stop there! In the movie you can see her crying what you may envision were some unkind words.

Holden told People who she cried,”You don’t touch me motherf****!”

Source: YouTube

We’re pretty sure everybody around heard what was happening. Later speaking to reporter,” Holden said her response was sparked from the instant actuality that she knew what went down was unacceptable and she wasn’t going to let this guy get away with it. While the whole incident lasted just 12 seconds, Holden stated it felt much more than that.

She stated,”I was like,’no, you are not going anywhere. You’re likely to face the consequences.'”

Source: YouTube

The guy, Ryan Cherwinski, did face the consequences. Her employer stood by her and told police he saw the entire thing happen. He supplied them with all the surveillance footage.

Ryan Cherwinski was in police custody for two weeks before he had been released. He told police that the incident was an accident and that he was only hoping to get her to move because she was at all.

However, Holden was not buying it.

She told WTOC,”I got everything I wanted, they put him in handcuffs.”

Holden said she delivered the surveillance video to her family. 1 person posted it and it just went from there. News outlets got a grip of it and the movie is on YouTube. 

Following the story moved viral, Holden started receiving so much attention in all around. She put up a GoFundMe to encourage the Islands Feral Cat Project.
Additionally, after the incident, Holden says she was provided free martial arts classes she planned on taking. It appears as though she is well on her way into being a success when it comes to self-defence.

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