Two Horses Entertain With Dance Challenge

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Consider the term “dance horse” and also what jumps to mind is likely some sort of show-pony.
Some adorned mare galloping at a renaissance fair.

But, hold your horses, because the concept of a dancing horse was extended a make-over…

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Source: Ashleigh Nushawg on Flickr

With a bit of help in an emerging country celebrity, Blanco Brown, it’s had a coolness upgrade.

Blanco has been making waves in country music, and it has won the approval of this world of country and western by creating a viral internet sense, “The Git Up”.

The song is a contemporary Pop-infused version of classic country fashion, including but not confined to an old-school steel slide guitar.

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The tune road a week at #1 On the Hot Country Songs Chart, so you know that it’s ringing the ideal bells!

source: Stereogum

You understand “The Git Up” has gained viral standing when Youtubers are creating their own versions.

Firefighters, police squads, and everyday people are learning the dancing and clicking record on their telephones to make some genuinely fun videos.

Some of the vids are a fun addition to this catchy tune, but there’s one that we think stands out from the rest.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

So now we reach our “dancing horse”…

It’s well known that if it comes to the internet, if it is conceivable you can discover it.

To you, Rumba the Wonder Horse and his own rendition of the dance challenge.
Not only does this horse Have moves, but fashion to boot! It’s hard for folks to pull off giant sunglasses and a cap, but to get a horse, it is not a problem at all!

Source: Youtube Screenshot

The Git Down has a lyric that states, “throw down and have a sip with it” And that drives Rumba to take a sip out of a can.

This horse isn’t called Rumba has some serious talent and can trot along to Blanco’s hit tune with all the best of them.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Rumba’s buddy is right there with him for support!

If Blanco can dance with Individuals in a field in his music movie then Rumba would like to do the same.

In Reality, with his pal next To him he reaches a much higher level of cool. If wearing big hats and eyeglasses is all it takes to look that rad, perhaps we should all give it a try.

Of course, it is possible that it’s an issue of mindset and we might not be as cool as this battalion of stallions.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Is this a Git Up Challenge or a Giddy Up Challenge?

Or do we have to select between the two?

This is one seriously talented Horse and those who train him should be quite proud. Rumba knows many tricks and executes them with very little work.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

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