Top 7 Homeless People Who Won the Lottery

In today’s topic we have something actually interesting facts which will be hard to believe. You won’t believe that these homeless people actually won the lottery, they won’t from living on the street to actually being rich.

Anyone can win the lottery, but homeless people need the money more than others. Imagine being homeless, at one of the lowest points of your life – living on the streets – only to be blessed with a lottery win. That’s the story of the people in this article.

Askiguru has discovered seven of homeless people who actually won the lottery

1. Michael Engfors wins £374,000 after buying £7.50 lottery scratch card

Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck. This quote turned out well in case of Michael Engfors. A 61 years old man had been on the streets for almost six years. One fine day he decided to buy a scratch card from a petrol station. After losing his business and house following a divorce, one would think that luck was not on his side. But after spending $10 (£7.50) on a lottery ticket in Aspen, Colorado, he beat the odds of 840,000 to one, and won the $500,000 jackpot, which is equivalent to approximately £374,000. Michael firstly kept the win to himself and spent one final weekend sleeping on the floor of a nearby church. Shortly thereafter he exposed that he would like to use the money to buy some skis and to try and reconnect with his daughter, who he hadn’t seen for nearly two decades.
2. Laszlo Andraschek buys winning lottery ticket with last pennies

Out of difficulties grow miracles. It seems like this sentence was made for this guy only. Laszlo Andraschek, a 55-year old man from Hungary, ended up on the streets after arrears and unemployment drove him out of his home. In an act of hopeless optimism, when travelling to Budapest for an alcoholic’s workshop in 2013, he bought a lottery ticket with the last coins in his pocket. Now, with 630 million Hungarian forint (approximately £1.7 million) in his bank account, the formerly homeless man is one of Hungary’s biggest lottery winners.
At first no one knew about his lottery and he himself kept quiet, but his stroke of luck quickly reached the headlines after he made a major donation to a homeless shelter. When asked about his future plans, Laszlo told the media that despite being a recovering alcoholic, he is determined to be careful with the money, and would like to use it to help addicts and abused women. Grabbing the opportunity to start with a clean slate, he also vowed to pay off his amount outstanding and treat himself with a holiday in Italy.
3. Dennis Mahurin

One day he simply treated himself with a scratch ticket with no as such expectations but guess what he found out that he had won $50,000. Although he was shocked yet delighted, Dennis decided to spend it on helping others. An employee at the gas station, from where Dennis bought the ticket, claimed that he’s a regular customer with a very kind in nature and a great sense of humor.
Winning such a huge amount didn’t change anything about him. In fact, he decided to share out his winnings amongst the people who lived in his homeless community rather than keep it all for himself. Not that he’s completely selfless; he had planned to get himself a bigger tent to live in.
4. Crystal Nelson

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. Crystal Nelson can very well relate to this quote. Despite living in a vehicle, Crystal Nelson considered herself to be lucky. She had won $1,000 in a lottery but due to some unfortunate conditions, she had to live in a truck with her friend. Crystal worked as a carrier for a local newspaper and one day she purchased a Powerball ticket. Hoping for the best, she ended up winning $50,000 and had big plans to fulfill like most of us would have. Such as; getting a new apartment, buying a new vehicle, and may be even go on vacations to meet her brother in Arizona. Crystal didn’t intend to change her lifestyle and still planned to take things one day at a time. However, she did plan to own a few things to make her life easier. Calling a parking lot your home becomes quite depressing. Therefore, Crystal was tremendously excited to own a place. Moreover, once she gets settled, Crystal wants to spend some of the money to help her brother pay off his house so he can own something as well.
5. Derek Maboussou

We all dream of earning money. Winning a lottery is like one of the biggest dream coming true. Many of us unwillingly coughed up a few dollars to put into our office’s lottery pool knowing that we probably wouldn’t win, but we also don’t want to risk the odds. Derek with his eight co-workers from Omaha Nebraska won a $365 million jackpot that they divided it among themselves. Derek himself wasn’t a homeless person, but every year he donates tens of thousands of dollars of his winnings to the local homeless community. Each Christmas season he makes a huge donation of $45 Walmart Gift Cards to the Siena Francis House homeless center. The center’s director, Mike Sackler, claimed that as Derek wanted to help homeless people directly during that time of giving, so they decided on the gift card idea.
It has now become a tradition for Dereck to donate every year. Simply put, for almost ten years, these homeless people have been indirectly winning the lottery without buying any tickets. The perks are real though!
6. John Michael Le Blancq

Luck may or may not work always but if you have a kind nature and you have done enough good deeds then you will be surely paid off for the same. Here’ one example of how a lucky break can turn around and bite you in the leg. John Michael was really prosecuted for cashing in a winning ticket. He found a scratch card worth $260 and thought it was his lucky moment. Unfortunately, that luck was short lived – the card actually belonged to a woman who accidentally lost it in the street, and even more unfortunately, she had a photo to prove it. She had reported it missing at a local police station, and John’s logic of “finder’s keepers” didn’t really impress the magistrate. Not only was he ordered to pay back the winning money (which he already spent on a bus ticket), but he was also charged an additional $130 for the “theft”. Talk about brutal! It wasn’t all hex and jinx, though: Cameron and Kylie, a couple of local residents, stood up for the homeless man, paid his fine and spread the word. They raised $1,300 for him.
7. Josh Bryant

Josh Bryant story can be an inspiration for today’s youth. Welcome to the Windy City, better known as Chicago, Illinois. This is where the incredible story of Josh Bryant happened. He was injured in a car accident and got buried under an avalanche of medical expenses. His job brought only a minimum wage, and that was nowhere near enough for the hospital, rent, groceries and everything else. Josh filed for bankruptcy, went homeless, and started taking up all sorts of odd jobs, consistently refusing to beg for spare change. But like it is said luck doesn’t knocks the door before coming. You can get lucky anytime, anywhere, anyway. Same happened in this story. One day, John helped a man move his furniture, which earned him $20 and a lottery ticket. He scratched it and found himself the winner of $200,000! This allowed him to pay his debts, move into a decent apartment and get a steady job again. Now he is a fast food manager and an inspiration to his employees and customers.

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