Three Dog Siblings Sing Together In Perfect Agreement

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Dogs have mixed opinions about going to the groomer. While some love the attention and pampering, others absolutely despise the whole experience.

Among a dog’s biggest fears in the Groomer’s must be the dryer. These sexy, blowy items make a terribly loud sound — and in a dog’s eyes, it can appear as a predator is coming towards them. Dogs have more sensitive hearing than humans, so the noise is probably unbearable.

Other causes for anxiety include Being around other puppies, needing to invest time at a kennel, or separation anxiety from being away from their owner.

Dogs have a variety of coping strategies as they prepare for a trip to the groomer.

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Source: Rumble Screenshot

Some dogs will hide, while others Throw a tantrum. However, for these three gentle Alaskan Malamutes — Travis, Leila, and Joe — that they have another method of coping with a visit to the groomers: by forming a backseat choir.

It’s difficult to tell if those three dogs were anxious or excited as they led off to their own pampering session in the groomer’s. But for whatever reason, they decided to all come together and sing as a way of getting through their journey — resulting in a perfect harmony.

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Source: Flickr/ Randi Hauskken

Becoming vocal, Alaskan Malamutes are really regarded as a quiet strain. But after listening to Travis, Leila, and Joe’s singing, we think that they are a clear exception to the norm.

To be amazed, as the dogs’ owner was able to catch a video during the humorous automobile travel.

Titled,”Out Of Tune Malamutes Sing In’Perfect’ Harmony,” the movie was posted on Rumble and has now been viewed by several million people all over the world.

Source: Rumble Screenshot

The choir begins with all the barking of 1 puppy, who immediately encourages the others to join in. They whine loudly together in various distinct keys, and while it may not be music to the ears, it’s an entirely joyous moment.

This out-of-tune bit ought to be called,”Malamute Rhapsody.”

Source: Rumble Screenshot

Malamutes are actually pack dogs, Which could explain why this lot made a decision to create a wannabe boy ring whenever they got together. Pack dogs frequently mimic one another’s behavior, which in this case, resulted in some suspicious harmonies between the three.

Who needs a radio once you have three Performing dogs?

What we love the most about this Video is your puppies’ confidence. Despite not being able to hold a note in tune, these three are as unashamed as a toddler in a disco. And there is an important takeaway from this video — do not be afraid of what others may think of you! If you can’t sing, but you like singing, then only do it anyhow! Take some inspiration from those 3 malamutes.

Source: Rumble Screenshot

Perform in the car, or if their groomer has been treated to a performance too? We think it could be a wonderful way to pass the time while they are being shampooed — and may even frighten away the terrifying hairdryer.

Source: Rumble Screenshot

We believe that everyone deserves a Singing malamute to ride round in the car together. Watch the hilarious video on your own below.

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