Thinking of A Woman When A Man Cries In Front Of Her?

First of all, I’m a man, and I would like to clear the air a little surrounding this specific topic. Men cry, it’s natural, there’s nothing weird or “unmanly” about it. Okay, he is moving on to the question at hand. When a man cries in front of a woman, it’s because he trusts her more than he trusts himself. It means she’s one of the most important women in his life, and he has no problems being vulnerable in front of her.
What would you do if your boyfriend started crying in front of you? What would you think? The answer is obvious as long as the love is real. If you love that man, you’re not going to give it a second’s thought, and you’ll hold him and calm him down as much as you can. She will be concerned for him; she will worry about him and ask him why he’s crying, she’s not going to judge him from crying unless she doesn’t love him.
Emotions are never ignored in healthy relationships.
How Often Do Men Cry?

According to the Telegraph,
“Men cry for an average of two to three minutes, compared to six minutes for women.”
It’s safe to say that men cry less than women, but that in no way means that they’re any less emotional than women. Research suggests that the reason behind this difference is mainly because of hormones and social conditioning.
It’s true, women DO cry more than men – and for twice as long: Hormonal differences and social conditioning said to be to blame
• Research found that women well up between 30 and 64 times a year
• But men only shed a tear between six and 17 times per year
• And while a women’s tears last for six minutes on average, for men, it is between two and three minutes
As stereotypes go, it is one of the oldest. But women do shed a tear more often than men, a study shows.
The researchers said hormonal differences between the sexes could be to blame, but social conditioning plays a part too.
Women well up between 30 and 64 times a year, while men shed a tear between six and 17 times per year, the study found.
And when women cry, it is also for longer than men. Researchers found women’s tears last for six minutes on average, while for men, they last for between two and three minutes.
The study was carried out by Professor Ad Vingerhoets, a clinical psychologist at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and author of the book, Why Only Humans Weep: Unravelling the Mysteries of Tears.
He spoke to more than 5,000 people in 37 countries and asked them questions about their emotional responses.
Among men, 66 per cent of participants cried for less than five minutes and 24 per cent cried for between six and 15 minutes.
With women, however, 43 per cent cried for less than five minutes but more cried for between six and 15 minutes – 38 per cent.
Also, more than twice as many women cry for between 16 and 30 minutes: 11 per cent versus 5 per cent of men.
The findings also showed women cried twice as often as men for between 31 minutes and an hour, as well as for 60 minutes-plus.
Professor Vingerhoets said the differences in the sexes ‘could perhaps be explained to a large extent by the fact that women more often watch tearjerkers and read sentimental literature’.
The findings suggest men should be more understanding next time they watch a romantic film with their partners. Professor Vingerhoets said at the sight of a woman crying, men ‘often feel irritation and tend to ignore the crier’.

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