Salsa Dancers Begin with Impossible Pose

Salsa Dancers Begin with Impossible Pose – Then Light up The Dance Floor with Incredible Ending

Salsa dancing is not an easy task. It is a form of art that takes a whole lot of practice, preparation and rehearsal. It also takes a large amount of skill and passion. You have to really feel the dance moves for a convincing performance!
A video that was uploaded not too long ago in February 2019 shows two dancers who exemplify the amazing skill and talent that goes into dancing, more specifically salsa dancing.
Juan Carlos Erazo and Evelyn Milan are the two dance partners in the video. Both exuding a huge amount of confidence, they are both wearing matching, sparkly blue costumes — Milan in a form-fitting body suit and Erazo in a fancy shirt and pant combo.

Source: YouTube

First, they enter the stage at the World Salsa Summit and the whole room is cheering them on profusely. They stand on the stage for a second, hold a pose, and then make their way down to the floor, more in the front.
Then they go over to the side and hold a mind-boggling pose. Milan splits her legs into two 90 degree angles, bending her knees, as Erazo picks her up slightly. It begins to create the illusion that Milan is almost floating and they both make it seem like it’s nothing, although we know that it really takes a whole lot of strength to stay in that position for as long as they do.

Source: YouTube

After holding that pose for a few beats, they waste no more time and nearly fly into the rest of their routine. Seriously, they begin to move so fast that it is almost dizzying to the human eye. Milan flips over Erazo’s body as he supports her physically. The two show off the immense strength of their bodies.

Source: YouTube

Milan spins in and out over and over again with the assistance of Erazo and then at one point even flies all the way up, high enough to sit on his shoulders. It is remarkable how effortless it was for her to get up there in that position!
They continue to both spin each other around almost simultaneously, while also nailing the intricate foot work. Not a step out of place, their chemistry and skill are pretty much unmatched.

Source: You Tube

The two dancers are from Colombia. They work so well with each other, too. At one point, Erazo even nails a body flip with the assistance of Milan. That move, in particular, earns a big cheer from the crowd.

Source: YouTube

Even when the two aren’t necessarily dancing intertwined with each other, they are still perfectly in sync. They both nail the same exact moves, at the same exact time and speed. We have a hunch that this took days, maybe even weeks or months to rehearse and perfect!
Towards the end, Erazo spins her around seemingly forever. At the end of the already-impressive spin, she then lands in a position similar to how they started — with both legs at a 90 degree angle, slightly floating in the air while being held by Erazo.
This performance is so impressive, you must experience it for yourself below!

Source: YouTube

Dancers Start Seated – Then Flow Through Gorgeous Modern Dance to Adele Cover ‘All I Ask’

Social media has made it easier for talented dancers to share their craft, with just the click of a button you can upload videos for the whole world to see. During this powerful dance routine, the two dancers gracefully flow through their intense dance moves while performing to a cover of Adele’s ‘All I Ask.’
You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen, these dancers are incredible!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

In this dance to a cover of ‘All I Ask’ by Adele, the two dancers showcase their insane abilities and pull out all the stops

Will B. Bell, is a talented choreographer who is known for his difficult dance routines. After putting together the sensational choreography, he asked talented dancers, Dj Smart, and Zola Williams, to perform the spectacle.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

At the beginning of the video, the dancers start sitting down back to back before spinning around and jumping right into the routine. Zola shows off how insanely flexible she is, kicking one leg into the air perfectly doing the splits while standing.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Going through the beautiful routine, the dancing duo never misses a beat. Dj flips Zola around is head, as if gravity doesn’t exist

Suddenly Dj launches Zola into a gorgeous pirouette, swinging her by her arms back onto her feet. At one point, he launches his partner until she’s spinning around his kneck like a hula-hoop.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The two dancers flow so smoothly with the music like their bodies are bending to the song itself. Every step of the way the routine gets better, Will B. Bell absolutely killed it on this one!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Rolling around with purpose, the dancers continue to combine high-flying moves with fierce maneuvers

From start to finish, these dancers immediately captivate you. They have the perfect mix of acrobatics, ballet, and freestyle dancing, thanks to Will B. Bell. Any dance lovers will appreciate this, the level of difficulty in these moves is profound.

Source: YouTube ScreenShot

The complex dance routine was a viral sensation on YouTube, millions of dance lovers everywhere watched the epic video. It’s really no surprise, who wouldn’t want to watch that?!

Over 4.5 million people viewed the outstanding choreography, with many people who were deeply touched by the performance

On top of the 4.5 million viewers, 106 k enjoyed the video enough to his the like button and thousands left comments for the gifted dancers.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“I could switch the music off (which I actually did in my head) and just watch them…this choreography…the strength…the precision…it was all music to me . Thank you for making me and all those boys and girls watching feel comfortable in their beautiful strong bodies. I could watch this another 1000 times over again…subscribed” Said one YouTube user.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“Wow, so incredible and I actually LOVED this version of Adele’s song. The strength and tone of his voice matched this perfectly and it was so beautiful to hear it sung from a male’s perspective. Watching the male dancer and envisioning his inner fragility via the song lyrics was just such an amazing juxtaposition.

What an amazing display of athleticism and connection through dance, these two are on a different level. To see the extraordinary dance routine, watch the video below!

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