35 Funny Moments between a Celebrity and Fan

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When it comes to meeting actors, some people get extremely excited. They want to take pictures together, shake their hand, and tell them how much they admire their work. Most actors are utilized to this and are happy to spend a couple of minutes talking with their fans. You’ll also get stories about celebrities who aren’t as understanding and might rather be left alone. But fortunately for all of us normal folks, the vast majority of people who spend their lives at the limelight don’t mind saying hello.
Obviously, then there are the times when they might hit a pose or even photo bomb someone from the backdrop? After all they take tens of thousands of pictures with fans — they must find a way to keep it interesting!
So, remember, the next time you Encounter a Celebrity and desire an image, you may not get the one you were planning on! But just run with it and enjoy. Even if the picture is absurd, you are always going to have a hilarious memory. You’ll think of it each single time you see that celebrity on the huge screen. They might have an Oscar, but they left a snowball encounter with you!

1. Nicholas Cage Seems like he had a rough day

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Source: Imgur

This poster stated that if he ran Nicholas Cage at a restaurant, the experience was friendly…. But also, a little bizarre. Cage purchased him a bottle of champagne, which was fine. He then insisted that he wear his glasses while they took his image, resulting in this awkward picture.

2. Watch those

Source: Reddit

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We’re going to assume that it was just a trick of the Camera angle and Murray was not actually staring at this woman’s chest. Regrettably, it really does look like he’s. The poster said that her aunt took the picture and only took one, so there are not any better ones — only Bill Murray seemingly ogling her chest.

3. What would Morgan Freeman narrate about those sweat stains?

Source: Reddit

This unfortunate poster had a Small meltdown If he had the chance to have an image with Morgan Freeman… physically that is. There is no hiding those huge sweat stains. To his credit, Freeman doesn’t look fazed. After all, he is a professional; he is prepared for anything.

4. His fame found him his doppelganger!

Source: Reddit

To look to work out who’s who. Believe it or not, after the enthusiast posted on Reddit about his or her sanity, Sandler paid for him to fly out to the premiere of his movie “The Do-Over”.

5. This is a royally hilarious photo bomb

Source: Instagram

There are celebrities, and then, of course, there’s royalty. Both of these young girls were only carrying a selfie if a fairly important person struck a grin in the backdrop. That is none other than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England, in case you did not know. I wonder just how long it took them to detect.

6. But did he take her phone from her hand?

Source: Reddit

No one wants to have their telephone grabbed out of their hands by a stranger.

7. Kanye seems less than thrilled to be there

Source: Brightside

There are also days when even actors get a little overwhelmed. Kanye West didn’t seem pleased about taking a photo with these two enthusiastic fans. If you take heaps of photographs every time you walk out your front door, it’s bound to have a little tiring.

8. This falcon does not seem impressed to fulfill Ed Sheeran

Source: Instagram

Each celebrity has some pretty interesting lovers. The both of them decided to take a selfie together with fitting expressions that were intimidating. We’ll be waiting for a fantastic new ballad out of Sheeran about his falcon buddy. Okay, or maybe not.

9. Sherlock struck a big smile with some fans.

Source: Twitter

Benedict Cumber batch is known for some pretty serious dramatic roles, but he’s actually a very friendly, exuberant person. If it comes to his fans, he likes to shoot pictures and be silly. At this occasion, he was happy to take a selfie with some fans and a big, goofy smile.

10. At least

Source: Pinterest

Robert Pattinson started out playing with the character Cedric Diggory in the “Harry Potter” franchise, then proceeded on to “Twilight”, a string he openly hated. These days, he has more freedom with the characters he takes on, and people are learning that he is actually a very talented performer. He struck a half-smile with this fan’s photo with an occasion.

11. One of these is smiling, at least.

Source: Getty Images

James McAvoy has some fairly dedicated fans. From this enthusiast didn’t desire anything quite that intense, but he have a bit of an awkward response throughout their selfie.

12. Nice of Beyonce to let him take the lead on this one

Source: Reddit

This poster says their friend ran into the queen of pop herself, Beyonce Knowles, in New Orleans. When he asked her if she’d be willing to take a selfie, she was happy to do so, but she told him: “Whatever face you make, I’ll make”. He chose this expression, and now he’ll have this photo to explain to his g

13. Tom Hanks: Always down for a prank.

Source: Imgur

When this guy ran into Tom Hanks at a bar, he chose to pretend he was drunk on the famous celebrity. To Hanks’ credit, he played he allow the stranger slip his glasses and pass out to the table. Then he took a hilarious picture pointing him out to everybody.

14. There’s nothing like meeting with the real Spider man

Andrew Garfield was in Singapore back in 2014 to get a Enthusiast meet occasion. With Spiderman gear everywhere, the superhero really removed his mask and posed for some pictures with the fans. He had been happy to hit a pose on this fan for a quick selfie.

15. This fan Managed to tick off nearly all the boxes

Source: Pinterest

When you are a fan of a series, there’s nothing like obtaining a picture with an actor who stars in it. George R.R. Martin is even poking his head in to be a part of the action. The fan’s excited smile says it all.

16. Johnny Depp Orchestrated a bewildering buff meeting

Source: Imgur

Sometimes when you are a famous actor known for Playing an iconic character, you’ve got to just… put on your costume and walk around city, apparently. That is exactly what Johnny Depp did in Queensland. Finally, he ran into local police, who thankfully was not after him for piracy. They simply wanted to take a selfie.

17. All you had to do was ask!

Source: Reddit

This sandwich store put up a sign that was just Joke or not, the “Taken” actor heard about the offer of free food and chose to show up. He then struck a pose with the sign along with a few employees.

18. It runs in the family

Source: Twitter

His grandma is the queen of England and also the Master of photo bombs. He popped into the selfie of both of these schoolboys during a trip back in 2014. He still has a couple of things to learn from Grandma, but his photograph bombing game in online point.

19. Quick, take it while he’s not looking

Source: Instagram

When you End up at a fancy dinner and detect the star faces around you, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. You are able to blush and giggle as you peek over, in awe of their star status. Or you may have a buddy sneak a photo of the two of you without anyone knowing.

20. His response may not be PG

Source: Reddit

This fan had an interesting approach to shooting a since he clicked the shutter button, he advised him to pose in a way that let everyone know how he felt about taking photos with fans.

21. Rihanna was Not feeling that the selfie game that day

Source: Imgur

As we mentioned, actors have to take Lots of Pictures and talk to a lot of individuals. They are bombarded with fans every time they step out the door, so it only makes sense that they occasionally get overwhelmed. This fan caught pop star Rihanna in the superb owl, looking like she didn’t wish to be there.

22. Dinklage trolled this fan in the simplest way possible

Source: Imgur

Peter Dinklage is known for his roles on shows like “Game of Thrones”. When this fan ran into him at an”X-Men” event and asked him for a photograph, Dinklage complied — but decided they were going to have a selfie. The fan says he is 6 foot 6… And Dinklage is a well-known 4 foot 4. However, he was thrilled to take the selfie together with the actor and simply popped a squat for the photo.

23. Now let the Guy eat his pretzels in peace 

Source: Imgur

This lady ran into Nicholas Cage on a flight and asked for a photograph. What is more, he was sitting in economy class! It’s good to find stars living like normal people occasionally, even though they have all of the money they could possibly want. Cage looks pretty sleepy, though. Hopefully, he managed to take a nap after their selfie.

24. He just wanted to grab some snacks and a few aspirin, guys

Source: Mundo

Imagine exercising to the pharmacy and running Hanks is usually up with a dialog with his fans, but he looks a little dubious in this picture. He was just hoping to run some errands, not go on tour!

25. This is an unfortunate photo for the former president

Source: Reddit

Bill Murray is 1 matter, but Bill Clinton is another: if this lady got a picture together with the former president, the camera angle, sadly, made it seem like he was ogling her chest.

26. Presidents Like hamburgers, too

Source: Instagram

This woman was out with dinner at a casual thankfully, he didn’t mind pausing his meal to snap a fast picture with her.

27. What can he Say except”You’re welcome”?

Source: Reddit

We really want to know the story behind this it appears like this young man was snapping a selfie as soon as the Rock just happened to be passing by. With typical enthusiasm, he swung around at the moment the film was shot and made this outrageous face.

28. Not everybody is fan of Tom Hanks

Source: Getty Images

Tom Hanks takes so many Fantastic photographs with fans because he’s all about reflecting their energy. If they’re excited, he is excited; if they wish to strike a silly pose, he’s down to strike a silly pose. And, well, if they are a crying infant, you can bet he will join in on the crying, also.

29. That will go from the family photograph album

Source: Blazepress

Known for shows like”River dale”,”Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Beverly Hills 90210″. This man is clearly such a major fan of that they desired to take a close film… a very, very close picture. Perry is a very patient person to agree to choose this one.

30. Me, you, and Zach Braff make three

Source: Buzzfeed

This couple chose to immortalize their happy day using a town photo-shoot. Hilariously for them, a person just happened to be passing by and decided to hop in on the film. Yes, that is Zach Braff of “Scrubs” fame, who now features front and center in their wedding album.

31. These lovers got two X-men cameos to the purchase price of one

Source: Imgur

These fans simply wanted a picture with Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman. To their surprise, another “X-Men” celebrity decided to hop in on the picture. Apparently, Charles Xavier is a fan of this photo bomb.

32. Imagine going to prom with Katy Perry

Source: Blazepress

Katy Perry could be glamorous and lovely, but she is still going to perform this awkward dance at the prom. Perry snapped this picture using a fan in a glittering dress with a sparkly silver background. Unfortunately, the fan wasn’t dressed for the occasion.

33. Do not even consider it, dude

Source: Reddit

This excited lover asked Alfonso Ribeiro of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” fame if he’d join him for his own iconic dance, “The Carlton”. Ribeiro responded by giving him a look which was both exhausted and entertained. How often do you think he has been asked to do “The Carlton” with someone because the shows beginning in 1990?

34. Off me My feet, Fabio!

Source: Fanphobia

Fabio is the Flaxen-haired, musclebound model who starred on the front of dozens of romance novel covers back in the day. If this fan ran into him at a store, Fabio was happy to sweep him off his feet. The fan does a good job of pretending to be a swooning young damsel in distress, too!

35. The singer is about to take flight at that end

Source: Diskuz

A woman who was a big fan of Ed Sheeran hurried into Him on the street one day and asked him for a photograph. The “Perfect” singer consented, but just as the camera clicked, a gust of wind took off.

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