Spider “Charlotte” Named by Mom and Son Playfully Not Knowing to Refuse To Leave

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Arachnophobia — you either have it. It’s the fear of spiders. And honestly? We receive it. They have eight eyes, eight legs, they can move quickly, they have fangs. Eww. Unless…you are a mother-son duo in Australia. Then, obviously, you are not afraid of spiders whatsoever — even when they are absolutely massive and live inside your home with you.

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Australia is known to possess some super scary creatures, snakes, insects, and sea creatures. It’s pretty much the mecca for all things frightening. Among those creepy creatures is a huntsman spider. Huntsman spiders are huge. In fact, according to Wikipedia, “they’re also known as giant crab spiders due to their size and appearance”.

One of these insanely huge spiders occurred to wander inside the home of Annette Gray and her son Jake.
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Jake Immediately recognized the kind of spider, since they are common in those parts of Australia. These types of spiders also happen to be venomous, but luckily for humans, they are not hazardous enough to incapacitate an individual. Knowing that they weren’t dangerous to humans, the mother and son decided to let the spider stay. They supposed it’d leave after a while.

For the time being, Annette and Jake called the spider Charlotte, after the famed spider in the book ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

Soruce: Dodo/Jake Gray

Well, Contrary to that which Annette and Jake assumed…Charlotte seemingly had no intentions of quitting their residence. In fact, after a year passed, they essentially considered her part of the family.

“We’ve watched [Charlotte] develop within the last “[She] never bothered us. She moves about the house, pops room to room, eats all the germs.”

Since Charlotte moved in, she grew to a size of over 6 inches!

Obviously, Annette had to talk about their ‘buddy’ on social networking.

Source: Dodo/JACK GRAY

Posting photos Of this massive huntsman spider was, of course, shocking to everyone that watched it. After all, it’s not every day that you hear that your friend or neighbor resides with a hairy, huge spider! That’s a nightmare for most.

Annette’s Photos began to spread like wildfire and people are completely horrified that she could live with such a large ‘insect’ in her property. In reality, some people even indicated she burn her house down! But, needless to say, Annette has grown to care for Charlotte.

“I don’t kill them,” she wrote. “[Charlotte’s] harmless.”
Can we all learn a lesson in Annette?

Spiders are really useful creatures. And they help benefit our gardens. They get rid of unwanted pests in our home – like mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches. They might be scary looking, but they really are beneficial to the ecosystem.

Would you have a spider for a pet?

It’s not unusual for folks to have tarantulas as pets, but they’re usually kept we’ve never seen anything quite like this scenario before, though. Lifetime.

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