Marching Ducks Steal the Show During Band’s Parade

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There is something un-explainably Happy about watching a marching band, and the cheerful music and energetic performance brings a smile to our faces. With that said, if we were to present to you a marching group featuring just two humans, you likely wouldn’t be that impressed.

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But what if we told you that this band featured some very special guests?

Source: YouTube

Back In 2018 in the city of Eschwege, a marching band like no other happened to the streets. The group consisted of just one man and one woman, who wore fantastic outfits and had faces were painted like clowns.

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But the real stars of the series were those that have been walking in an orderly line between them- eleven brown geese.

As the band plays a cheery rendition of, “When the Saints Go Marching In,” the geese march along in perfect time to the beat, and they look so adorable that people can’t help but stop and smile as they see them.

Source: YouTube

The Group has that kind of energy that is rare to come across while out and about. The girl walks at the front of the line playing a xylophone, while the guy brings up the back with a huge drum kit strapped to his back- along with the geese take center stage right in the center.

You can tell these geese are seasoned performers.

They walk in a perfectly neat line, and although they’re enjoying the interest of their audience, they understand that they will need to focus on the task at hand.

Source: YouTube

But just where exactly has this special marching group come from, and how can they become so popular? After doing some research, we discovered that the Efteling theme park in the Netherlands is accountable for the awesome geese marching group – called them as the goose parade.

They have a little troupe that travels around, featuring two individual marching band members and a bunch of geese.

Source: YouTube

The video of the goose parade was shared on YouTube by Reiner Neumann, also because being posted it has received over half a million views from people all over the world. It is safe to say that this video bought joy into plenty of people’s lives, and many took to the comments to share their love for the video:
“Such A beautiful video and the individuals are sensible! No one runs in between or scares the animals… If you watch this video, it brings a moment of pleasure.”

“Don’t all possess a goofy greatness?”

Source: YouTube

“I Love this! So much that I have searched it through Google & discovered so many more vids of this. It’s so sweet & wholesome in a Challenging time, & with people, that time is ALWAYS. Most of Us need This Kind of thing everywhere not Only Belgium, those blessed men and women!”
Have you seen anything like it before? Scroll down to view the fabulous goose Parade in activity below.

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