Little Goat Wanders up into Your Cat and Tries to Head-butt Him

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Watching two WILDLY different Animals get along is always overbooked and wonderful to see. Among the very “stubborn” animals out there has to be cats.

When one incredible video popped up of a little goat trying to head butt a kitty, we understood it was going to be hilarious. Goats just can’t help but head-butt everything — and cats cannot help but fight back!

The hilarious moment was recorded on Movie, as the goat attempts to head butt his feline friend, we could see that the cat just isn’t having it — and as the cat’s patience wear thin, she eventually loses it and provides the goat a hilarious little warning nip.

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Source: Youtube

The movie was shared on YouTube by Lavender 23, and since being posted has received over 4.5 million viewpoints from people all around the world. Despite the video with no caption, we believe the name of “Baby Goat Tries to Head-butt Cat” is enough to tell us all that we could possibly need to understand.

The clip begins with a standoff involving the itty-bitty goat along with the feline. The cat is just trying to walk through the kitchen is stopped by the “kitchen monitor.”

Source: Youtube

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The house cat has clearly perfected the art of disdainful nonchalance, and she acts as if she has not even noticed the goat as she attempts to sidestep around him.

But the small goat is having none of it. He had been put on this earth to head butt, which is what he will do.

Source: Youtube

Exercising of patience. After the goat rears back to really go for assault number four, the cat provides a quick nip to remind him who is head honcho around these parts. We do not believe that was the last time one of these situations has occurred!

Source: Youtube

People Took to the comments to discuss their love for the video, with a single person joking:
“Goat was definitely under leveled with this battle, approaches need a Lot of advancement and he needs to invest some ability points in assault. Probably a new player.”

Another Theorized what might possibly be happening in the goat’s head, saying:

“The Goat’s like, ‘this feline has a nearly impenetrable force field. I must hit it in different areas sufficient to weaken it'”

Source: Youtube

A Last person pointed out that, despite coming across as fairly annoying from the cat’s eyes, the goat could actually be attempting to be polite. They said:

“It’s cool watching the goat attempt to play using his goat etiquette, That any other goat would understand, but this kitty is like ‘what’s this thing doing in my home and why does it keep bouncing like this’ lol.”

Our fantasy is to see an update video with the two of them snuggled up like old friends! Until then, we just have to settle with the hilarious video under.

Source; Lavender23

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