Hilarious Cockatoo Can’t Quit Chatting Up His New Baby Sister

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Infants and animals are certain to make us”aww” if we view them. They simply trigger that “adorable” nerve inside us and we can’t help but fall in love. Puppies and babies are a frequent duo, especially online, but what about birds?

Source: Pexels

Animals have different reactions to human Infants.

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Source: Pexels

While most Animals have some form of motherly instinct, puppies are a few of the most well-known animals to do so. They understand a person infant whenever they see one and treat it differently than they do other humans. They know to be mild, for instance. Outside of cats and dogs, however, humans don’t normally let other animals close to the little ones.

This cockatoo is prepared to meet her baby sister.

Source: YouTube

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Cockatoos are large birds which are part of the family. Something they are known for is their affection and their mischievous tendencies. Beauty of Birds states:

Cockatoo’s make exceptional companion birds, if their needs and requirements are adequately fulfilled. They’re tender, humorous, funny, mischievous and generally easy to get along with.

Buttons that the cockatoo hasn’t met a baby before and is ready to say hello.

Source: YouTube

On their first Experience, Buttons seems to get somewhat excited. Letting out a “SQWAAAWK,” she clearly needs a moment to collect herself. You cannot be making that kind of noise around a sleeping infant!

Source: YouTube

On round two, Buttons is considerably calmer.

Source: YouTube

His small Yellowish “ruffle” on his head is all flat, which makes him seem much calmer. Hopefully, he learned his lesson and won’t be squawking all of the time. As he gets nearer to the baby, Buttons has a hilarious look on his face as he watches the squirming pink thing.

Staring in the rocking baby, Buttons says, “HI, bubba!”

Source: YouTube

Parrots can Mimic most sounds that they hear, notably human words. When Buttons’ owner starts asking questions, he reacts! She asks Buttons, “What do you say to your baby sister?” And he responds with, “HI, bubba!” It’s a super adorable interaction.

Meowing like a cat, Buttons might believe the new baby is a kitten!

Source: YouTube

Who knows what Is going on in Button’s bird brain, but when he examines the baby, he starts meowing! Perhaps he believes the little squirmy issue is a major kitten. Buttons nods excitedly when asked if they ought to continue to keep the newborn infant. I believe his head is made up!

He actually seems interested in the little girl in the cradle.

Source: YouTube

Cockatoos are such curious animals that Buttons is probably whirring with enthusiasm about the new infant. The upcoming few months are certain to be an experience for Buttons and mom!

Who knows who will find the baby to say her first words!

Source: YouTube

In the way it seems, Buttons may beat Ananya’s parents to instructing her a word! With how mischievous parrots are, it is likely that Buttons will try and teach her a Naughty term while her parents are still trying to get her to say “momma” or dada

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