Cat Takes First Trip to Beach and Develops Strong Opinion about the Wind

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Taking our Animals around the globe to experience their “firsts” can be some of the most bewitching and funny moments in both our lifetimes. Especially depending on what sort of creature they are.
Some critters get the zoomies where they can’t quit running, a few animals may be spooked by any new noise or sensation, and a few only softly form very strong remarks that can be read all over their furry faces.

When one family chose to take their feline to the beach they quickly realized he hated one very particular thing.
For Pumpkin’s owners, they believed it would be a great idea to take him along with his brother into the shore to the very first time, because they both seemed to love experiences.

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But there’s much more to Pumpkin the cat than just disliking the wind on the shore.
Pumpkin’s Mom was actually being chased in the time that he was born and the household was not initially planning on keeping any of the babies.

Since the family was raising their new kitty they started to notice something odd with Pumpkin.
As the household nurtured their new relatives, they discovered there was something off about Pumpkin. Come to find out afterwards that he had a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia, which impacts the portion of his mind that regulates his motor abilities.
The Symptoms of mild cases incorporate an unusual gait or waddle, occasional balance loss, as well as potential subtle mind tremors. Pumpkin’s mom explained his odd waddle into The Dodo,
“We say he’s clumsy like a puppy…He looks more like he trots than runs, his front paws up one at a time.”

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Source: Pumpkin the Cat official

But nothing can stop this cat from living his best life.
This Diagnosis doesn’t stop Pumpkin in the smallest from adventuring and living his life to the fullest. On his Instagram, you can see him and his brother go on a lot of adventures with their loved ones and friends.

Source: PumpKinn the Cat Official

Pumpkin loves adventuring around the world…except when there’s a breeze.
From Hiking to kayaking to simply sitting on the dock of a bay or walking around the beach- Pumpkin does it all. Except for a windy day!

Source: PumpKin the Cat Official

When Pumpkin debuted this face, his family could not stop taking photos and videos.
On That beach day experience, Pumpkin’s family watched as he and Moustachio enjoyed their initial exploration steps on the shore, but it seemed to come to a stop when the wind started to gain speed.
The family quickly noticed Pumpkin’s facial expression change from joy to one of disgust. Tia continues,
“He actually really loved the beach but we soon found out he did not love the end…The faces he had been making, we had never seen anything like it before, so we were shooting videos and pictures.”

Source: PumpKin the Cat Official

Pumpkin’s funny antics have captured so much Attention and love the family chose to make social media pages that fans could follow along.
Since Releasing this story online, people all over the world have giggled with the family at Pumpkin’s response to the end. So much so they’ve decided to create social networking pages just so people could keep up with the adventures of their beloved Pumpkin.
Now, not only can they get to share adventures and day to day life, but also memes, Paintings, and everything else in between.

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