After Deer Is Rescued He Decides He’d Rather Live one of Folks

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It all started with a strange and disturbing call to the Fulshear Police Department.

Someone in the small town just west of Houston spotted a young buck tied to a tree in the backyard of a home that was under construction.

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Police immediately dispatched Officer Kevin Zieschang to rescue the creature.

No one knows who’d do something really cruel and unnecessary, But construction workers made fast work of cutting on the deer loose.

After Zieschang arrived he helped capture the rest of the rope away The buck’s antlers.

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Source: Screencap/Click2Houston via YouTube

Of course, after the deer was Free and left to go on his merry way, everyone assumed that it was the end of the drama. But the buck — who has been nicknamed”Uncle Buck” — had other ideas.

It turns out he’d rather Spend his time with humans.

Source: Screencap/AP via YouTube

He followed the rescuers into the back door and stuck around for some time , even letting one scratch him behind the ears before placing Down for a nap in the backyard.

Source: Screencap/AP via YouTube

While he did eventually scamper He returned in the most opportune time, when a news team was out filming a meeting with Officer Zieschang in the lawn where he was found the next day.

Uncle Buck came right up to him Throughout the meeting and it was all caught on tape.

“He came back to see me,” Zieschang told ABC13.

The authorities said he did not appear to be anyone’s pet (and it should go without saying that you should not try to keep a wild animal as a pet), but the animal’s strange behavior had them scratching their heads.

Uncle Buck was happy to be pet, Which leads them to believe people have been feeding him and he has become relatively socialized.

He even licked the palms of the Cameramen, exactly like a friendly neighborhood dog!

Source: Screencap/AP via YouTube

“I attempted to spoke him to get him to run back out in the woods, But he was not having it.” said Zieschang.

Source: Screencap/AP via YouTube

The neighborhood kids nicknamed Him Hank, but everybody knew they could not keep a pet deer in their burgeoning brand new area.

After the dollar returned for a Third time the following day, the authorities called in the game wardens in Texas Parks and Wildlife to determine the best plan of action for its friendly monster. They also, of course, researched how the bull got tied up at the first place but no updates are available on front — the police said it could be a crime under certain circumstances.

Since the deer seemed so Reliant on people, a decision was made to relocate Uncle Buck (aka Hank) to a wildlife refuge. It is possible that if people have been feeding him most of his life, he won’t have the ability to fend for himself in the wild, so he’ll need some excess attention.

“The deer was tranquilized and relocated into a preserve,” Lightfoot told ABC News, adding Hank is “doing fine.”

Obviously, this is why it’s a Poor idea to feed wild creatures — even ones that are friendly.

Be sure to Scroll down below for footage of Uncle Buck’s rescue and his return the next day.

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