9 Signs of One Sided Love

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It’s supposed to be mutual, not one-sided.
It possibly goes without saying at this point that balance is entirely essential in sustaining a strong, pleasant, and healthy relationship. You would never want to be in a relationship where there is a considerable imbalance in the way things are being conducted.
You always want to make sure that the dynamics of your relationship are running like a well-oiled machine. Should any imbalances or deficiencies be present in the dynamics of a relationship, it can potentially pose as a great threat to the constancy and honesty of the relation.
And unluckily, there is abundance of relationships that fall victim to this kind of phenomenon. There is just no way to salvage a relationship where these no equals exchange of effort, love, liking, and relationship. Remember that a relationship is a two-way street and that both people involved should act as willing and active participants in making the relationship work.
The strength of a single person’s shoulders will not be able to bear the weight of the entire relationship. It must always be a shared effort between two individuals into ensuring the prolonged existence and strength of a relationship.
Not to say that imbalances in a relationship are uncorrectable. A relationship can always be salvaged if issues are spotted and addressed early on. However, when left unchecked, imbalances within a relationship will ultimately lead to a critical end and you would never want that for yourself.
The trick is always in being able to understand that you are in a relationship with obvious imbalances, recognizing the problems, and making the necessary corrections to improve the state of things. But how do you know if there are imbalances in your relationship? Well luckily for you, there are a few things that you could keep an eye out for. Use these clues to help you spot potential points for improvement in your love affair.
These are 9 signs that you love someone more than they love you.
1. Not truly asking you too many personal questions

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A person who is madly in love with you would definitely be obsessed with learning as much as they could about you and your life. If they feign a sense of disinterest and indifference, then perhaps they don’t love you as much as you thought.
2. Never give a feeling we are a part of their future

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You never feel like you are a part of your partner’s future with the way that they make plans without you. They seldom ever include you in the planning process and you end up always feeling left out.
3. Always the one who has to get the action rolling

You are the one who always has to send the first text. You are the one who is always rushing your brain to think of a conversation topic. You are the one who always has to ask your partner out on a date. All the effort comes from you.
4. Rarely ever asked for your thoughts or opinions on things

Essentially, what you have to say or think doesn’t really matter much to your partner. Your thoughts and musings are of little significance to the person you are supposedly madly in love with.
5. To find yourself competing for their time with their friends

You should never have to feel like you are competing for your partner’s time in a relationship. You should allow your partner to live their own individual life, but they should also be carving valuable time out for you and for the relationship. If you feel like you are continuously shortchanged, then there’s an inequity there that you need to correct.
6. Don’t think it necessary to reciprocate your romantic gestures

You are the one who always speak softly words of love into their ears. You are always the one who is splurging on gifts. You are the one who plans surprise parties for them. But you never get the same kind of treatment.
7. Never made to feel secure in your relationship

You are never actually made to feel like you have a place in your partner’s life. You take your relationship day by day because you aren’t really even sure that you have a safe place in it. You are constantly being given a reason to second-guess your worth in the relationship.
8. Don’t really concern themselves with your goals and plans

If you were really with someone who loves you extremely, they would always want to make sure that they have a place in your future. But if they don’t actually give a damn about your personal goals and plans, then they might not be so invested in your future as you once thought.
9. Feel burned out with having to always make them happy

You always feel like it’s your job to produce the happiness in the relationship. But the sad part is, you’re the one who is becoming unhappy and the pressure of the relationship is really starting to get to you.

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