8 Signs He’s going To Be Good In the Bedroom

They say that you’re not supposed to judge a book by simply looking at its cover. So does that carry over into how we judge the men that you meet as well? What if someone told you that you can tell just how good a guy is going to be in the sack based on how he acts in his everyday life? Would that be something that you might be interested in? Of course, it would be! Who are you even kidding?
There are plenty of little observances that you can make which can help you find out if a guy is going to be a master in between the sheets. And you won’t even have to feel his touch for you to tell if he’s going to be good in bed or not. It’s all very delicate and so you’re really going to have to make an effort to be attentive and attentive. It can be something as simple as him doing a apparently normal gesture for you, so you really have to pay attention. Keep in mind that the guys who are the best in the bedroom are often those who aren’t so forward and sexually suggestive.
1. He is generous and thoughtful

If he is an essentially liberal and caring individual, then that’s always a good sign. It shows that he is going to be keeping your personal needs and pleasures in mind as well. He won’t be too caught up just thinking about what pleasures he is going to derive out of the experience. He is also going to be thinking about what he can do to make your experience with him meaningful as well.
2. He is a really great listener

He makes it a point to hear out whatever you have to tell him. He is always going to be open-minded. He won’t shut you down and he really takes into consideration whatever is on your mind. He doesn’t act dismissive of your feelings and thoughts.
3. He is a great kisser

A kiss is important. It’s often the act that gets things started in the bedroom. And you always want to make sure that you are starting things on the right foot. You don’t want to start of a sexual experience with a bad kiss. You don’t want to be setting the bar so low. A great kiss can set the bar really high, and you can just move higher from there.
4. He espouses a certain sense of confidence without being arrogant

Self-assurance is key. If he believes in himself, then that’s always a good sign for you. You don’t want to end up having to sleep with a man whose insecurities are going to get the better of him. But you also don’t want a man who is too arrogant to the point that he just talks a big game but he doesn’t really walk it. A moderate amount of confidence is always a good thing.
5. He makes eye contact with you

Eye contact is important. It shows that he trusts you and that he’s willing to be susceptible with you. It shows that he wants to connect with you in more than just a physical manner. He really wants you to see who he is – his true and authentic self. He wants you to know that he’s being genuine.
6. He is a great dancer

Not only is dancing just an essentially sexy activity – but you can always tell just how great a guy is going to be moving in the bedroom with the way that he moves on the dance floor. Great sex is always going to have a lot of grace that comes with it. And if he carries himself with grace while he’s on the dance floor – then he’s most likely going to carry himself with a lot of grace as he’s in the bedroom as well.
7. He knows where to put his hands when he kisses you

Do his hands just immediately travel to your butt or your breasts whenever you are locked in a kiss? Then that’s a bad sign. It means he’s rushing and that he can’t really control himself. But if he takes things slow and he knows just the right spots on your body on which he can place his hands as he’s engaged in a kiss with you, then this is a man who knows what to do with his hands in the bedroom as well.

8. He stays physically fit

Physical fitness is important in sex. Why? Well, at the base of it all, sex is a physical act. The best kinds of sex always involve thorough physical activity. So it’s always going to be a plus if you have a guy who is strong, flexible, and agile. He will be able to get into certain positions that can maximize the pleasure for both of you. And if his stamina and endurance are on point, he won’t get so tired too easily.

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