75 Unplanned Photos Captured at the Perfect Moment in Time

Photography is a work of talent that tells a story in still images. It captures the emotion behind the stillness in ways that can only be esteemed by looking carefully at a well-calculated image. It’s no surprise that there is a certain eye one must possess to know when the precise moment to snap occurs.
On the other hand, what happens when life occurs too fast to be photographed in any planned way? Well, with a struck of luck and a camera on hand, these unexpected moments can be caught with much awareness. These 75 seemingly impossible images will no doubt leave you in awe at what a photographer can achieve when they’re simply snapping without a fixed idea.
1. Snap Shot

Source: u/NearlyLegit

This hopeful Robinhood got a taste of what it’s like to be in the field. Unluckily, things ended pretty quickly on account of the bow snapping in half. Regardless of the outcome, kudos to his ability to maintain poise and stance after such a flat-out fails.
2. Zooming Into Your View

Source: u/ian1865

Here we see what was supposed to be an image of a stoic komodo dragon, but instead, we get a warbler photo-bombing the shot with no excuse in mind. The bird looks pretty majestic as it zooms right past the reptile as if honed in on a target. Can we acknowledge how confused the dragon looks when the flying creature takes his moment in the spotlight? Priceless.
3. Leggo My Footo!

Source: u/ChronicallyPunctual

If you’ve never stepped on a leggo with your barefoot, then you should consider yourself lucky. This child was caught on camera the instant she stepped on the ever-popular building blocks. Her life will never be the same, and she can look back on this picture to remind her where it all started.
4. Bee Still

Source: u/RandyOrton040

Bees are one of the most important insects to reside in this planet. They are necessary for our survival, but I’m not so sure they’re necessary for our photo shoots. This doggo is feeling the burn after this uninvited guest decides to get his very own professional head shot.
5. Fire versus Feline

This man proved to be a hero when he saved his dog. However, he forgot about another important household member: his cat! In the back, you can see the black cat making a mad dash for the exit as the house remains lit with flames. What a close call!
6. Scarf It Down

Source: u/hi7en

Scarfs seem to be in style in today’s world of fashion. Just be careful with the wind because it might just turn around and whip you across the cheek! This image captures the moment a man getting a taste of his own scarf as the wind clearly played a factor.
7. Cleanup on Aisle Ice

Source: u/Sakalalaa

What’s better to do than drinking a nice cup of wine to keep you warm in the snow? Nothing, except when you miss the wine glass completely on your first pour! I get pouring some out for the fallen, but it’s way too cold in this scenery to risk dropping any of that valuable liquid. At least the lass seem happily content where she is, so we won’t take that away from her.
8. Cleared For Lift-Off

Source: u/CluelessSuccess

This photograph caught a bird on his initial flight lift-off from the water. The contrast of light and dark elements really gives it a cool, modern style. In addition, the stillness of the water gives the entire image a soothing tone that helps the viewer’s eyes gaze in comfort. A impressive shot indeed.
9. Poop Projectile

Source: u/hardworkworks

Well, we’re getting into the more interesting parts of our content. This monkey was caught the moment he unleashed his entrails on an unsuspecting guest in a restaurant in Thailand. Hopefully, it didn’t land anywhere it shouldn’t have and that people were spared a good eating experience. For what it’s worth, it was still an extremely timed photograph.
10. Champagne Wishes

Source: u/lolageispower

It’s all fun and games until someone breaks something. This image caught a champagne glass flying off like a late run in the bottom of the 9th inning. The party foul will absolutely be a moment to look back on and recall as these gentlemen look back on their esteemed memories.
11. Jenga Is Not For Everyone


Anyone who’s not familiar with Jenga will probably look at this picture and think this is some sort of cruel and strange punishment. In reality, it’s one of the most embarrassing moments for anyone Jenga player ever to have the entire block tower crash on their torso. We hope buddy is okay and that he steps up his game next time…if there even is a next time for this poor soul.
12. Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

Source: u/dracarysbitch

Yoga is a time to consider and really hone in on your inner energy. Nobody ever mentioned being greeted by flying pigeons out of the blue. This little guy seemed to just want some company to be around with and did not seem to be nasty in any way.
13. Background Flip

Source: u/mthofi

In one of the more funny pictures, this little girl is captured hanging on to the chained bars above her. She appears to be falling down, but a closer check up discloses she’s safely braced on the swing set with her hands. The part that’s interesting is: does anyone else in this picture realize what’s going on?
14. Attack of the Seagulls

Source: u/Rough_Beat

If you’ve ever been to the beach, then you know how often seagulls stalk the sandy strip looking for food to pick out. This person quickly learned her lesson when she decided to open up her snack next to a crowd full of gulls. Let this be a lesson: never underestimate what a snack can do when it’s opened up at a beach.
15. Nosy Frisbee

Source: u/pitline810

This man may be in need of prescription eye wear. The image captures the painful moment a Frisbee player cocks back his throw, but unfortunately lands a swipe on the opponent’s nose. It does look painful, but what’s more painful is the fact that this man could not see what inches in front of his view were.
16. Bee-have

Source: u/Wholly_Bloke

As we’ve seen before, bees tend to pop in out whenever they please. This attractive landscape photo includes a random bee stranger just casually buzzing around. At this point, they are clearly masters of the photo-bomb and should be observed if you’re looking to take a picture with not distracters.
17. What A Save

Source: u/smashley1128

“Think quickly” just took its meaning to a whole new level. This dad goes into continued existence mode and uses his lightning-quick reflexes to prevent his son’s fall with his foot! With skills like these, he might just have to try his luck on the baseball field.
18. Low Blow

Source: u/MonkyKnifeFight

This might just be a male’s most horrible nightmare. The image shows a man’s face moments away from complete shock before his dog decides to take a bite of his family jewels. We can’t confirm how bad the incident was, but we do hope this man is okay and that he realizes he should teach his dogs that those are not toys he can just freely play with.
19. Face Pain

Source: u/hauntcircus

This one is just straight up brutal. A rooster is seen about to lay his talons on a poor, innocent child. Our hearts pour for the little fella, but it’s also crazy to think of how perfect the timing on this photo was.
20. Slip N’ Slide

Source: u/SuperSlayer92

Nobody said traversing snow would be easy. For this wife, it was all but fun and games as she fell elegantly to a face plant. That’s one way to make a strawberry-flavored slushy without all the sugar.
21. Got To Be Quicker Than That!

Source: u/amfree88

Few things are as disappointing as losing grasp on your fresh catch. It’s the feeling of knowing all your hard work just slipped for reasons you can only stay on. This guy has more lessons to go and should certainly be more on top of his game if he’s looking to avoid another awkward moment.
22. Crash Bandit

Source: u/Battlever

They say it’s not about how much you hit, but how you can get up from after getting hit. Well, hopefully, this kid is alright after this explosive disaster that occurred when two long boards clashed by chance. He at least looked like he was wearing a helmet, so we think it’s safe to say he’ll be riding his long board another day.
23. Pulling Your Leg

Source: u/ohcarroll

Cats have this impression of theology that surrounds them. You never know what they’re up to until it’s too late and the act is done. For this kitty, it looks like he was waiting for the perfect unexpected moment to let his owner know how it truly feels.
24. Electric Slide

Source: u/BigBoyo25

Slides are extremely fun as children. However, some children don’t always get to the bottom in one piece. This gorgeous child is coming to grips with what certainly looks like a harsh.
25. Branch Suddenly Snaps

Source: u/zrogers8

This image captures a beautiful lake-side landscape with a forestry backdrop. A branch is caught dropping right in front of the camera-person just as the image was shot. The splash creates a sort of dissonance that can only be appreciated once you look at this amazing photograph for a moment.
26. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Source: u/jerm1323

This image might be a perfect illustration of order and chaos. The timing of capturing the lighting intersect the rainbow is nothing short of impeccable. Truly worthy of being praised as one of the best images on our list.
27. Waddle Boarding

Source: u/rLal1998

Not exactly the ideal time you want to have when paddle boarding. This man attempted to stand up for the first time on his paddleboard, but ended up failing sadly. The ceiling is high for this apprentice, so he can at least look forward to improving.
28. Wet Willy

Source: u/Frippersinchat

This fresh catch turned out to be fresher than this girl expected. The fish slipped out of her hands mid-picture and now the moment will forever be looked at for a informal laugh. It’s nothing to be feeling guilty. It’s just the face this lass puts on makes us feel accurately what’s going on in this picture.
29. I Scream For Ice Cream

Source: u/Scythanerror

Seagulls actually are some pests, aren’t they? They care not for being delicate or cautious on their intention. They are in your face about their demands and will scoop up your ice cream just to make a statement.
30. Thieves of the Sea

Source: u/HiFiSi

These energetic birds just don’t know when to call it quits. This man’s face is perfect since it was captured right before the travesty began. Let this be a lesson: protect your food and snacks around these aviary creatures!
31. Popup Pirate

Source: u/toysovore

The image captures a boy playing popup pirate with his grandpa. If you look closely, you can see the popped up pirate hanging in midair after being ejected. It’s an attractive photo that will be looked back to relive the memories shared in much simpler times.
32. Glass Blast

Source: u/rekinho

Celebrating comes in many shapes, forms, and manners. This celebration was taken to the tremendous as we can see this hockey player accurately shocking the glass as he approaches closer to the camera. You can walk away as a winner, so you don’t have to overdo it in the outcome.
33. Puddle Fail

Source: u/ScooterTed

A nice stroll with the family is always pleasant. But what happens when hard luck strikes and you end up falling in a puddle of mud all by yourself? Well, you pick up the pieces and keep walking until you can look back at it and realize how much of a goofball you were.
34. Tea for One

Source: u/doudou21

Imagine the seaside scenery on a brisk morning while sipping on warm tea. All seems to be fine and dandy until unexpectedly you spill your tea and start regretting why you even woke up that morning to begin with. Just always remember to clean up after yourself and realize what not to do next time this occurs.
35. Laser Lit Cocktail

Source: u/min-1

This one is certainly one of the cooler pictures in our list. A laser directly points at a cocktail and gives it neon colored glow. We wonder how it’s gonna taste now that a bit of energy has been added as the secret ingredient.
36. Broken Chair

Oh boy, this one is going to hurt! This man has no idea his chair is about to be his downfall as he closely works without noticing what’s about to happen. We hope for his sake he’s doing alright and that he realizes that he may have to think about a sturdier chair next time.
37. Watch out above!

Source: u/minenala

Here’s another bird doing bird things. This critter just so happens to take the spotlight of an otherwise landscape-focused image. We’re beginning to think this isn’t just accident anymore and that birds really do like taking photographs when they can.
38. Pup Meet Bee

Source: u/x_FaIleN_x

Here we see a dog focused on a bee that just buzzed through his line of sight. The pup looks curious as to what the bee’s idea was in stealing his photograph. He certainly won’t be bothered by it and instead will just sit and go for a retake.
39. Skim Wipe out

Source: u/SoftMacaron2

Skim boarding is one of the latest fads from this generation. This man decided to give a crack at it, until he realized that maybe it wasn’t the best decision he’s made. He landed clear on his butt after attempting his first wave. At least the smile on his face proves that he’s at least a good sport about it.
40. Flash of Lightning

Source: u/kingnothing1

This unbelievable image describes a flash of lightning as soon as it struck from the sky. The combination of the lighting actually does give this photograph an artistic style. What’s great too is that it is very clear and not unclear as most flashes captured. Regard to the photographer.
41. Caiman Eating a Fish Eating A Fish

Source: u/p_chaps

No that wasn’t a typo. You’re seeing the wonderful food chain at work in this image of a caiman eating a fish that is also eating a fish. The incredible timing of this photo is really well done.
42. If You Don’t Stand Up For Something, You’ll Fall For Anything

Source: u/pyoung1996

If you can’t beat them, just toss! This outsider found entertainment in being different, but not by purpose it seems. Hopefully she’s not hurt and this was just a great big laugh that everyone shared that afternoon.
43. Ouch…

Source: u/voccii

Well, these are the consequences of playing team sports. Physicality and contact are part of the name of the game. Hopefully this player is alright as she was just trying to make the right defensive play.
44. Humming Bird Pooping

Source: u/elbeco

Droppings from birds are not a kind thing to experience. But this epic shot gives some good qualities to an otherwise nasty behavior. The contrast in lighting is what truly brings this image to stand out from the rest.
45. Humming Bird on the Chase

Source: u/2MachTime

This hummingbird was just in it for the food. The outstanding camera work captures its wings fluttering in real-time and its beak while open. Nature really does have a funny way of going about itself.
46. Mars Reconnaissance

Source: u/2MachTime

For the space enthusiast, this picture is pretty interesting. It shows an orbiter in Mars take various images to show the landscape of the planet in all its glory. It was great to even capture this much, let alone the timing how the dust cleared across the surface.
47. Sharing Is Caring

Source: u/SelectiveCoach

The photograph depicts a male Hirundo giving over food to his mate. The pretty sign could only be captured with the amazing work of this professional camera. It’s a reminder that there are many magical moments to witness, even if we don’t have the lenses to see it.
48. Happy Bar day to You

Source: u/makemelaughforkarma

This is every birthday boy’s nightmare. Going through the alcoholic motions is a terrible fate that nobody should go through, let alone having a photograph to remind them of it. Hopefully, the reminder will help him realize that his decisions that night were clearly not worth the end result.
49. Mid-Fall Fail

Source: u/Vented55

The girl in the picture was actually attempting not to get her shoes wet while traversing the river. Things tend to happen and abruptly she’s now falling in midair as she’s about to suffer the dreadful fate of having wet socks. On the bright side, the timing of the photograph couldn’t be more on the money.
50. Caffeine Carelessness

Source: u/lowborn98

Ever been so high on caffeine that you forgot to tell whether a bottle has their cap on or off? That’s accurately what happened to this poor girl when she decided to tilt her drink, only to realize the cap was actually off. Some say she never drank coffee again after such a terrifying experience.
51. Jalopy Swoop

Source: u/vpyatigor

You would think this bird is about to carry the car away given its unbelievable size. Not only is this an amazing picture for size comparison, but the bird’s wings really does look like it can muster some serious strength. Luckily, a camera was there to capture this moment and all its brilliance.
52. Running on Thin Ice

Source: u/krisredd22

This pup needs to be more careful. Clearly something he didn’t plan for, but at least he wasn’t terrible hurt after. Running on thin ice is something that this pooch needs to realize is not for him.
53. Bleeping Bird

Source: u/Environmental-Loan-1

These girls traveled hundreds of miles for this one moment. What happens next? A bird decides to steal from them blind of a beautiful picture in front of the iconic Sagrada Familia. We think it’s time air traffic became a thing to regulate where these birds decide to take flight next.
54. Bike Crash

Source: u/Torb50000

Many people remember their first bike crash. It wasn’t’ clean by any means and while the physical scratches may be gone, the mental scars remain for some time. Framing this image wouldn’t be a bad idea, honestly.
55. Gone With the Wind

Source: u/gill_bates_

Gusts of wind can be funny depending on how they blow. In this case, it blew that right off of a girl who totally was not expecting it. More importantly, how is she planning on getting her hat back?
56. Skateboard Bail

Skateboarding has to be one of the most hardcore hobbies of all time. The serious injury one can obtain from it can send you to the ER for surgery without you knowing it. Luckily for this guy, this was just a casual bail and will look to be alright going forward.
57. I Can Ride My Bike with No Handlebars

Source: u/ddunkyy

Until your front wheel literally falls. We hope this guy at least knows how to ride a unicycle after what’s about to happen to him. Always make sure to wear helmet people!
58. Kayak Flip

Source: u/fielding24

This looks like a scene out of a horror movie. The foot on the end of the kayak is what really creped us out. The dark skies and water really add to the entire tone of the image.
59. When Two Birds Collide

Source: u/BrugerGamer42069

The overlapping blur effects add a cool optical illusion to this candid photo. The incoming bird flies rapidly across the goose without a moment’s hesitation. Little do we know, this was just an exchange of a friendly pat on the back that we missed entirely?
60. Golden Eye

Source: u/_epicTrash

What’s the matter with this picture? If you look close enough, you can see the wasp that flies right into this man’s iris. The timing of the image is truly perfect and really leaves us marveled at what good camera work can accomplish.
61. Snowy Wipe out

Source: u/digdilem

Skiing is not an easy hobby. Just tell it to this poor soul who looks to have suffered a terrible wipe out. Luckily, the best way to learn from our mistakes in the past is to be aware and not to commit them again. Thankfully, this picture will be around as a reminder.
62. Brace Yourself!

Source: u/Velvetine5

This kayaker had no idea what he was in store for! Seeing two jets about to fly over your head gives us chills by just looking at it. Hopefully he kept his head on a swivel and dodged the powerful jets’ engine.
63. Boop Poop

Source: u/nutriera9v

A friendly bird turned timid went off with his buddies to unleash his nervousness. He clearly had no problem expressing his anxious feelings towards whatever was going on. As always, the camera was somehow present when anyone least expected it.
64. Chicken Fight Fail

Source: u/AnaBusadoDemi

Ever had that feeling of distress knowing you lost a chicken fight and got put right on your back? Yea, that’s what this girl is experiencing. It’s a low feeling, but at least you have some fun in the water before it all goes sour.
65. Out Of the Kitchen and Into The Cage

Source: u/ferg_nully

Never underestimate the determination of a critter to get his food. Unfortunately for this little buddy, his world was about to come crashing down along with that barred cage. We hope no serious injuries were incurred and that he’s free of any serious harm.
66. Parrot Attack

Source: u/sause246

Did we mention birds are a constant irritation to everything we do? That’s a bit harsh, but this parrot seems to defend that statement the more you look at it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you next time you try to be nice to our feathery friends.
67. Skateboard Bail II

Source: u/cheesesticcboi

At the very least, this skater is wearing a helmet. The bigger they are the harder they fall, according to Isacc Newton. Let’s just hope he can get back and laugh at this photo instead of crying about it.
68. No Running When Wet

Source: u/Hyrter

Some dogs don’t learn until they experience it for themselves. This pup was about to learn the meaning of wipeout after hurdling down an icy, slippery path. At least his companion behind him is smart enough to know what he’s doing.
69. Double Take

Source: u/I_Am_JoKe

This very remarkable photograph reveals an image of two birds when in reality it’s the same bird flying at different speeds! How the camera caught this is really beyond our scope of knowledge, but it looks awesome nonetheless. The sunset backdrop adds a nice, summery vibe to the entire work of art.
70. Birdy Bites

Source: u/Nebulastar08

Early bird gets the young insect every time. This birdy is ready to get some nutrients and the camera was there to catch it on time. It’s like a snippet of ‘Planet Earth’ was taken in this Snap chat and you can hear David Attenborough’s voice narrate the rest.
71. Hanging in The Balance

Source: u/okaycarl

What’s more exciting than seeing a paddle board glide with ease? Seeing one fall with absolute grace. This man knew it was his time to get off and he did so without thinking it over twice.
72. Inside Scoop Of The Poop

Source: u/SERISET

This photographer accidentally hit the shutter just as this bird flew over him. He caught way more than what he bargained for, that’s for sure. No matter what, there’s no regretting an awesome picture like this one.
73. Running of The Bull

Source: u/ylandge1

One day you’re riding your motorbike down the road and then you turn around and notice this beast of an animal right on your tail. Your first reaction may be to ride out as fast as possible and not look back. Unless you’re the camera guy and thirst on any chance to capture entertaining content. Hopefully this fells is doing okay after a meeting with this bull.
74. Party Foul

Source: u/mcmasterpox

Another champagne accident for the books. You can see the guilty look on this culprit’s face as she notices the mess she just created by stepping on the tablecloth and spilling champagne everywhere. It’s actually kind of funny to see that her girl friends have no clue what’s going on
75. Tony Hawk’s Amateur Skater

Source: u/no-soy-de-escocia

You wake up on Christmas to the gift you ask for: a skateboard. Brimming with excitement and energy, you go outside and give it your first ride. Suddenly, your hopes of a clean run ends when you notice your balance is nowhere near where it needs to be and that you still have a lot to go. Don’t worry little guy. You’ll always have this picture to remind yourself how far along the path you’ve come.
75 unplanned photos captured at the perfect moment in time

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