75 times people forgot something and faced a hilarious consequence for it

The most careful people forget things sometimes. Where we put our keys. That we have some food cooking on the stove.
This can be a significant nuisance. Or it may wind up a large issue. But not necessarily.
Occasionally losing something ends in hilarity. Well, maybe not to the person who was forgetful. But for everyone else that
Gets to witnesses exactly what happened.
Here are 75 times individuals Forgot something and confronted a hilarious consequence for it:
1. When You Forget Your Fork

Source: PhillipSewell

This person forgot their fork at home. Good Thing they’re crafty. They left a fork from paper clips, tape, and a pen.
2. You Left Me

Source: power girl panties

This is one upset pooch. His owner was hungry when he got off work that he accidently left his dog behind at the doggy
daycare where he works. His manger sent him a text with this picture 10 minutes later stating: “You forgot something.” Look
at his face!
3. Log Out

Source: BlazingIce637792

What occurs when you forgot to log from your pc on the job? They remind you that you need to log out. In the most
hilarious way.
4. You’re Not Going Anywhere

Source: Resieh

This kitty’s human was late for work and forgot to feed him. This cat was not going to let that happen. His human isn’t going
anywhere until that bowl is stuffed.
5. Mortar Man

Source: travisminor

This guy was interviewed for TV. But the Reporter forgot to ask him his name. So, they went with Mortar Man.
6. Hanging

Source: Gravitom

This is one of those cameras that make you look as if you’re drifting when you jump. There is just one problem. They forgot to reposition the camera it looks like they hung.
7. Cola in the Freezer

Source: drtysoul

This is what Occurs when you forget your Coke in the freezer. It stinks. Then that burst freezes.
8. The Baby

Source: many chairs

This cat’s people needed a baby boy. But they Forgot to tell them they had a baby. This was his response.
9. Best Down

Source: I_am_Rude

You Must enjoy every piece of sunshine that you can in the winter. That’s what this guy was doing when he started his
shirt. He just forgot to close his sunroof later.
10. MacGyver’d Razor

Source: R2FuckYou

This man’s girlfriend forgot her razor. She Still had any refills around though. So, her boyfriend left her a complete razor out
of a fork and some other products.
11. The Ice Tray

Source: thehemperorr

This is exactly what happens when you neglect to put The ice tray back in the freezer. You end up with a tower of ice.
Someone’s going to have pleasure chipping out that.
12. Badge of Shame

Source: FlyingOstrich69

This individual forgot their job badge in the home. So, they have been given a substitute badge. A badge of shame.
13. Forgot about his girlfriend

Source: 5wv1y0

This guy had a bit too much to drink. So Uh oh. Trouble in paradise.
14. No Leash Wal

Source: i_browse_at_work

Locate their dog’s leash. This is the way he took his dog for a walk. It functions just as well to get a leash.
15. Amazon Scanner

Source: gatewayev700

They left the scanner at the box. And a few weird clips.
16. Just Blend

Source: versatileRealist

This child forgot his horn. He is doing a real Fantastic job of pretending he did not. He is just trying to combine in.
17. No Paddle

Source: Teeterz

These two denied their paddle to the ship but that wasn’t going to prevent them. This was their makeshift paddle.
18. Tree Skates

Source: Dspot16

This tree ate those ice hockey skates. Grandpa left Them hanging on the tree if he was younger and forgot about them. He
discovered Them years later.
19. Winter Halloween

Source: SomeGnosis

Someone forgot their friend in the snow. Just kidding. This somebody forgot to choose their Halloween decorations inside.
20. Cope Bike Lock

Source: prettyflyforaryguy

This police officer forgot his motorcycle lock. However, he had the ideal solution. He used his handcuffs.
21. In the Dentist

Source: Possibly_

This guy completely denied he had a dentist appointment. So he ended up needing to go like this. They believed that he
was nuts.
22. All Hung Up

Source: BootsmaBoy

Sometimes when you get dressed you overlook things. This man grabbed his coat and forgot some thing. He just has not
realized it yet.
23. Baby Hawk

Source: Demedia

Someone actually had to go to the toilet. It is a good thing this worker left the window open. This baby hawk wouldn’t have
managed to get in otherwise.
24. The Parking Break

Source: PenguinPush

You are gonna want to proceed and not neglect to put that on. This man did and resides alongside a dealership so his car
type of blends in.
25. Cat Genius

Source: MOGicantbewitty

This individual went to a mini vacation and Now her cat is a genius. The cat learned to use the bathroom by herself. She
was cleaning her teeth heard a small tinkle.
26. Pizzeria Sample Text

Source: christair

This pizzeria forgot to Complete their signal Order with their name. I Enjoy ordering from Lorem Ipsum. They have the best
27. Church Playground

Source: GavinWakeUpCall

This guy was very excited to take his son into an epic park. But he forgot his wife said that it was in a church. He might
need to change.
28. Missing Zero

Source: RedditNurstBot

This individual got 5 kgs of sharp provolone for only $3.40. That’s because a worker forgot to include a zero in the end.
That worked out well for the shopper.
29. Caramel Lava

Source: Skiddle1138

This person was at work and got distracted. Now it looks like lava.
30. Baby Lock

Source: millybays

This Is the Reason Why it’s crucial that you put baby locks in your cabinets. Since a baby will get into it. I love how she
ceased to have a photo before getting out the baby.
31. Ears!

Source: SuperFishy

This bunny was all ears. And now it is just ears.
32. Contact Lens Case

Source: eleanor61

If you have contacts, then there will come a day Where you overlook your contact lens case when you require it. This
person was in the office and needed to improvise. It is pretty damn smart.

Source: Fuzzie8

This is a sleeping bag. Can you guess what the Manufacturer forgot? They forgot to bring the French translation.
34. CVS Trip

Source: TuckersMyDog

This pup looks really pleased. That’s because His human forgot his leash. So he got to sit in the cart and proceed in CVS.
35. Bug Spray

Source: npea777

Wow… that looks really bad. Man has a serious condition. But those are bug bites. He forgot that the insect spray.
36. Your Anniversary

Source: StarskyAndHutch

This husband had to use his wife’s phone. The password was their anniversary.
37. Snow Angels

Source: danieljshapiro

This parent taught his children how to make snow angels. Well, he clarified. But there is something that he left.
38. Regret

Source: themagicpotato

This is the look of regret. When your Special Cup O’ Noodles is ruined.
39. Where would It Go?

Source: GTA_Stuff

Wait… where’s my lollipop? Is it. uh oh. He Knew something.
40. Lost Recorder

Source: ABelenje

This poor kid lost his recorder. But his Teacher did not care. He still had to carry out. Look at his face!
41. Batman Glasses

Source: AfikaPanther

This person found their Batman eyeglasses. Then They dropped them again in grandpa’s car. This is what grandpa sent
42. No Green Shirts

Source: frumpyfrontbum

There is a no green shirt rule on picture day. This child forgot.
43. Lock the Door

Source: mike_pants

This woman has nosy neighbors. She forgot to Lock her door. They then walked right in.
44. The Rope

Source: jona012b

This 69-year-old father climbed this very tall tree. He had been cutting branches. However, he forgot that the rope so he
could get down. He needed to wait up there until his son arrived home.
45. Drain Plugs

Source: jagershotzz

Having a boat isn’t an easy task. They Forgot to place their drain shelves. Now it’s under water
46. New Phone, Banana Display

Source: Kezzatehfezza

Why someone would have this many old peanuts in their refrigerator is beyond me. The man who discovered this photo couldn’t figure it out either. Someone got a new iPhone and this photo was on it.
47. Potatoes

Source: NachoLibreNick

This man bought a bag of potatoes. And he Completely forgot about them. Now they are trees.
48. Bathroom Guard

Source: Thor16a

This dog’s human is extremely protective. He So his dog barged in so he could shield his individual while he was on the
49. Wine Pop

Source: backfrom spain

It’s a wine popsicle. That is what happens When you set wine in the freezer. Then forget about it.
50. Havoc

Source: Mumster

What kind of havoc could a kid wreak in the Time period it can take to have a shower. This much. Mom forget to put the
baby gate up.
51. Appropriate Laboratory Attire

Source: mr_matt138

You Need to wear appropriate attire when entering A laboratory. This clearly isn’t appropriate lab attire. That’s actually kind
of scary looking.
52. Sunscreen

Source: matt_fletch

This really is a hardcore fan here. But even Hardcore fans need to use sunscreen. Or else you’ll end up looking like that.
53. Baking Bread

Source: ihavesoreballs

You have to be careful once you’re baking. Putting in the wrong ingredients can destroy your dish. This is definitely a
wrong component.
54. Shower Hair

Source: bigbennz

Some people lose a Great Deal of hair when they shower. Like this man’s girlfriend. She forgot to get rid of it so he left
some art with it.
55. Heder Functions Here


Someone made a big boo here. They overlook to bring a title to their story. Hence that the place holder ended up being printed.
56. Call Us

Source: bogdantheman

These lawyers are trying to drum up business. Not sure I’d hire them though. What they forgot was kind of a big detail.

57. Gateaway

Source: Cubatahavana

This Individual’s neighbors were going on a Little vacation. However, they forgot something important. I wonder if they will
remember where they left it.
58. Uncouple

Source: ThatguyfromRotterdam

Ooopsies. Truck from his container. He is going to be in for a big surprise if he goes to look for his truck.
59. Pizza Cat

Source: k3vbomb

This cat’s individual is quite irresponsible. They Left the pizza box available. Now they have a pizza.
60. Tomato Sauce

Source: eurostylin

Tomato sauce anybody? This driver forgot to Tomatoes went spilling everywhere.
61. Seed Plant

Source: SeeYouNexWed

This garbage disposal is growing vegetation. Some pumpkin seeds down their drain and forgot to put on the garbage
62. Sad Face

Source: MagicBob78

This is a very sad dog encounter. That’s because His daddy forgot to feed him. His wife took photographic proof so that she
could guilt.
63. Ickers

Source: Kohkoh

This really is an Ickers pub. It’s a Snickers Minus the chocolate. The factory forgot to put it on.
64. Large Green Vase

Source: seathdarcstar

No, this person did not forget to put the Right label on this vase. His boss whined he is colorblind. Yet he asks him to cost
out new stock.
65. The Crucial

Source: ArcticFoxNews

Even smart people make mistakes. This Professor forgot the secret to his room. His students had to take their midterm
66. Pissy

Source: Sadat-X

This puppy is used to sleeping in his bed at night. But his human washed it forgot to lay down it. He was pissed about it.
67. Banana Ville

Source: Reddit

An individual, on Earth, actually carries this Around in their wallet. I want to be friends with them. However, the officer who
pulled him over and obtained this by accident rather than his real license wasn’t amused.
68. MRI Magnets

Source: Reddit

Were you aware that MRIs are enormous magnets. Apparently they are. And someone forgot that reality so this happened.
69. Out with the Trash

Source: bnasty22

It had been bulk garbage day in this neighborhood. Someone threw their headboard. They just forgot to take their own
handcuffs off also.
70. Lemon Water

Source: keethantom

Someone at this hotel was told to make lemon water. Apparently they did not really know how. That or they forgot to slit up
the lemons.
71. Be Kind, Rewind

Source: rpratt34

This guy forgot to return his Blockbuster video. He probably owes them hundreds of dollars by now. I wonder if it will ever
catch up to him.
72. E-Brake

Source: Upstream15

For someone whose car is now under water, this man has a great attitude. He forgot to put his e-brake one when unloading
his ship. He looks like he’s prepared to leave it there while he moves boating.
73. Tent Pegs

Source: Cronin13

Tent pegs are important; they maintain your Tent secure. This group forgot. They improvised.
74. Subway Sandwich

Source: Cleannn

This guy was real hungry if he went to Subway for lunch. However, he got a little something extra with his sandwich. A
fancy Subway knife.
75. Auction Car

Source: wingnut0420

This car was purchased at auction. The new Owner discovered something which has been left behind in the back. This
very angry note and bottles of booze.

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