Adopter Doesn’t Show Up To Get Dog, Then Foster Mother Realizes It Had Been a Set-Up

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Crying can sometimes be good for the soul. The story of Nicki Clawson, a doggy foster mother, is merely one of those stories which could wet the driest eyes around!

Nicki and Cookie were basically soulmates

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Source: YouTube

When you foster pets, there are Different creatures in and from your home all of the time. While you form connections with many of them, it’s not feasible to have a mad deep connection with each single one. While you do not form a connection with every creature, occasionally a sneaky pup will creep its way to your heart and before you know it, you have fallen in love!

Cookie did this with Nicki.

Cookie is a boxer who found a quick after a little time, it had been obvious that Nicki and Cookie were likely to become more than just passing buddies, and it was time to produce the adoption permanent!

Since Nicki was gentle-hearted, her Friends decided to set up a “prank” to provide Cookie to her.

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Source: Little Things

Following a mind storming sash, Tim, Jessica, along with some friends knew it was time to bring it to fruition. Nicki had no clue what she was in for!

A “mysterious” embraced achieved and asked to do a meet and greet with Cookie.

Since the foster mom, Nicki got Cookie Prepared and brought him along to meet the “mystery caller” which was going to embrace him.

Source: YouTube

The drive was probably a rough one.

We can imagine how hard that car Ride was! When you are alone in the car, you can usually let out your emotions fully. While we don’t have cameras in the car, it’s safe to assume that Nicki was likely pretty emotional and upset on the way there. There is something about crying into a puppy’s fur that appears to help, however. Perhaps Nicki stopped for another on the side of the street and had what she thought would be her last moments with Cookie. Would you?

After getting to the place, she, she waited… and waited, and waited.

Source: YouTube

Waiting around to the potential Adopters, Nicki only kept assuming they were overdue. After some time, however, they never showed up.As she was about to call it quits, she had the shock of a lifetime.

Launch the folder to call the Adopters, a confused Nicki was faced with her cell phone number.

With a confused face, she requested Jessica why
“Well, that is the number of who is adopting her”
The realization struck her like a truck. She dropped to the ground and burst into tears!

“I cried for four days straight”

Source: YouTube

Admitting that she was the happiest she’d ever been, Nicki explained that she had been crying for four days about having to give away the dog. Luckily, no such thing would have to happen with Cookie. Even though she feigned anger with her friend and husband, everyone knew how pleased she was Cookie as now part of the family.

After admitting she was the happiest She’d ever been in her life (sorry Tim), she gave some information over the last couple of days for her. It was FULL of yelling. She was heartbroken she had been going to lose her friend. After jokingly being angry with her husband and Jessica for the prank, she was truly pleased to be with her friend Cookie.

“You are a part of our family now! Forever.”

Source: YouTube

This touching story is a reminder of how it is a wonderful thing to see a woman made so happy. After three years, the household is still living and Loving Cookie the boxer.

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