Stray Mama Cat Surprises Woman Who Helped Her Babies to Live Together

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A woman from Montreal, Canada specifically Lisianne met a stray cat in her yard one day. She noticed that the feline was starving so she thought that giving her meals would help a great deal.

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Source: Pixabay

That day was the beginning of their friendship and the woman named her Usagi. Coming back to her home had become a custom for the cat. Every time she would visit Lisianne, she’d get food and affection from her. Her trust for her got established at virtually no time.

One Day, the kitty visited Lisianne and surprised her big time since she wasn’t alone.

She was with her 6 kittens and she wanted them to meet her best friend.
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Source: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

turned out that the cute cat was pregnant when she had been getting some meals from Lisianne.
The Lady spotted the precious kittens on her porch which probably melted her heart. Upon viewing the cute animals, Lisianne understood she must do something so the cats would obtain the appropriate attention they want.
She subsequently asked for assistance from the appropriate people, such as a local animal shelter.

Source: Facebook/ Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Meanwhile, Lisianne maintained Usagi and adopted her.
Just Like what she’s been doing even before, she has been showering the mother cat with some love and protection. For the cat’s welfare, she decided to spay her to avoid her from getting pregnant again.
One of the kittens was likewise adopted by Lisianne’s buddy while the remaining kittens are being taken care of from the animal refuge.
Meet Tynie, Tyana and Tito.

Source:Facebook/ Chatons Orphelins Montreal

While these two little cuties are Taylor and Tales.

Source: Facebook/ Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Lisianne Made the correct decision by bringing the kittens into the animal shelter where they received the medical attention, since they had breathing problems and suffered from conjunctivitis.
Hopefully, they would discover new households that will provide them the love that they deserve. According to them, each one of the kitties has exceptional qualities but something is the same — they are lovable.
“Taylor, Tynie, Tyana and Tales are searching for a family for life. The babies are kind, gentle and nature reserved. They enjoy regular and serene, if it moves, they push themselves. Little ones love other sociable twinks, they seek to be friends”

Many people were touched by their story.

Source: Facebook/ Chatons Orphelins Montreal

One commenter wrote:
“What a beautiful story. I wish they found a family for life.”
“What a beautiful picture! I would love to embrace each one of these if l could,” another commenter said.
Most Of these have the same wish, and that’s for the kittens to discover individuals who will take care of them wholeheartedly. On the flip side, there’s nothing to worry about them since the animal shelter has been doing their best to attend the kittens’ needs.
You will see in the photos how much they exert efforts to keep them healthy. They are preparing the kittens to be prepared for fulfilling their prospective owners.
Of Course, Lisianne’s kindness towards Usagi and her children is unforgettable. It is safe to say that she stored them from danger.


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