50 Embarrassing photos social media won’t let kids live down

Credit Source: Reddit

Kids continuously surprise us in the most ridiculous ways. You actually can’t expect the ordinary with those little humans. But one thing is for sure, they sure do make life more interesting. Kids nowadays are going viral for their invaluable moments and you really won’t want to miss these!
Here are 50 embarrassing photos social media won’t let kids live down.
1. Fancy Dinner Date


Credit Source: Reddit/thegreatbarcia 
Credit Source: Reddit/thegreatbarcia

This family went out to enjoy a classy family dinner, but, this little one felt it was a nice time to practice handstands… or is she just imitate her chicken tender? Some classic dinner shenanigans.

Source: Reddit/sodsfosse

He’s so excited and he just can’t hide it! Chuck E. Cheese is actually an adventure for the kids and this lottery winner couldn’t be more stoked. It’s time to bring those winnings home to mom!
3. Harsh Realities

Source: Facebook/Reason My Son Is Crying

The eyes of heartbreak… It’s not always easy being a kid, particularly when you find out your favorite stuffed toy is really the bad guy. Someone give this girl some tissues.
4. Hide & Seek Champ

Source: Reddit/talexsmith

Well, this little guy sure knows how to keep hide and seek interesting. Even though that spot is not-so-secret, it’s definitely next level. Nice try bud!
5. Boss Baby

Source: Reddit/kaleidospiral

Office views have never been stranger. The boss’s kid sure knows how to liven up the workplace. Hey, ya never know he could be the next head honcho someday!
6. Moisturize, Moisturize

Source: Reddit

This little dude looks like someone pied him in the face. But he’s just actually into keeping his skin nice and moisturized. I mean, can you blame him? Dry skin is no joke.
7. Proud Moments

Source: Twitter/@madddiiiison

Why eat your vegetables when you can hide them around the house!? He sure is proud of his carrot placement! Someone get this kid a medal of honor.
8. Couch Potato

Source: Reddit/mc_dad

When you sit on the couch for too long you can exactly get sucked into it. This little fella looks worried that he might be trapped in the couch forever… Hopefully, he got out carefully and maybe found the remote!
9. Family Photo bomb

Credit Source: Twitter/@jordieham

Sometimes we can get tired of our families… and this kiddo found an ideal opportunity to jump into someone else’s! She looks so happy with her new fam. This is the best photo bomb we’ve ever seen!
10. Baby Jail

Credit Source: Twitter/@XplodingUnicorn

This babysitter sure knows how to keep everything under control. She gets her parenting skills from dad. I mean why risk letting the baby roam around the house when you can just put him in baby prison?
11. Fishing Rods

Credit Source: Reddit/Giraffeshavenecks

This savvy fisherman thought his mom’s tampons were the last fishing rods… Sorry, buddy you’re not going to catch much with those things.
12. Snacks On-The-Go

Credit Source: Twitter/@PurpleApe

Now, this little one knows how to live! This snack purse proves she’s ahead of her time. Why wait for snack time when you can take them with you? You go, girl
13. Hot Dog Princess

Credit Source: Reddit/thegreatbarcia

This is what you call a leader! She sure knows how to stand out from the crowd and princess day has never been so exciting. We could all learn a lot from this little hot dog girl.
14. Smooth

Credit Source: Imgur

“So you come to this airline often?” This kid was born with some serious mojo. He certainly deserves the window seat with all that swag.
15. What A Hoot

Credit Source: Twitter/@tastefatory

Hoo Hoo! It was love at first sight for these two. She looks so arrogant of her owl pal and stuffed animals are overrated anyways.
16. Birthday Face

Credit Source: Reddit/nate7181

This birthday is no laughing matter. Hey, It’s rough being one year old, all those toys can weigh on you.
17. Picture Day

Credit Source: Twitter/@gothamsbatman

These pictures sum up their excitement for the game of basketball and it seems pretty exciting. At least she looks thrilled. This picture day was a slam dunk!
18. Dolphin Kiss

Credit Source: Twitter/@gothamsbatman

First impressions are important, but this kid was ready to dive right in. The dolphin even looks shocked by this strange smooch.
19. Bubble Trouble

Credit Source: Reddit/YouDislikeMyOpinion

Bubbles are all fun and games until they take over your whole bath. This kid looks like he regrets what he’s done. At least he’ll be squeaky clean!
20. Lunch Fail

Credit Source: Reddit/themmagicpotato

Hunger can make you a little neglectful and this kid forgot the main ingredient in his noodles! His face says it all… Time to order some pizza.
21. Sharpie Discovery

Credit Source: Instagram/@kidsaretheworst

Looks like this little one couldn’t find any paper. Her face was apparently the next best thing. At least she’s looking sharp (ie)!
22. Red Light, Green Light

Credit Source: Reddit/oimky

This little guy wanted to stand out from the crowd on Halloween. Let’s be real a traffic light saves more lives than a superhero anyway. You’re the true hero, kid.
23. Chicken Spa

Credit Source: Twitter/@TheMilfGod

Now, this kid knows how to pamper himself. This is self-care at its finest. There’s nothing better than a warm bath and chicken wings!
24. Pool Lounging

Credit Source: Reddit

The pool is relaxing they said… you’ll love it they said… This kid is having some serious problems getting his tan on. The apple actually doesn’t fall far from the tree.
25. Like Mother, Like Daughter

Credit Source: Bored Panda

Give this gal some props. Her makeup skills truly POP and she looks proud of her work. Ya never know, this princess could be a makeup artist in the future!
26. Time Travel

Credit Source: Reddit

It’s not every day that a mom gets to see what her son will look like when he’s a grandpa… This kid found his 70-year-old doppelganger!
27. Savvy Shopper

Credit Source: Twitter/@bottletocket

This little one knows how to stay organized. She’s already prepared for a life of list-making and running everyday jobs! Keep on crushing it kiddo.
28. Boot Bandit

Credit Source: Bored Panda

Who needs pants when you have thigh-high boots? This kid is taking fashion to a whole new level and he’s entirely rocking mom’s favorite boots.
29. Drawer of Piss

Credit Source: Twitter/@phoebebartlett_

Have kids they said, it’ll be fun… This kid has been keeping a very smelly secret. Batman thought peeing in the drawer was so much more suitable.
30. Stuck

Credit Source: Reddit/looseleaflover

He’s taking being a cone head to the next level. This is why parents have to have eyes in the back of their heads. Sorry little guy someone will get you out ultimately.
31. It’s Not What You Think

credit Source: Imgur

“Mom before you put me in time out, let me explain”. This kid’s clarification face is completely invaluable. Just wait until he gets older.
32. Potty Hat

Credit Source: Bored Panda

Potty training isn’t the easiest time. But this kid is getting creative when it comes to using the toilet. Hey, little one you might be onto something. Hat’s off to you!
33. First Aid

Source: Imgur

This little guy found the biggest “band aid” he could find. Hey, at least it’s super spongy… Mom absolutely got a big laugh out of this one.
34. Instant Tears

Source: Reddit

Being patient is a real bummer. All this kid wants is some warm cinnamon rolls! But unluckily baking doesn’t happen in the microwave. We feel your pain little guy.
35. Masterpiece Gone Wrong

Source: Instagram/@jenny_joy5

The face of defeat. He just wanted to look like an Indian warrior that he just read about. But that came with a cost… mom wasn’t too thrilled that she had to scrub long wear lipstick off of him.
36. Book Worm

Source: Bored Panda

This little one is working on her summer reading. It looks like it’s going well. We’ll give her an A+ for effort.
37. Doppelganger

Source: Reddit/Trampolice

She found a picture of herself framed in the store! Wait a second… that’s not her. But she sure looks proud. Plus her brother is having a blast in the background.
38. Homemade Meals

Source: Twitter/@joeheenan

These tiny chefs sure know how whip up a tasty meal. This Father’s Day breakfast has never looked healthier. YUM!
39. Yard Dino

Source: Bored Panda

In fact, this little fella loves gardening in his dino suit. I mean, can you blame him? It’s a pretty awesome dress. He’ll be able to scare any pests away too.
40. Trapped

Source: Imgur

Looks like someone hacked the crane machine. But how did he probably get in there? At least he doesn’t look scared at all. He can even pick out whatever prize he wants!
41. Animal Pillows

Source: Reddit/enterfunnyusername

The petting zoo has never looked cozier! She looks like some sort of animal whisperer and she loves every minute of it. How much cuter can it get?
42. Me Love Potato

Source: Twitter/@_sarahcoates

This kiddo looks super pumped about what moms cooking for dinner. Potatoes actually are the best of the best and this little guy can agree.
43. Easter Cheer

Source: Reddit/txplumber

Not everyone thinks the Easter bunny is cute a cuddly. This little guy was so scared he jumped onto the table for safety. Hopefully, he’s not too shocked.
44. Arranged Marriage

Source: Imgur

Well, this little dude isn’t too delighted to be a husband at such a young age. It’s all downhill from her bud. Remember happy wife happy life
45. Oink Oink

Source: Bored Panda

The petting zoo is full of enthusiasm. But this parent could never have guessed what their little tot was going to do. The kid sure loves pigs.
46. Mermaid Life

Source: Twitter/@1JESSMILNE

When you get the ideal gift all of the rest don’t matter. She is faithful to her new life as a mermaid. Say hi to Flounder for us!
47. Fence Wedgie

Source: Bored Panda

Ouch! This kid is having a rough day. Lesson learned…don’t jump the fence.
48. Sad News

Source: Reddit/DisregardThisOrDont

Schools in session and we feel your pain little one. But don’t worry those years fly by then you have to start “adulating”…
49. Hiding Spot Fail

Source: Reddit/kr8zytige

This kid needs a little hide and request lesson. He is doing a great job at playing to be a basketball ring though. Maybe he’s onto something.
50. Brow Blackmail

Source: Bored Panda

Those eyebrows are looking super fleeky. Where did you get those done kid!? He’s never living this viral photo down.

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