57 photos of customers being awful people

Source: Reddit/taltesar

If you’ve ever worked a customer service job, you know that customers can be… difficult at times. You’re told to smile nonetheless because “the customer is always right.” You’re advised to turn the other cheek to avoid any confrontation. Sometimes, situations are so outlandish that it’s hard to believe that the stories are actually true.
Well, thanks to the advancement of technology, these ill-mannered, and even bad-tempered people are often caught on camera. They are forever embedded in internet infamy for being something a lot of people rather keep quiet, rude.
Check out these slides of customers who were completely awful and are now being shamed online.

1. Sorry!

Source: Facebook/Server_Life

This is pretty horrendous. Why take the time to… you know what? Never mind. Just, don’t do this.

2. Simply the Worst

Source: Reddit/Ciaoanaxoxo

A bunch of jerk customers assaulted this poor young lady when she was doing her job! Seriously, who would treat anybody this way? People can really be quite awful.

3. Wall of Shame

Source: Reddit/cheddarbobbin

Imagine walking into a gas station and seeing your cousin’s best friend’s, sister’s picture on a wall of shame… for being rude (of all things). That’s literally worse than being on the wall for swiping a pack of Tic-Tacs.

4. Where’s My 83 cents, Bro?

Source: Facebook/Server_Life

Make it stoooop!!! Who does this?

5. Maggots… Come in Various Forms

Source: Bored Panda

Yeah, so uh I’m just gonna make up this one-star review story and hope nobody notices…

6. Droid for Life!

This guy is pretty insanely upset with Apple products. I mean they already break themselves but I guess he felt that he had to lend them a hand.

7. super, Super, SUPER

Source: Facebook/Server_Life

Did you know that if you add the word “super” three times to an apology, it makes the receiver feel so, So, SO much better about being mistreated?

8. No Kids Allowed

Source: Reddit/s1s2g3a4

Some people just ruin the fun for everyone.

9. Bum a Smoke?

Source: philbertgodphry

I mean… could you not toss out some of the cigarettes? I can hear the whole, “it’s their job” line right now. Just be considerate.

10. “Here Kitty, Kitty”

Source: Reddit/criminalwines

This lady casually stole a kitten from a store and strolled out like a stone-cold catnapper. Look at that confidence.

11. Burn

Source: Facebook/Server_Life

Ouch. Somebody was feeling some type of way.
But… must say, not a fan of the “babe” line either.

12. Contour or Die

Source: Instagram/@wingedandcontoured

This is quite literally one of the cruelest gestures I have ever seen. My non-contoured skin feels judged.

13. Cigs and Poles…

There are 2 signs here. Which one applies to you?

14. Closing Time… Or?

Source: Facebook/Server_Life

When we say we close at 3pm. We mean we close at 3pm! Hit the lights. Cue Semisonic.

15. Jar of Shame!

Source: Reddit/Southernboyj

With that pink hair and Beetlejuice top… May she never go unnoticed.

16. Awful

Source: Facebook/Server_Life

I genuinely hope that whoever receives this bill has a good support system to lean on.

17. The Colonel Does Not Approve

Source: Youtube

This insane woman at KFC ripped the card machines from their bases and began throwing them at the employees. What would warrant such behavior, you ask?
Well, she didn’t have cash or a card and couldn’t pay her bill with a bank transfer.
You can’t make this up.

18. “Come Baaaack”

Source: Facebook/Server_Life

Literally leaving a tip takes 5 seconds. Maybe 30 seconds if you’re bad at math like some folks I happen to not know… *Cough*

19. When You Weren’t Even There…

Source: Facebook/Server_Life

This woman is from Vietnam and had the misfortune of serving a Vietnam war vet…
It’s tough out here, folks.

20. The Internet Wins Again

Source: Reddit/HaseebM1

Remember that ridiculous trend where people were taking the lids off the tubs of ice cream in grocery stores, licking the top, and then putting them back? Yeah, well it’s led to this.

21. Reserved for Cars, not Carts

Source: Reddit/JuryGorilla4454

Wow. They really took “I’m just gonna leave this here,” to a new low.

22. Wait…

Source: Reddit

“‘Scuse me, ma’am? You have uh, a, uh, something in your shirt.”

23. I Didn’t Touch It, I Swear!

Source: Imgur/nakedlynutricious

A customer returned to the store to return this piece of fruit because it was too ripe. When he was asked if he had already tried eating it he said, “Does it look like I touched it?”
Yes, Brad. Yes, it looks like you dissected it, pulled out its guts, and did a horrible, terrible job trying to put it back together.
Brad has all the traits of an unstable man.

24. Swaparoo

Source: Reddit/AngryLittlePhoenix

Nothing like going to the store to buy a new bra and realizing somebody stole it right off the rack (no pun intended) and replaced it with the one they had on.
I mean, come on. Really?

25. Cafe of Sorrow

Source: Reddit/frostedmelodies06

This cafe purchased board games for their customers so they could sip their drinks and play board games. Instead, they acted like a bunch of banshees. Must be all that caffeine.
Or just poorly mannered people.

26. Gross

Source: Reddit/thirdcoastgirlll

A customer thought it would be a good idea to leave their child’s dirty diper on top of their plate for somebody else to clean up. Disgusting.

27. Money from the Abyss

Source: Reddit/vacationbeard

Yeah… that is pretty unsettling. Not to mention, unsanitary… especially when the money is damp. Yuck.

28. Come On…

Source: Reddit/tritops2018

And the disgusting continues.
You mean to tell me somebody urinated in a measuring cup in a store and put it back on the shelves? Was there an actual bathroom nearby? A bush perhaps? A tree?

29. I Need Key cap, Stat!

Source: Reddit/GeorgeRRHodor

You know what I really need? Keys “A, S, D, and W” from a keyboeard. Yeah, that would make my life complete.

30. I Just Love Hanging Out in Freezers

Source: Reddit/taltesar

So we’re climbing in ice freezers now? Apparently, this was to sell a coffee product. So what was the purpose of coming out of the freezer?

31. Drenched

Source: Old Reddit/illicitz

So someone made this big mess, threw some napkins on it, and went about their day? The half-hearted attempt never counts people! Never!

32. Grand Theft Auto

Source: Reddit/BlueberryPuffy

Now, this is a little funny BUT theft is not, folks! Leave that in the gaming world. But if you did laugh, I won’t judge. I mean they took the cop car too just to rub it in.

33. Don’t Be a…

Source: Reddit/Wilconwel

It kinda looks like it reads $80… I say go for it. As mentioned, half-hearted efforts never pay off but this one (literally) can (at least for one of them).
In case you were wondering, it’s supposed to be a penis.
You’re welcome.

34. Absolutely Fowl

Source: Reddit/GrimmReaper9001

After telling this guy the bathrooms were for employees only, he left, came back, and threw a cup of his urine on the cashier. What in the actual… Completely unexcusable behavior for sure.

35. Let Me Try This First

Source: Old Reddit/NotAnotherGummyBear

A customer tried this brush on their pet and put it back on the shelf… To top it off, they clearly didn’t even attempt to remove the hair.

36. Fall in Line

Source: Reddit/Nickl8

This store looks like it’s been looted. The fact that it usually starts with one person leaving an item out or on the floor and people just follow suite is pretty amazing.
We are sheep! Sheep I tell you!

37. Bullied Out of Business

Source: Reddit/polynilium

This company had to close its doors after being bullied by vegan extremists…

38. Destroying Things That Aren’t Mine

Source: Reddit/Unsafeturtle

Some kids absolutely ransacked this thrift store. Where were the parents during the tired?

39. Seeking: An Accomplice

Source: Reddit/je_suis_un_negre

Oh you know, just looking for an accomplice online to perform an actual crime.
The self-implication here is stunning. Now they know who’s been stealing all of their eyeliner. And hair coloring products. And mascara. And everything else.
Let’s just say she’s to blame for every item ever stolen here.

40. Money Bag, Whoa

Source: Retail Hell Underground

These customers left a handful of cash and a Crown Royal bag full of change… Apparently they didn’t leave “adequate tip” either. Who woulda thought?

41. “Mom, what are those?”

Source: Reddit/theorangehorns

Why this woman thought it’d be a good idea to bring a child to the sex toy section of a Spencer’s is anyone’s guess.
She couldn’t send him to look at, oh I don’t know, t-shirts?

42. Sloppy Taggers

Source: Old Reddit/Madsuperninja

“We’re just gonna test the spray paint on the floor here. Don’t mind us. We’re still learning.”

43. Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number

Source: Reddit/HeavyMetal7

This lady is taking the bad lettuce from the heads and then tossing them on the floor…Incredibly lazy and rude.
And they say people grow out of it.

44. What is a Tip Worth?

Source: Reddit/LightsSoundAction

Not the hassle, that’s for sure. Some jerk customers left their server their tip in an upside down jar full of water. The ketchup was just an added touch of malice.

45. The Law of Buddha

True. You can’t expect blessings to bestowed upon you from a stolen Buddha figure. Just don’t think it works that way.

46. Quality Time with the Kid

Source: Reddit/djtx1234

This woman has her kid’s stroller blocking a handicap parking spot while she casually smokes a cigarette and drinks Mountain Dew. Parenting at its finest.

47. Religiously Confused

Source: Reddit/_ellesdee

To sign a note with “God Bless” followed by “nice rack” seems a lot like an oxymoron type of thing.

48. Careless

Source: Reddit/MonsterThumb101

So, we’re going after dogs now too?! Just hope a dog doesn’t drink this up.

49. The Drip

Source: Old Reddit/JuliusTweezer

You know how when you wander the store and say to yourself, “I don’t need this carton of eggs”? So you go and toss them in the freeze? Yeah, no.
But this customer decided to toss their unwanted, once-frozen bag of chicken in the bread aisle where it dripped onto all of the items below it.
Toss everything out!

50. Forever Under 21

Source: Reddit/eherschend

Some people will never grow up. What a mess. Are we just so unbothered that shopping in stores that look like this is okay?

51. What a (insert)

Source: Imgur/BallsackHippo

What a cruel note to leave someone! Some things should just be kept to oneself.

52. Give Them a Brush and They Will Paint

Source: Old Reddit/Iwantyourtacos

Too many people prepping to be the next great artist. Or just the next selfish, inconsiderate jerk. You decide.

53. Some Folks Just Ain’t Right

Source: Reddit/RemarkableRyan

No words. Okay, some words. Wh

at in the actual ****?! Who goes into a store and thinks it’s okay to sit on the food like this? BIG chillin’.
But on a side note…

54. Priorities

Source: Reddit/DoomsDaisyXO

Hashtags always make things better and more legitimate. #idontcareimpoortoo #prioritize

55. This Isn’t Gross At All

Source: Reddit/geekaz01d

“Just a bro chillin’ at the coffee shop barefoot with my feet on the table because I don’t care about you or society’s sanitation practices.” #sup

56. 39 Bottles of Beer on the Wall… 38…

Source: Old Reddit/verucasallt

So… this is a disaster waiting to happen. She’s literally pouring all of your beer down the drain!
And where is the bartender? Oh, I see them…
“I don’t wanna hear nobody complainin’ when these beer prices go up!” clearly nobody is saying in this picture.

57. Coming in at 5’6″ is… Man-Child!

This act of complete self-entitlement is baffling. After his coffee was made incorrectly, he poured it out onto the counter and register, kicked the wall, screamed at the cashier, and then knocked over the register and gift cards onto the floor.
He may be small but his childish attitude is of epic proportions.

Source: Reddit/taltesar

57 photos of customers being awful people

You see, nothing good comes from this type of behavior, people. Just because you’re the customer, doesn’t mean that you are always right.
The world is watching!

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