50 Persons Who Have Their Own Definition of Fashion

Source: KumJackson

Modern Fashion has always been a bizarre mixture of beautiful clothing items and others which are completely bizarre. This list focuses on the bizarre. We’re not sure what these folks and designers were thinking.
They probably believed they had been the height of style when they were parading down the road.

From The guy who wore a top with dozens of Britney Spears pictures on it to the girls who wore a bird’s nest on her mind, these individuals are out there every day pushing the boundaries of what’s cool and what isn’t. In today’s fashion world,
anything else goes. However, that does not mean that everybody must agree with their goofy style options.

1. Aspiring Model

Source: linskatoch

The first error here was likely wearing tie-dye. That hasn’t been in fashion for decades now. On the other hand, the series of arbitrary holes in the t-shirt was certainly a wonderful touch as well.

2. Color Choices

Source: hangisandalye_

We really like the pattern on those leggings. The main issue together is the colour. It is just like her skin color. In a sense, it kind of just looks like the patterns are tattooed on her thighs.

3. Confusing Pants

Source: noneedtochecktheusername

It’s not completely clear what is going on here. Are you currently sweatpants or a sweatshirt, or both? It actually doesn’t make a lot of sense. We suppose that the arms could be wrapped around the waist like a belt…

4. Extremely Ripped Jeans

Source: Patras Events

If you are going to wear trousers with holes this big, what is the purpose of even wearing pants at all? She might also have put on jean shorts. They would have looked in the same.

5. IKEA Fan

Source: Tilda0210

It is one thing to shop at IKEA. They’ve a Great selection of DIY furniture that it is possible to put together. But this woman took it a step further and made herself an extremely stylish DIY top.

6. Denim Nightmare

Source: solomila

Denim is in fashion these days. But these Outfits may be a little excessive. They are complete lace suits produced from recycled jeans.

7. Pony Princess

Source: People Of Walmart

This One was seen at Walmart. When it was Halloween, the outfit could be wholly acceptable. In fact, it could be a superb option.

8. Pigeon Shoes

Source: astroboots

Here we have some shoes that look like pigeons. At the middle of the city, they blend right in. Pigeons in parks are only a normal part of life in the big metropolises.

9. Bikini Sandals

Source: crimesagainstshoemanity

Shoes that look as a woman sporting a Bikini might be fine on a store shelf, for novelty purposes… But as soon as you set them on, the body and face are no longer visible. It sort of defeats the objective.

10. Cat Pack

Source: OKO

When someone came up with the idea to get a Cat-shaped backpack, there was a lot of potential for it to be really adorable. They could have made something similar to this Hello Kitty design and it might have been great. Rather, they created this
freaky-looking monster.

11. Sharp Boots

Source: Poor_cReddit

These guys have some pretty crazy looking boots. They’re just as good for skiing since they are for walking. Not to mention, if you get in a fight, you can use them as a weapon.

12. Realistic Muscles

Source: mirdarthos

Here we have some leggings that look like muscles. They are not the hot kind of muscles.

13. Hair Window

Source: CosmicKeys

One of the worst parts of walking about on a rainy afternoon is your hair gets blown around and messed up. But not with this jacket. It’s a convenient hair in the back to keep your luscious locks from moving.

14. Furry Jacket

Source: fxromeo

Faux fur has been making a resurgence lately. However, this guy looks like a real life gorilla. We imagine he is probably pretty hot though.

15. Stylish Ninja

Source: Imgur

This is the perfect outfit for a late-night Crime spree or num-chuck struggle out in the roads. Although, this person wears it all of the time. It kind of seems like he is wearing black garbage bags on his body.

16. Fishing Bag

Source: Sosochek

Here we have the perfect fishing tackle bag. It seems as though the girl is just casually walking around town to it and using it as a purse. It looks to be an actual fish.

17. Mismatched Things

Source: playtimecares

Locate any matching clothing to wear. You just have to throw on whatever is not dirty and pray that nobody sees you. Laundry day can’t come soon enough.

18. Heavy Pants

Source: Imgur

All those people who only  use one belt to Hold up their pants do it wrong. Using four belts is a much more stable method. That way if a person occurs to break, you still have three more as backups.

19. Clock Purse

Source: sergeant7

Or their phone. But, it is always a good idea to have an alternate option. With this stylish tote, you are never going to be late for a consultation again.

20. New Shades

Source: fontizmo

It is 1 thing to be spiritual. It is another let’s hope that he does not wear them while driving. It looks like the cross might partially obscure his vision.

21. Wild Pants

Source: hawaiianpunch23

These trousers have so many great things going for them. They combine outer space, bright colors, and cats into one beautiful creation. What’s there to not like?

22. Nice Boots

Source: MaskedShaco

The denim skirt would have been nice on its own. However, the woman then added denim boots into the outfit. The mix ended up looking fairly silly.

23. Wookie Sighting

Source: hunta

We are not certain if this woman is wearing a Jacket or if she just has hair that is really wild. Honestly, it may be either. The final result resembles something out of a Star Wars movie.

24. Three-toed Sneakers

Source: uglydesign

Somehow, these shoes seem like they could easily present a tripping hazard. The feet on them are just so embarrassing. Although, on the flip side, they’re also very stable for if you’re just standing about.

25. Interesting Combo

Source: Imgur

If you are unsure whether to wear jeans or shorts, don’t worry, these pants are here to save the day. They are a combination of both. 1 leg is long and the other is brief.

26. Buscemi Style

Source: AngelaBrisk

Steve Buscemi is a fantastic actor. There’s No denying that. However, you pretty much have to be a super fan of his or her wear yoga pants like these.

27. Lettuce Hat

Source: Мода Московского Метро

When you are in a hurry and can’t find a hat to wear, why not just throw a bit of lettuce on your head? That’s exactly what this woman did. It was a very eco-friendly fashion choice.

28. Fish Flops

Source: sean_w_harry

You would have to really have a lot of confidence to wear these goofy flip flops out in people, or should we state fish flops. They are shaped like two wide-mouthed bass. There’s not any way they are comfy.

29. Extra Leg

Source: crimesagainstshoemanity

The heel from the trunk is a tiny leg. It looks like it was ripped off of a Barbie doll and connected to the shoe.

30. Bird Nest Hat

Source: Мода Московского Метро

There is nothing that screams high trend quite like sporting a bird’s nest on your mind. Let us only hope a bird doesn’t decide to actually land on the nest. We could absolutely see her getting attacked.

31. Jean Jacket

Source: hopethisisarelevantname

We’ve heard of jean jackets before. However, it must be some type of bizarre fashion statement as it only really covers your shoulders.

32. Vacation Hair

Source: fashiondads_

This guy knows that incorporating bright colors to an apparel makes a person seem much younger. The same holds for hair. A few rainbow-colored beads and braids may take ten years off of your appearance immediately.

33. Sagging Pants

Source: Imgur

A little sag in the panties could be trendy on the right individual. However, wearing jeans that hang below the knees is not. Fortunately, the man hid the remainder of his undergarments along with his extra-long shirt.

34. Gummy Hair

Source: Soawsm1

Gummy worms are a delicious candy. We do not recommend wearing them onto your head though. They are intended for eating, yet, somehow, this man never got the memo.

35. Reverse Hoodie

Source: ninzmrqz

There’s something somewhat backward about this particular photo. Can you find out what it is? The child loves to wear his hoodies at the opposite direction as everyone else.

36. Hanging Low

Source: Imgur

Here we’ve got another guy who likes to wear His pants somewhat lower than usual. He doesn’t possess the extra-long shirt to match though. Instead, he is completely exposed.

37. Green Legs

Source: sergeant7

We’re not sure whether this really a trend Statement or just somebody being cheap is. It seems like they had some holes in their clothes. Then chose to patch up them with a whole roster of green tape.

38. Checkered Pattern

Source: DavidDawish

This lady’s outfit looks like one of those Optical illusions where if you stare at it for a long time, the lines start moving. This makes us dizzy just seeing her in a distance. When we have any closer, we could become cross-eyed.

39. Sock Layers

Source: mr0ustas

Wearing two pairs of socks is also an imaginative Trick for making shoes that are too big match. The majority of individuals don’t advertise that they are doing it. However, this man wrapped up his pants to make it as obvious as possible.

40. Cat Colors

Source: starkart

The kitty t-shirt is really cool by itself. But, add a black bra on top of it and it immediately becomes even sexier. It resembles the kitty is wearing sunglasses.

41. Horse Socks

Source: whyjessica

How is the guy balancing like that? It has to be tough on his feet, or if we say hooves. Maybe he is one of those half-human half-horse centaur animals that we have read about.

42. Wire Hat

Source: DavidDawish

Initially, we thought this person was sporting a basket on their head. It would make more sense, as you could actually carry things in it. But upon closer review, it seems to be a random bit of decorated chicken cable.

43. Visible Ankles

Source: SirPekar

Here we have another guy rocking the Rolled-up socks and pant legs seem. He even has two pairs of pants on at exactly the exact same moment. Is this actually a fashion fad? If this is so we find it hard to think…

44. Holey Jeans

Source: Мода Московского Метро

These girls must all be replicating the exact same Fashion magazine. If you start at the top and work your way down, the jeans get progressively worse. The first group has minor holes, the next one has medium-sized holes, and the third one is
totally tattered.

45. Shopping Outfit

Source: DavidDawish

There is nothing to see here, people. It’s only a man in a full spandex leopard print outfit posing with a pineapple. It’s totally normal.

46. Open-Toed Boots

Source: DavidDawish

Leather cowboy boots are trendy. So are leather sandals. But, combine them together and you get something far more bizarre. Just check out this kid’s footwear for proof.

47. Peach Suit

Source: DavidDawish

The key to looking good in a suit would be to get it fitted correctly. It’s also advisable to choose a normal color such as blue or black. Sadly, this guy failed on both of these fronts.

48. Party Time

Source: DavidDawish

We aren’t even going to criticize this guy. We’re in love with his amazing style. Although, we probably wouldn’t have the confidence it takes to wear the fun outfit out in public for ourselves.

49. Homemade Shoes

Source: DavidDawish

When you can’t find a Great set of sneakers to wear, why don’t you just wrap your feet in plastic wrap? That’s exactly what this woman did. It keeps her toes clean, and when she gets home, she can just throw the plastic away.

50. Apple Dress

Source: DavidDawish

Making your own clothes at home can be enjoyable too. Apparently, this woman is a huge fan of Apple computers and iPhones. She’s the firm logos plastered all over her.

50 Those Who Have Their Own Definition of Fashion

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