50 People discuss their hilariously entertaining shore fails

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Source: Smemon

When Jimmy Fallon asked his Twitter lovers to discuss their Funniest, most awkward beach moments, one hilarious tweet after the other kept rolling.

“It’s Hashtags time! Tag a tweet with #Beach Fail and then tell us about a funny or bizarre thing that happened to you in the shore. Could be on the show!”
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Just to show that I’m totally on board with Jimmy’s Hashtags game, let’s get this party started with my own #Beach Fail.

Conservative, one-piece swimsuit to the beach. After going for a dip in the ocean, a friend took me aside and advised me that the white fabric was now totally see-through! Be ready to see 50 funniest beach fails of all time?

1. Jimmy Fallon’s Beach Fail

Source: Twitter/@jimmyfallon

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Jimmy got the shore ball rolling onto his #Beach Fail Struggle by describing his own small hiccup at the beach. James Bond would not be proud.

2. Blob Of Barf

Source: Twitter/@Manda8103

After a literal wave of nausea overcame Miss Amanda’s husband. He hurled his load to the sea. Too bad the girl from the white bikini never knew what was coming her way!

3. #Beach Fail, or #Beach Score?

Source: Twitter/@pinkeyegus

Occasionally a day at the beach is no picnic in the park when your annoying relatives drag you along for the ride. When Gus’ aunt left the entire family meditate together with her, his father meditated on a life with her by his side.

4. Get A Room Already!

Source: Twitter/@MohrManWisdom

Joel and his wife were acting like teenagers when they sneaked off through the night to shag from the sand. Butthen a passing police chopper put an end to their little love nest!

5. Out to Sea

Source: Twitter/@Jessicapahwa

Jessica and her friends were enjoying some fun in the sun when one of these spotted a strange purse-shaped sea creature. Figuring out that what they discovered wasn’t a new species after all.

6. We Have A Winner!

Source: Twitter/@MaxEvanx

And a loser. This hilarious #Beach Fail definitely Deserves to win the top spot for this challenge on The Tonight Show!

7. That Wasn’t Sunscreen

Source: Twitter/@ScottRzepkaNow

As irritating as they are, at pigeon pies are modest in size. But seagulls? That must have been one huge blob of sunscreen that he rubbed all over his spine!

8. Ma’am, Is That Your Daughter?

Source: Twitter/@Colleenmayes2

‘Cause imma ’bout Even though Colleen’s daughter was only taking a rest, it seemed like she’d just drowned.

9. Gorgeous Stack of Pancakes

Source: Twitter/@ESFTORD

Hopefully the woman was not too offended. It is far better than saying she has floppy flapjacks!

10. Free Baby

Source: Twitter/@alyssavieira

Alyssa deserves an award just for being a mother! She all Wanted to do was get a nice picture of her two sons in the beach, but if one of these would not cooperate, she set him up available.

11. Oh, Dad!

Source: Twitter/@MyCookieAngel

Michelle’s father used to embarrass her by wearing white Socks with sandals. Now that he has gone, she’d do anything to experience those fantastic old #Beach Fail days.

12. Oh, Hey There!

Source: [email protected]

Terry found an interesting way to make a new friend at the Shore. After being chased around by seagulls, he ran to someone who we’ll only refer to as Dick.

13. The End of The World

Source: Twitter/@Cougar1978

Flat Earth conspiracy theorists will love this one. It Resembles the border of earth just literally drops off!

14. Shark Week Panic Attack

Source: Twitter/@beerlybreathing

Everybody likes Shark Week when it is about the Discovery Channel. But sometimes Shark Week can ruin a fantastic shore vacay.

15. Ginger the Ghost

Source: Twitter/@BrittanyRoad19

As a pale redhead, Brittany has to slather on the Sunscreen anytime she goes outside. However, she got carried away at her cousin’s beach wedding and ended up looking like a ghost!

16. Spring Break 101

Source: Twitter/@jeremynormancox

Obviously, grandpa who had a slew of questions! Like, why do people act like spawning salmon in Lake Havasu?

17. Sharking Mating Season

Source: Twitter/@HeatherRou

Speaking of breeding season, Heather got caught up in an unexpected breeding ritual once she struck the shore at night. It wasn’t until the next day that she realized what the nudges were about.

18. Is the Reason Why People Hate Birds

Source: Twitter/@itsleahbale

This is also why You Ought to never feed birds crumbs of bread. Because when they see a sandwich, they’re going to pick you clean!

19. No Words Needed

Source: Twitter/@mevans_4

Melissa Evans said that no words were necessary for this particular #Beach Fail. It’s not like her son might say anything since he had been as tight as a clam!

20. “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”

Source: Twitter/@humbie

Grandpa thought Grandma was just fooling around when she dropped down from the water. He waved back and went on his merry way.

21. Gone Fishing

Source: Twitter/@YoMama523

Joan drove to the beach one night after working the late night shift. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep on her raft, which floated away through the night!

22. Triathlon Beach

Source: Twitter/@patricagarrod2

Patricia believed she scored when she found a secluded Beach. Too bad that a group of triathletes ruined that dream.

23. Snack Attack

Source: Twitter/@sarinamay93

Figuring out that “bite attack” is not only a saying. When it comes to hungry seagulls, it is actually something!

24. Holy Crab!

Source: Twitter/@fabulousssfabi

With a cute doggy on beach. Rather than an adorable puppy, it was this crabby man who revealed.

25. She Would Not Like the Color Purple

Source: Twitter/@Brumalerie

Grimace, in case you’re wondering, is the purple personality that was featured in old McDonald land advertisements. He is kind of like Barney, but less annoying, and no one could figure out just what he had been.

26. Dog Beach?

Source: Twitter/@Soniablade86

Silly people! That’s why you don’t go sunbathing in a puppy Beach. Stick to doggy parks in which they could pee on the trees.

27. That is What Happens

Source: Twitter/@isabella_nguy

Isabella’s brother was a curious little fella, and he Wanted to understand what would happened if he offered a sammich to the seagull gods.

28. Little Slippy Slip

Source: Twitter/@amyvelazquez94

Amy picked a swim suit she thought looked good on her. But, then she experienced every woman’s worst nightmare!

29. New Skiers, Release The Rope!

Source: Twitter/@MaryAli13540544

Mary Alice discovered a valuable water skiing lesson through among her excursions to the shore. If you don’t want an instant enema, let go of the rope!

30. Purple Sand Castles

Source: Twitter/@EffectsSex

Sadly, this birthday girl had a tiny bit too much and left a little something behind.

31. Fish Slapped

Source: Twitter/@kimchee_90

This woman was frolicking around in the ocean like many of us do. This girl was frolicking around in the sea like many of us do.

32. Sea Of Trash

Source: Twitter/@ThunderChunky37

The Fantastic news is that Mike will tell his cousin it’s just regular ocean garbage. As for his girlfriend, I guess they’re not going to be new parents this month!

33. Just another “Relaxing” Day At The Beach

Source: Twitter/@mendeslover1999

That explains why he had been feeling so serene and carefree. It wasn’t the beach, it had been the secondhand weed!

34. Long Line

Source: Twitter/@TristinePoire68

Tristine discovered a valuable lesson about one of her outings to the beach. Never, ever, forget that there’s a line of folks waiting to gawk at you in the event that you forget to lock the door!

35. Anatomy of a Nude Beach

Source: Twitter/@mills_elise

Elise accidentally took her two and three-year-old cousins to a few of”these” beaches. At least they have a good lesson in human anatomy.

36. How Not To Pee In The Ocean

Source: Twitter/@Pylar

When Pylar’s son had to go potty, she advised him to just pee in the sea. Next time she’ll be more special.

37. Polka Dot Sunscreen

Source: Twitter/@Chrishyer31

When he was 12, Christopher somehow persuaded his buddy Pepperoni grease worked just in addition to sunscreen. His bad buddy ended up trying to find reddish Swiss cheese.

38. Paddle board Ferry

Source: Twitter/@AustinHolmJ

When Austin went to the beach, he thought it would be fun to rent a paddle board. Regrettably, nobody gave him any instructions about the best way to get the hell out of the way!

39. Surf N’ Turf

Source: Twitter/@Kelly66775334

Kelly and her sister was vacationing in Hawaii when the Surf got pretty rough. Her sister chose to risk it and dive headfirst into the waves, but when she popped out, something important was missing.

40. Dad Was Short On Time

Source: Twitter/@WelshWizard1982

This dad went chasing after his daughter after she decided to go off and explore in. He was in a hurry, and very “brief” on time!

41. Look on the Bright Side

Source: Twitter/JamieTheVWM

Even Though it was an embarrassing moment for Jamie, she should try to find the bright side.

42. Ham Sandwich

Source: Twitter/@JayDub308

Mayonnaise is never a good substitute for hydration. However, it kind of makes you hungry for cheese and ham.

43. Face Plant Sandwich

Source: Twitter/@stepfwolff

Posing while in a hammock probably was not a fantastic idea. However, the fantastic news is that she could easily cover her up ego and enjoy the #Hammock Life!

44. None of The Cool Kids

Source: Twitter/@teejay747

You know those mothers that are always looking for their kids Best friends? Yeah they never wind up looking very trendy.

45. Not for Sharing!

Source: Twitter/@lizazrowee

Perhaps you have been quietly eating lunch on your own, when somebody else shows up and destroys the mood? Yeah, using a bird snap up your food right out of your mouth is going to do this to you.

46. The Take Down

Source: Twitter/@Casayayay

She was king of the raft on open water. But on dry land, All it required was a little kid to take her (top) down.

47. SPF 50 Sunburn

Source: Twitter/@lsophiathompson

Anyone who’s fair-skinned understands that spending the day at The beach is just as uncomfortable as walking around sunlight. Unfortunately for Sophia’s boyfriend, the sunscreen did not work and that he ended up going to work without socks for a week!

48. How to Irritate A Lifeguard

Source: Twitter/@lonely_tourist

After Emily and her friend spotted a shark just swimming Round the ocean like he owned the place, they ran up into the lifeguard to report the information. Let’s just say he sort of peeved!

49. #Beach Fail + #Mom Fail

Source: Twitter/@ali_nicole4

This bad mom was a double failure. The household went to the

50. His Face!

Source: Twitter/@KatieArnson

You mean that I get to squish my toes and also build castles in the Sand? There is sunshine that goes on for days and days? I can splash around in a giant tub which never ends?



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