50 Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs And Cats Being Nosey Neighbors

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Have you seen your Neighbor glancing at you through their dividers? Are you sure it was a person? It may happen to be their pet! Even dogs and cats need a glimpse at the activity of their own neighborhood.

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Listed below are a few Hilarious images of cats and dogs going to great lengths to have a glance at the action of what is happening outside. These 50 photos demonstrate your nosey neighbor might not be that you think it is.

1. Only a peek

This tiny dog thinks he is being inconspicuous. He doesn’t know (or care probably) the humans outside can definitely see him.

2. Threatening glare

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Source: Twitter – @kianagreenanx

This kitty looks like he’s warning some humans to get off his lawn. I would not mess with him… he looks pretty tough.

3. Friends?

Source: Twitter – @raeNOcharles

This puppy could be watching for his buddies to pull in the driveway. After being quarantined for the whole year it’s finally time to play with!

4. Neighborhood drama

Source: Twitter- @_sxrax

This kitty would like to understand all of the locality drama! She is Watching the neighbors like a hawk.

5. Mailman?

Source: Twitter – JadeOhanaLeipua

The mailman better watch out… this dog Doesn’t let anyone on His lawn. He looks like he’s prepared to defend his land.

6. Can’t overlook this

Source: Twitter – @luhsham

The play must be good for this particular cat to stick his head from the window! She doesn’t want to forget a thing.

7. Waiting…

Source: Twitter – @ilianaajanette

Sometimes you simply need to wait for the drama to occur. This Cat is waiting patiently for anything interesting to happen.

8. Caught red handed

Source: Twitter – @euphorliyah

The neighbor caught this kitty watching them. She is waving a Guilty paw to attempt to play off it.

9. Never miss a thing

Source: Twitter – @tpwksally

This kitty looks like that he never leaves this place. He’s always on The watch out for some juicy gossip.

10. Yoga

Source: Twitter – @smolbeanenergy

No matter what this cat will deny that she had been spying on the neighbors. She was completely doing yoga all day!

11. Five more minutes

Source: Twitter – @KingdomofSura

This dog is ready to go on a walk but needs to wait a few More moments to determine how the neighbors’ battle plays out. Although he will tell you that it’s because he doesn’t need to make it seem like he had been watching the whole time (which he totally was.)

12. Snoop

Source: Twitter – @new2twittaaa

There must be something good going on outside for this kitty to Climb halfway from the window! She does not care whether they see her viewing… she just wants to know all the particulars!

13. Peeping Tom

ource: Twitter – @Tweezyy4x

This cat isn’t doing the best at concealing herself. She has her butt half covered from the blinds but she has to half forgotten her top half is not invisible.

14. Quiet, I can not hear

Source: Twitter – @Chaotic_Fave

There must be something crazy happening because this cat is Telling his humans to hush so he can hear what is happening outside. He even has to stand on his hind legs so he could see all the actions!

15. Fresh air

Source: Twitter – @LRKDVDSN

This ginger cat is making it look like she just wants some fresh Air but what she really wants is to spy on the neighbors. She will post it on her Facebook neighborhood watch group later.

16. Change the dinner bookings

Source: Twitter – @villanelliee

This cat got all dolled up for supper at a Wonderful restaurant but There is simply too much happening in the neighbors house she needs to watch! Dinner could wait!

17. No hiding

Source: Twitter – @gayconquest

There are no curtains with this dogs window but that does not stop Him from watching everyone walk down the street. He wants to maintain his neighborhood protected!

18. Playtime

Source: Twitter – @_shesocute

This puppy is watching his friends play outdoors without him. He Can not go out and play because he is sick. All he could do now is watch and fantasy of tennis balls till he gets better.

19. Dirty laundry

Source: Twitter – @EOverload

The humans here cut among the blinds so that their cat can Snoop on the neighbors. What they didn’t take into consideration was that he would stand in the clean laundry.

20. Camouflage

Source: Twitter – @arg_imma_pirate

This cat blends into her curtains so that she doesn’t have To be worried about the neighbors seeing her watching them… or so she believes. She does not recognize that although the drapes maybe be the exact same color as her they are indeed see-through.

21. Practice

Source: Twitter – @k0ol1

You can tell that this dog gets in a great deal of practice standing on her hind legs. For treats? May be. For spying? Definitely.

22. Play it off

Source: Twitter – @AnyaRalani

This kitty got caught spying on the neighbors again. She thinks She tricked the people as playing it off as trying to see a fly.

23. Cozy

Source: Twitter – @Elites4Days

This puppy is spending a cozy day in watching the neighbors. He Better watch his toes so he doesn’t fall off the mattress.

24. Watching station

Source: Twitter – @iamrolster

The humans got this dog his own little seat for neighborhood watching. Who will protect everyone but the most fierce of puppies? Obviously, this puppy qualifies.

25. Who said what?!

Source: Twitter – @cinnamontreez

This kitty is listening into the juiciest gossip this cube has ever heard! So much name calling and crying, it is impossible to look away.

26. Too Excellent

Source: Twitter – @lyssuuuh_

This cat began as sneakily watching but as things escalated, She started to emerge in the blinds increasingly. If it becomes too mad she will finally fall from the window!

27. Sneaky

Source: Twitter – @LexxieWithLuv

This cat has been caught snooping before! She’s learned her Lesson and hides while she sees the neighbors.

28. Get me a stool!

Source: Twitter – @ElmfnBoogy

This dogs humans will need to help him out, he can not see anything! He Doesn’t know who said what and that simply drove away from their car. A puppy has to know!

29. Open the window!

Source: Twitter – @Sade_xxvii

How is this cat supposed to hear what is going on out if the Window is shut? He is shouting for his humans to open the window.

30. Too much

Source: Twitter – @barameldrizzel

On the other hand, this cat is tired of hearing his noisy neighbors! “Just shut the window so we don’t need to listen to them anymore!”

31. Longing

Source: Twitter – @cicii_v

This big dog is yearning to become part of the action. He daydreams Of a life outside quarantine where he can join in on the neighbors celebrations.

32. You have ta see this!

Source: Twitter – @ReneyIV

This home not one but two nosey cats! One of these saw the Activity and called the other over. It was just too good to overlook.

33. Ready to pounce

Source: Twitter – @Plaitwoman

This cat is keeping an eye out for any neighbor cats to create sure they do not trespass. If anyone gets too close they better watch out!

34. Some people want to sleep!

Source: Twitter – @deeBOMB_dotCOM

This dog has had it with his noisy neighbors! He could never take an afternoon nap in peace !

35. No one is home

Source: Twitter – @benkicks23

This cat simply told off a door-to-door salesman for interrupting TV time. She’s seeing him to make sure that he doesn’t return. Silly human.

36. Backyards

Source: Twitter – @alLAURgator

The best gossip is the kind that occurs in your own backyard. This cat is watching his own people argue with the neighbor regarding the property .

37. What did I miss?

Source: Twitter – @shauna1722

This cat just came back from vacation when she was unpacking and Heard shouting outside. She was only gone for a week, what could have happened?

38. Better viewing point

Source: Twitter – @uhhleisha

She couldn’t see over the fence so this kitty had to scale all of the Way up the door to find out what was happening. Turns out, it had been only the neighbors practicing their lines to the school play.

39. Window unit

Source: Twitter – @richaardpatrick

This window AC unit involves a potted plant and a shield kitty. The plant does not do much but the kitty warns the humans if there is anyone walking from the house.

40. Get off the lawn!

Source: Twitter – @lagoldenchild

This cat will not stand for anybody on the lawn. The grass outside Is her favorite snack!

41. Too slow

Source: Twitter – @briii_ii

On occasion the neighborhood drama occurs in your own house. This Kitty is watching her humans from throughout the room and regretting not getting her phone out to document.

42. Birds eye view

Source: Twitter – @ominouscl0ud

You never know where direction someone might be watching you. It might be from up above where you would never think to look. However, this cat does not miss a thing away up there.

43. Only a glimpse

Source: Twitter – @Adventuree_Time

This cat thinks she’s being sneaky. Little does she know that Everyone can very clearly see her watching from outside.

44. Go away

Source: Twitter – @shefa_j_m

This kitty has had enough of their neighbors children coming over to Play the human kids in the house. They constantly poke at him. He’s giving them a menacing appearance in the hopes that they’ll leave.

45. I was not watching anything!

Source: Twitter – @S_C_O_E

This kitty has such a negative look on his face which you understand that he was Up to something. He’ll insist that he was just trying to cool his teammates off but all of us understand what he was doing.

46. Lunch break

Source: Twitter – @briiiibih

This dog is taking a short break from lunch to See the daily entertainment outside. It must be quite great to take him off from his food!

47. Don’t fall

Source: Twitter – @kekpisangEffa

This cat is a specialist at balancing halfway out of the window so She is able to see what is happening. She’s the one to visit for most of the neighborhood gossip.

48. Beginner spy

Source: Twitter – @gukkcci

This cat still requires help from his humans to look outside. Someday he is going to be able to spy on everyone all on his own!

49. Guilty

Source: Twitter – @solqrsido

This cat’s humans have told him again and again to stop spying On the neighbors. He thought he could get away with it by hiding behind the curtain. “Maybe if I do not look at them they won’t see me”

50. Struggles

Source: Twitter – @Mnky74

This cat is not utilized to these blinds! She needs someone to open Them so she can find a correct view of her daily entertainment.

These images Really demonstrated what a home pet will do just to see what’s going on outside. So The next time you see a set of eyes peering at you through a window shoot a second Glance because it might just be an animal! If there is 1 thing we’ve Learned it’s that cats and dogs are just as nosey as people.

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