50+ Gifts for Every Type of Husband

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These thoughtful gift ideas are a surefire way to win his heart all over again.

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No issue if you’re still in the newlywed phase or you’ve been happily married for decades, it’s equally as difficult to find a best gift for husband that conveys just how much he means to you. It’s simple: He’s been your biggest supporter through all the highs and lows of life — new homes, babies, job changes, and heartbreaking losses— and because of that, you want to celebrate him with the ideal present on Christmas his birthday, or your anniversary. Get motivation by looking through this list of the best gifts for husbands, ranging from personalized gift ideas (think: custom pet portraits) to clever tech gifts he’ll totally geek out over (a Smartphone sanitizer, for example). There’s a gift for every type of husband (even if he previously has everything): the foodie, sports fan, beer drinker, world traveler, and more.
Since your husband almost certainly cares about sticking to a budget more than anyone else, most of these picks are at a reasonable price point. Even if you take the wallet-friendly route, you can also round out his gift with cheap stocking stuffers or gag gifts that’ll bring his dad jokes to life.

1. Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


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Although he may turn down your spa day invites, he’ll understand what the hype’s all about once he busts out this back and neck massager. It can be adjusted to three different intensities, so he can soothe his aches and pains the right way.

2. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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His showers are mainly a karaoke session in cover. Show him that, once again, you support his passions by gifting him this waterproof speaker that connects straight to his phone to play all of his beloved tunes.

3. Apple Watch Band

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If he has an Apple watch, but still prefers the look of a stainless steel band, this may be the gift for him. There are no screws in the band, so no more taking it to the watchmaker!

4. Personalized Leather Wallet

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He’ll know you’re thinking about him when he uses this customizable wallet every day. Create your own message of up to 25 words to mark on the inside fold.

5. Leather Trim Weekender

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Big enough to hold all of his clothes, shoes, and toiletries for a weekend getaway, this overnight bag is a modish upgrade from the one he’s been using since who knows when. Even after a few (too many) trips around the bag carousel, this sturdy canvas duffel will look good as new.

6. Cashmere Scarf

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Winter is right around the corner, so help keep him warm this season with a fashionable cashmere scarf. It comes in 35 colors, so you can choose which one will go best with his winter coat.

7. Basic Jogger Fleece Pants

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Hate to say it, but his college sweats have got to go (in the attic). Refresh his WFH secrete with a pair of these top-rated sweatpants, which are available in 10 different colors.

8. Smokeless Grill

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No matter how terrible the winter weather may be, he can still cook up meat and veggies with this indoor-friendly grill, which produces 80% less smoke than conventional grills.

9. Reflex Punching Bag Set

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If he’s missing the gym this year, this boxing set comes with an adjustable punching bag, gloves and a hand pump — everything he needs to worry it out at home.

10. New York Times Custom Birthday Book

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Great for birthdays but suitable for any holiday, this book memorializes his arrival on the planet with a collection of front page news stories from each birthday since the year he was born.

11. Temperature Control Smart Mug

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Using an app on his phone, he can control the temperature of this smooth smart mug to ensure that his coffee or tea stays between 120ºF and 145ºF a.k.a. the ideal drinking temperature for nearly two hours.

12. Personalized Leather Key Chain


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Emboss the leather on this smooth keychain with his initials, name or a special date (your anniversary, perhaps?), so he never mixes his keys up with anyone else’s.

13. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

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If your guy claims he’s a whiskey specialist, then this set has everything he needs. The set includes whiskey stones, two coasters and two crystal glasses.

14. Radiate Portable Campfire 1 Pack (Made in the USA)

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A great stocking stuffer idea, this handy portable fire brings the campfire experience anywhere he wants to go.

15. Portable Espresso Machine


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This gift guarantees a constant caffeine fix: With a press of a button, this movable device turns ground coffee into a 50 mg. shot of espresso — no batteries or electricity required.

16. New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

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If he’s a history buff or a puzzle whiz (or both!), he’ll get the best of both worlds with this 500-piece puzzle made to look like an actual front cover of The New York Times. Pick a date — your anniversary, for example — and he can learn more about what really happened in history.

17. Monthly Subscription


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Give his at-home look a colorful — and dare we say, fancy — update by introducing him to Sock Fancy, a monthly subscription service that sends a pair of outrageously decorative crew or no-show socks to his door.

18. Charging Station Organizer

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His gadget obsession is helpful at times, but the number of cords and chargers he has laying around is anything but. This compact organizer lets him charge six of his devices — tablets, e-books, phones, and more — in one, well-organized spot.

19. TUSHY Spa

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Give him the gift of a clean honey with this warm water bidet toilet attachment. Choose from nine colors that offer temperature and water pressure control.

20. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

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This kit lets your Tabasco-loving husband make six versions of his very own hot sauce with a mix of different spices, peppers, vinegar, and brown sugar. If he wants to gift them to other hot sauce fanatic — you, perhaps — he can add a customizable label to each bottle.

21. The Official Beard Bib


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Now that he’s refining his beard at home, give him accurately what he needs to get the job done without dirtying your bathroom with stray hairs and clippings. Because this bib suctions to the mirror, it catches all the trimmings without blockage your sink.

22. Men’s Wool Dasher Muzzles

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Referred to as the “world’s most comfortable shoes” by die-hard fans, these all-weather sneakers for every type of husband come in two limited-edition colors and are machine washable.

23. Custom Pet Portrait


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Send in one of the hundreds of pictures that he’s taken of his pup or cat (a.k.a. his best friend), and get a printed digital portrait shipped straight to your door. You also have the option to personalize the print with his pet’s name or breed.

24. Pocket Blanket 2.0


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Great for the guy who is always on the hunt for his next adventure, this water-repellent blanket will come in handy the next time he hikes or takes a break outdoors. Since it’s nice and compact, he can stick the folded blanket in his pocket or attach it to his backpack.

25. Himalayan Rock Salt Block


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A salt block is a simple way to step up his examination game. When he sticks meat, fish, or veggies on this Himalayan salt block, it’ll introduce a subtle (but delicious) flavor while it cooks.

26. Shave Starter Kit

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Sure, a shaving kit is a bit clear but if he hasn’t upgraded his shaving routine since his college days, then it’s time to help him out. Introduce him to Bevel with this six-piece starter kit, complete with a safety razor, shave brush, and all the makings for a cleaner, smoother shave.

27. Phone Soap Smartphone Sanitizer


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When he sticks his smartphone inside this sanitizer, it zaps germs with a powerful UV light while also giving his device a power boost. A sign of the times, no?

28. Grid Foam Roller


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It’s not just about weights and cardio — stretching and foam rolling should also be a part of his weekly workout routine. Introduce him to the world of foam rolling with this top-rated pick, which has over 9,000 rave reviews for its ability to roll out tight muscles and knots.

29. The Daily Routine Set


Queer Eye‘s Karamu Brown used his personal experience to dream up the best face and scalp products, made with hairless (or completely bald) men in mind. This four-piece set tackles his day-to-day skincare needs like cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting his skin from the sun.

30. Frosty Beer 2 Go

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Unlike freezable beer glasses, this insulated cooler lets him drink straight from the bottle and still feel the chill. After him he pops a cold one in this cooler, he can crack it open with the attached bottle opener.

31. Anniversary Pushpin World Map

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It’s amazing where wedded enjoyment can lead you. Customize this print with your names and anniversary date, and then mark all of the places you’ve been together — honeymoon spots, summer vacations, and weekend getaways — with the included pushpins.

32. Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses

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Pick the stadium of his favorite team and tell him that his next drink is on you. See? Even in the dead of winter you can take him out to a ball game.

33. Custom Engraved Wood Watch Box

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After all the money he’s spent building his watch collection, it’s only right that he treats them with the best care. He can store up to six of his most prized timepieces, cufflinks, and jewelry in this monogrammed organizer.

34. Air Pods Case Cover

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With this durable leather case, you can make sure that his main present (Air Pods 1 or 2) stay in mint condition even when he throws ’em in his bag, backpack, or pocket. The color of the leather (8 different options!) will also help him decide his pair from yours. Actually this the gift for every type of husband.

35. Slim Minimalist Wallet

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Since simplicity is still “in,” encourage him to break away from his overloaded wallet and try this sleek option instead. This is the gift of every type of husband having four card slots, which means he might have to cut ties with those old gift cards that have been weighing his pockets down.

36. Non-slip Gloves

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Because last year’s pair are long gone. Although stylish and sleek, these water-resistant and windproof gloves are also perfect for him to use while shoveling, scraping snow off his car, or texting while out and about.

37. Bonsai Starter Kit

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Buying him a full-grown bonsai tree is always a solid option, but actually, what’s the fun in that? With this kit, he can watch four different trees, including ones with red and blue flowers; grow for the next few years (okay, decades).

38. Duo Series Toothbrush Set

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Thanks to these wireless electric toothbrushes, you’ll both have fresh, kissable breath. And since you also benefit from this gift (It comes in a set!), he may disagree that it doesn’t actually count … but that’s marriage, right?

39. NFL Century

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He loves the game, but it’s unlikely that he knows how America’s greatest sports league came to be. He can toast to 100 years of touchdown dances, field goals, and some of the greatest plays on television with this book by the former executive director of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

40. Class Subscription, Poker

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He might think that playing poker with six-time World Series of Poker winner Daniel Negreanu isn’t in his cards for the weekend — until you give him access to 38 video lessons and a class workbook full of the pro’s tips, tricks, and rules.

41. Wood Chip Smoking Grill Gift Set

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Now that he’s mastered the barbecue, it’s time for him to move on to the smoker. Start him off strong with this six-piece set, which includes a smoker box, thermometer, instructions, and three types of wood chips to bring out an array of flavors.

42. BLEU DE CHANEL Eau de Toilette Spray

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With a strips of this sandalwood and citrus cologne, he’ll feel (and smell) ready to take on the day. The scent claims to be a perfect blend of “strength and elegance,” which is how you’d describe him, no?

43. Rambler Vacuum Insulated Mug

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The next time he goes camping (or, ya know, takes the dog outside), he won’t have to worry about his coffee getting cold. Just like his other YETI favorites, this double-wall insulated mug keeps his drink warm for hours until the very last sip.

44. Paintable Camper Bird House

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The next time it rains, he can keep busy indoors by assembling and painting this 40-piece birdhouse. Then it’s up to him whether he wants to hang it outside for the birds, or let it sit on display indoors.

45. Sound Sport Wireless Headphones

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If he’s still wary about Air Pods (“Won’t they fall out of your ears?” he asks), then gift him this wireless pair from Bose. When he taps them on his device, the Bluetooth-enabled headphones automatically sync, so he can get his workout started ASAP.


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Pour over coffee lets the natural (read: delicious) flavors of the coffee beans really shine. Refresh — okay, upgrade — his monthly coffee supply with this box of 22 pour over coffee filters and equivalent creamers.

47. “You Knock My Socks Off” Socks

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For a gift that’ll actually knock his socks off (pun certainly planned), give him a pair of custom printed socks that have just as much emotion as comfort. Next: He’ll give Tom Cruise’s Risky Business dance scene a try…

48. Octave Bluetooth® Speaker


Even though his weekly band practice is reserved for the garage, this blue tooth speaker will give the office or living room a similar vibe. It really connects with his phone or laptop to stream 49. his favorite songs, podcasts, or audio books.
49. Renew Lightweight Hooded Puffer

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For days when it’s too cold to wear his leather jacket but not quite freezing enough to bust out his parka, this lightweight puffer from Ever lane is just what every type of husband  needs. It’s really made for temperatures as low as 25ºF, so he can stay warm without looking like a marshmallow.

50. Leather Journal

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Ya know how your grandparents have sweet love letters from their younger years? Surprise him by using the first page of this leather journal to write him a sincere note.

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