47 Adorable Pit Bull Photographs that Violate their ‘Aggressive’ Tag

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Pit Bulls are genuinely dangerous dogs. If you own one of these dogs, there is a high possibility you might wind up being smothered by kisses or become overcome by affection. 1 thing you must certainly do is enable your children to be around this terrifying breed. Studies have found that too much time with pit bulls may cause your child to become dangerously joyful and create unthinkable socialization skills.

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In Case you had not guessed- we’re being sarcastic. Pit bulls are big softies- and to prove it to you, here are some cute pit bull photos that break their ‘aggressive’ label.

1. Butt Attack

Source: Facebook

The Most dangerous kinds of attacks usually demand the butt. This pit learned that the best method to fight her sibling would be to sit. As an older brother, I will say this is an effective strategy

2. Cat Sandwich

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Source: Reddit

This Cute trio makes a fantastic picture! “Pits don’t do well around cats” Oh really? What about a cat sandwich using a pit in the middle? I’ll take 10.

3. Smiling and Dangerous

Source: Reddit

The Only way you might say that this pit bull is harmful is if you considered his smile to be a deadly weapon. With those sly eyes and adorable smile, this puppy has a look that could kill… you with cuteness.

4. One of those Moments

Source: Facebook

You know those moments of connection you occasionally have with a puppy? You simply stare into each other eyes and believe “You are the best friend in the world.” This seems like one of these cute moments.

5. Mother to All

Source: Facebook

Mothers have that calm, gentle existence when it comes to little ones. This pitty showed exactly how gentle and affectionate she could be when she embraced and raised these small kittens.

6. What’s your Love Language?

Source: Instagram

A “love language” is the way you receive love best. For some, it’s presents and for others it is service. With this pit, it is physical touch! He just wants to be sure his friend is there.

7. A Hug Simplifies all Problems

Source: Facebook

Sometimes, if you have had a very long day or a tough time, giving someone a hug is the best thing you can do. This rescue pitty just wanted to say thank you to his rescuer.

8. The Mouse Squad

Source: Instagram

All these If this photograph was recent we can guess they are going to a Halloween party! They really look cute. Almost like little twins.

9. “Hold my Beer”

Source: Facebook

“Here, hold my beer” has resulted in a lot of Dumb decisions over the years. Luckily, this situation is not one of these. It was just a way with this pit to hop in his mother’s lap.

10. Street Attack

Source: Facebook

This Fearsome breed is well known for its street attacks. This is one example. Caught on camera, this pit ran up to this woman and SNUGGLED her. Some say she may never recover.

11. A Good Sibling

Source: Facebook

This Pit bull is an “older brother” for this little woman! Like every good brother, he’s learned to have a little bit of patience when it comes to the little ones. She obviously does not have any of him. Ruthless, right?

12. Family Nap

Source: Flickr

What’s better than just taking a much-needed nap after a long day? Nothing! This little girl is secure and snuggling with her”vicious” pit bull buddies. They look frightening.

13. Dog Heap!

Source: Flicker

This actual dog Heap is hilarious. These cuddly fellows seem to have paired up and gone to bed. The person on the left looks like he’s smiling! What a picture.

14. Absolute Happiness

Source: Facebook

This Child’s face is an absolute joy! He is literally luminous because he snuggles with his buddy. The pitty looks like he might have been awakened from a nap to have this photo. What a cute photo.

15. Cat Sibling

Source: Facebook

The Feud between dogs and cats is no longer! He appears like a proud uncle! He is going to have his paws filled with furry little kittens.

16. Cute, Just Plain Adorable

Source: Reddit

There is literally no other way to describe this photo than by saying it is cute. That’s all there really is. The eyes, baby teeth, and grin all make it.

17. Future Bullies

Source: Twitter

Come On, be fair. Do these modest piglet-looking dogs actually look as they are that mean? They are more likely to commit cuteness than any attack.

18. Love in the Air

Source: Reddit

These two look as though they are just best friends. It reminds me of this scene from The Lion King when Nala and Simba see each other years later in the jungle and also fall in love.

19. Would not Hurt a Parrot

Source: Reddit

This Parrot clearly has not discovered that these dogs assault on sight. Otherwise, he wouldn’t get as close as he was and play with him. Too bad. He will learn one day.

20. Land or Sea

There is no stopping the relentless pursuit of these devils. They never stop. You’d think that jumping in the water would stop these attacking animals but this photo proves they will only follow you.

21. Near the Kids?

Source: Reddit

Who said you can’t let pits near children? Like any dog, slow meetings and supervised time create lifelong friendships. This little pup would never hurt his squishy pink friend.

22. The Goodest Girl

Source: Reddit

Look at her! She deserves ALL the treats for looking this cute. She’s just like a little soldier in attention except she can’t seem to keep the grin off her face. That is one good looking pup.

23. WARNING: Plays Nice with others

Source: Imgur

Pittys make fantastic friends with all of the animals in your property. If they are introduced when they are dogs they can be friends with pretty much anything! When they’re old, all you need is a bit of training.

24. Easily Influenced

Source: Reddit

It appears we know who wears the proverbial pants in this connection. This pit grew up with a cat and now spends his days sitting on banisters. More cat than dog if you ask me!

25. Velcro Dog

Source: Imgur

When this precious girl was adopted from the shelter, she determined she was not going to leave her owner’s side. Ever since then, she hasn’t!

26. Flashing a Smile

Source: Imgur

This Pup loves to flash smiles! Look at how this “ruthless” attack dog is grinning at the camera. Maybe they could find a secondary occupation as a model when they are not roaming the streets.

27. A Different Kind of Grin

Source: Reddit

While the last dog was a model, this one probably has a great heart! While he might not be the exact same sort of photogenic, he is definitely a cute one. How can you not see this smile and feel much better?

28. Can’t Get Enough of his Friend

Source: Reddit

I think that dogs really do love us. Some assert that they understand how to beg for food and get what they want, I believe they truly love their owners. This picture may just prove that!

29. Lounging Daily

Source: Imgur

A Couch potato human is very much frowned upon. They should be wanted for their chill vibes.

30. Puppy Chewing

Source: Reddit

If you’ve ever had a pup, you are feeling that this picture. They’ll chew on ANYTHING and not feel the slightest remorse. A nice pair of sneakers or a flower in the garden are fair game for these little guys.

31. Blue-Eyed Cutie

Source: Reddit

There’ve been a lot of songs written about girls with lovely eyes that men have fallen in love with. This is a good change of scenery. This cutie has the BEST eyes.

32. That should Reveal People…

Source: Reddit

With Blossoms, a light blue vest, and a loving encounter, you’d think that it’s not possible to be afraid of her! Nobody in their right mind would ever look at the face and say “wow, so frightening.”

33. Balloon Tag

Source: Reddit

We All played the game as kids where you needed to keep the balloon off the ground! You would dive round the home, break things, and damage yourself, simply to be sure it never hit the floor.

34. Boop!

Source: Reddit

A “boop” is the place where you boop the nose of a dog. Wait did I just use the word in the definition? Well, just examine the video. That’s a boop.

35. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Source: Reddit

We have all been warned about wolves in sheep’s clothing. They masquerade as something they aren’t. Only, in this situation, the pit is probably sexier than the usual sheep is!

36. He just wants love

Source: Reddit

Atlas’ Owners said:

“This is Atlas. Most People don’t like him because he’s a pit bull, but all he wants is to be dressed up.”

Most of us love you Atlas!

37. A Motley Crew

Source: Reddit

All these their mother says differently, however. She stated ALL of them are good boys. They need to have been increased right!

38. Butterfly Kisses

Source: Reddit

This Puppy gives the best kisses. Look at her small bowl along with pink bone! No wonder she wants to give blessings, she is living the best kind of life. A well-loved puppy loves to give kisses.

39. The High-five King

Source: Imgur

Dogs Have manners too, ya know? They cannot really shake your hands when they satisfy you but that one is right down for a sharp high-five! He needs is a little bit of motivation in the kind of a deal.

40. Friends for Life

Source: Reddit

You can tell these guys have been through life together. They’re several big boys but they have bigger hearts. Their favorite thing is to snuggle with daddy.

41. A Cherry on Top

This Gorgeous pitty has her own little bow! She appears as innocent as could be with her head sitting on her toes. How can you NOT love a face like this?

42. Naps with Dad

This Little woofer is as happy as can be. Snuggled up, he fits in his dad’s neck! He’s gonna get far bigger than that one day, guaranteed.

43. Dog Warts

This Puppy was trained to recall with the spell “Accio” from Harry Potter! Following this one, I bet they’re going to instruct him how to fly. All he desires is a broomstick!

44. Armrest Love Affair?

Occasionally Dogs just have a certain affinity for arbitrary items. In accordance with the dog owner:

Proceeds “The armrest love affair continues 💙”

We cannot blame him.

45. A Good Brushing

Have you seen a baby becoming hits head scraped? It appears like it is going to fall into a stupor of”feel good”. If this pitty becomes brushed it basically the exact same thing.

46. How did You even Get up There?

This Dog-mom left home and came back to find quite the spectacle! Her pitty was having some personal time in addition to the countertop. Definitely not searching for anything or food, I am certain.

47. Seeing the Match

Some Like sports and a few don’t. This pit seems to have endured a passion for the game from his dad! These two make a trendy duo outside on the area.

47 adorable pit bull photographs that violate their ‘aggressive’ tag


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