40 Pictures Captured A Moment Before Disaster Struck

Source: Imgur

Picture that is so perfectly timed, which you’re able to see the story that is guaranteed to perform. In this case, those stories end in disaster.

1. That’s Gotta Hurt

Source: Imgur

It does not even seem like she was playing dodge ball or Kickball and still got hit in the face area. She was probably hoping to have a wonderful photo and is going to get a giant red mark on her cheek.

2. Believe He Caught Them?

Source: Reddit

At least this dude in the background is trying his best to catch these kids. Perhaps he did, maybe he did not. But no matter what, they won’t want to get back on this horse.

3. Cards May Kill

Source: Reddit

If you aren’t afraid of somebody throwing cards at you afterward you have to be. Cards can slice right through your skin if thrown directly so this is terrifying.

4. Someone Is In Trouble

Source: Imgur

This little boy might have been encouraged to perform battle but it looks like he’s a bit too intense. That man isn’t going to be happy if he ends up having a broken nose.

5. That’s Not the Way It Works

Source: Imgur

This girl hasn’t taken a gun in her life. If she attempts to shoot one such as this, she is likely to break something.

6. There Are Better Ways

Source: Reddit

These people are not experienced movers. It will not take long for them to understand what a terrible idea it is to attempt and move a couch a ladder down. This will not be pretty.

7. Has He Noticed?

This dude is so casual for someone who just dropped a bicycle wheel. He is on the telephone, grinning, and riding together.

8. They Can’t Move

Source: Reddit

This is the way you practice subject at all times. This sergeant was at the center of a lecture once the sprinklers activated. Obviously, not one of those men are moving.

9. Look at People Nick Nacks

Source: Reddit

This cat is going to ruin someone’s life by knocking over their prized possessions. But can you really blame the cat when you have a cat and stack things on shelves in this way?

10. Never Reduce Forward

Source: Imgur

This girl didn’t learn how to leap from a swing correctly as a kid. Either that, or she’s doing a wonderful crane trick and we’re going to miss out on seeing it.

11. Hopefully It Is Staged

Source: Reddit

From the look on that man’s face, that collapse was not staged, but we can have hope. The little girl is a wonderful acrobat and purposely dropped in the slimy bubbles around the ground.

12. That’s Why No One Does This

Source: Imgur

You usually don’t see just 3 girls carrying the groom, and this is why. The poor man probably didn’t believe it was a good idea and he was right because he’s eating sand.

13. Trying His Armor

Source: Tumblr

Everyone in this picture is drunk because that is the only Reason this could take place. Hat-dude is falling on the floor and beard-dude is shooting a bruising.

14. Hey Sis, Look

Source: Imgur

That is the one thing you’re not supposed to do with it apart from eat it.

15. Seemed Like a Fantastic Idea

Source: Imgur

These children think they can jump onto the waves and I’m Sorry to say that is not how it works.

16. Never Find This Stage

Source: Imgur

Filled this balloon up with the hose until it popped. Fortunately, someone caught it at the ideal time.

17. Who Is Driving?

Source: Imgur

Now here’s a daredevil that is going to look great and stupid things with his life all thanks to his dad. I wonder who will take the brunt of the landing though.

18. At Least She’s Happy

Source: Reddit

It took me a second to figure out this one, but it seems Such as a cake is going straight for that girl’s face and she’s embracing it. Either that or she hasn’t seen it yet.

19. You May Believe It

Source: Reddit

Seems like he doesn’t have much time to reply.

20. Perfect Face Plant

Source: Reddit

I feel bad for this child but this is the ideal photo. Someone hit him dead in the face and it’s proven with this film. The triangles on the ball make a perfect star.

21. Rub the Face

Source: Imgur

The worst part about this is that it seems like he’s Patting his face rather than hitting it. That is why you do not play soccer on the beach. Keep into volleyball and Frisbee.

22. Grammy Gots Ya

Source: Reddit

She may have let him fall from the swing but at least she if you haven’t dropped from a swing, did you really have a childhood?

23. Don’t See That Every Day

Source: Imgur

This balloon just burst and it looks incredible. He has been gifted the crown of aqua band will currently be calmed by fish everywhere. You are welcome.

24. Who Was In the Incorrect?

That is awkward. But do you wonder that did the incorrect thing? Should the building crew have up larger flags or if she see where she walks?

25. She’s a Brave Woman

Source: Imgur

This grandma is a brave woman. Her grandkids left an Atv and it didn’t go well.

26. Face Flop?

Source: Imgur

Belly flops are bad but face flops are even worse. It looks Like this man did a backflip from the border and I am just glad he made it far enough out because face plants on concrete would be the worst.

27. They’re waiting For It

Source: Reddit

This man is regarded as the world’s best belly flopper. If that is not a title you would be proud of then you are like nearly all the populace. Belly flops could be torture.

28. Giving the Thumbs Up

Source: Reddit

Look, he’s totally okay because he is giving two big thumbs up. He has not even landed thus we do not know the amount of the damage, but he seems to be doing well.

29. He is Gonna Ninja Roll

Source: Imgur

We can hope this guy can do a little killer ninja rolls, but More than likely, he’s going down hard. He was also going fast when this happened making things far worse.

30. Surprise Initiation

Source: Imgur

We do not understand the story behind this picture but about one It is already starting to hit some of them.

31. Must Have Been Playing

Source: Reddit

There is no mistake as to who is in the incorrect. Obviously, he shouldn’t have thrown the ball prior to checking to see whether his friend was paying attention. But oh well.

32. Hope That Is Not His Brother

Source: Imgur

There is a great Probability that this is a brother vs. brother war. The victim in this situation is going to be so angry when this strikes him that nobody knows what he will do in return.

33. Just Stand There

Source: Imgur

Can you wonder why she’s just standing there? So does everyone else. Perhaps she likes the concept of getting plastered with water when standing on the beach.

34. Show’Em What You Are Worth

Source: Reddit

This was not supposed to occur. Some let fireworks get Out of hand and move off in the trees. I just hope no one got hurt in the process because this can be catastrophic.

35. Can It Be A Crash?

Source: Imgur

In the beginning, it appears like this drink is dumped on purpose. But if you look at the drunk man’s face, you will see it’s a big “oops” because he didn’t see this coming.

36. Worse Than It Looks

Source: Imgur

People who don’t surf may never really relate to a surfing Photo similar to this. The guy is carrying a twenty foot fall to the water and that is never fun.

37. I Think She Missed

Source: Reddit

Someone is not a good volleyball player here. Is that Person the person who hit somebody in the face or the person who got hit in the face? Perhaps they just should coordinate.

38. Remember This Photo?

Source: Imgur

This photograph was memes again and again. We do not

39. Do Not Ask Questions

Source: Reddit

This was shot before a wedding competition and we don’t even wish to understand what’s going on here. It’s a strange contest with odd results and we cannot relate to the lady on the left.

40. Maybe He Was Hungry

Source: Reddit

There’s a good chance this deer just bit her top because it was there and there’s a fantastic possibility he was just starving. Maybe someone should get his mama for him.

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