4 Signs if My Boyfriend losing Interest to me

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Emotion aren’t magic; they’re real. And when someone loses interest in us, it hurts – a lot. But who’s to blame? Did we make them lose interest? Have they found someone else? The human mind plays a lot of cruel tricks.
People lose interest; it’s one of the sad realities of life. Emotions come and go, some feelings get silent because of arguments and other issues, but it’s all about emotions in the end.
Find yourself asking “what if my boyfriend is losing interest?”, there are going to be a lot of very open signs you can keep an eye out for.
Four visible signs your boyfriend is losing interest:
1. He doesn’t pay attention to you anymore

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If he has started spending time away from you, it’s a red flag. It means he is slowly losing interest. You need to have an honest conversation with him and ask him what’s wrong.
2. He cancels plans

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If he’s losing interest, he won’t make any special plans for you. This needs to be discussed and fixed; it’s a toxic emotion that will lead to a lot of pain.
3. He doesn’t initiate conversations

Men love initiating conversations; it’s one of our traits. And when a man isn’t interested, he’d keep the conversation to a minimum. If he’s not initiating conversation, it’s a visible sign that he’s not as interested as you’d like.
4. He is very dismissive

When a person is losing interest in you, they’re generally indifferent towards you. If he’s doing this, ask him the reason. Ask him what made him lose interest. There has to be a conversation about this. Don’t let your emotions be taken for granted.

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