34 Photos Only People with Long Hair Will Understand

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People With short hair won’t ever know the struggles of having long hair. If you have ever had long hair, you will have the ability to relate to each one of them.

1. The Horse Tail

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We’ve all been here. You put your coat on and neglect to pull your hair through and you get a classic case of horse tail.

2. That Lumpy Bun

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Trendy buns are just one thing, but if you just need your hair out of the way, there is a battle. The majority of the time, it flops around and you can’t sit it up straight. Cue the bop, you can probably feel it today.
Good luck with your Cocoa Puffs. When you just wake up and you are attempting to get around, things are ten times tougher. Shaking off the sleepiness is hard enough without
wanting to keep your hair from everything.

3. When They Do Not Break

Most of the time, the ponytail holders break. But when they don’t, they tear out a big old chunk of hair when you try to get out them. It’s true that you go gentle and you might get a couple less. But where’s the fun in that?

4. Milky Hair

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When you only wake up and you are attempting to get around, things are ten times harder. Shaking off the sleepiness is difficult enough without wanting to maintain your hair from

5. It Was Your Last One

Become so regular that you buy twice as many as you really need so that you can make sure you always have some. This can be even worse when you’ve got extra thick hair.

6. The Accidental Whip

Source: YouTube

When someone is supporting you and they say something, it is hard not to twist around. Whenever you do, you might just slap them in the face with your hair. That is even worse if you have braids in.

7. So We Could Be Safe

It’s good to use your seat belt. But that little tug when your own hair stuck is not any pleasure in any way. There is only one way to fix it and it involves backtracking, also hard. Unless you’re okay with the catch and pull a chunk.

8. Good Luck with Nachos

Ugh! Hair is gross. But what about your hair in your own food? What should you do? Go clean your hair? Clean up the mess it made onto the dining table? End eating? It is difficult to decide.

9. Thick-Haired Peeps Know

This is a Massive issue if you’ve fairly thick, wavy hair. Women with curly hair would shave their minds prior to using a comb in their dry hair, so that is for those with the straight

10. Just an Inch

Source: YouTube

A Good Deal of people with long hair wind up learning to give themselves a trim. The hairstylist wants more than you request. They want to do something extreme each moment.

11. People are Grossed Out

Source: YouTube

The people that touch your own hair without your Consent are the same people that are grossed out from the shower hair. You know, it is the same hair. Sure it is wet, but it’s kind of fun to produce pictures with.

12. The Window Pain

Whether you’re shutting your hair in the Door or rolling it up in the window, auto doors can be a problem. People with short hair will never understand why others keep an eye on that door whenever they close it and slim off.

13. So Much for Your High Ponytail

Source: YouTube

A high ponytail is really much non-existent. You try to create it high and it still slinks down your back. Sure, it may be cute but you want the swish without setting it. In a perfect world, of course.

14. The Dryer Spiders

How many times do these freak out you, believing you have spiders on your dryer? Where the hair comes from and how it generates these monstrosities, we may never understand. But they’re freaky.

15. This Is Why We Ask For Assist

Source: YouTube

Sure, you may struggle for a while and nonetheless, it’s almost impossible to wear a necklace like this without pulling a couple hairs.

16. Look, but Don’t Touch

Source: YouTube

Why in the world do people insist on touching our long hair? It is even worse when you meet them at the restroom and they are in line to wash their hands. Come on, people, and be courteous.

17. Keeping Up With Trends

Source: YouTube

The top-knot doesn’t always work out with Long hair. It’s not always such a good look and it can be quite heavy at times.

18. It’s a Compliment

Source: YouTube

I am pretty certain that being confused for a Woman is a great thing. This means you’ve got soft, silky hair from behind. When they see you turn around, they’re usually nothing but awestruck and embarrassed.

19. Even the Smoothest Hair

Source: YouTube

Even the smoothest hair receives that knot on the back of their neck at times. The wind, seats, and everything in between makes sure that it occurs on a regular basis. It is the worst of all tangles.

20. The Inevitable Trickle

The matter is, it does not just tickle, however it feels like there’s a spider crawling up the back of your leg.

21. How Can You Carry Your Books?

Source: YouTube

Messenger bags are all torture. They get caught Placing them and get caught carrying them off. It feels just like you’re making a spectacle when you sit down since you are becoming wrapped up in your bag.

22. Careful with Satin

Source: YouTube

This one is indeed annoying. It is half of the Reason that wearing a towel on your head is so important. No one wants their clothes to get wet, but it is hard to prevent it when you’re on the go following a shower.

23. Got Shampoo?

Source: Twitter

Although we use more conditioner than Shampoo, this dad insisted that his daughter used a lot of both. He bought her a gallon of every. That should last her the rest of the month, right?

24. Every 30 Seconds

Source: YouTube

Losing hair is poor, but you don’t notice it too often. Unless you are cleaning your hair and have pulled a ball the exact same size as the kitty. Kind of embarrassing but what is an individual to do?

25. It Hurts Too

Source: YouTube

Obtaining your hair caught in the zipper is no fun. It hurts and it makes the zipper not function till you get every last stand out. Sometimes it sets you back a good thirty minutes. And they wonder why you’re late.

26. Wind-Blown Locks

Wind-blown hair is romanticized but it’s really a battle that contrasts with individuals with long hair. Sure, short-haired men and women whine about their fashions being awakened, but at least it doesn’t beat your face.

27. Get a Hair Towel

Source: Twitter

This is particularly true when you’re in a motel. They have tiny towels which can hardly dry you, let alone hold your hair in that classic towel-do. This is why you buy towels especially for your own hair.

28. Can’t Watch Angel Wings

Source: Twitter

The back of your top is pointless. It is hard enough in the event you prefer to pull your hair round front. However, the back? That’s never going to take place.

29. We Hate These Seats

Source: Twitter

To Tell the Truth, this was among the worst Things at school. The seats that ripped out your hair. Especially when the individual sitting behind you would be a brat and pull your hair through the holes.

30. Soon To Be One

Source: Twitter

This is a serious problem, probably even for Individuals with short hair who use bobby pins. You buy a massive box of them and pretty soon, you’re left with the remnants of yesteryear. Perhaps there’s one in the bottom of your purse?

31. The Stray Hair

Whenever you attempt to put your hair up, there’s always that strand which gets shed and make sure that you need to start over. It is such a hassle to put your hair up in a simple ponytail. People wonder why you do not.

32. The Ramen Position

Eating noodles when you have long hair may be a battle. There have to be some sort of historical Japanese trick for this. Obviously one that none of us know. Perhaps 1 day we’ll learn the key. But until then, this is our approach.

33. At Least the Buritto was Good

Source: Twitter

Getting your hair in food sucks, but getting Food in your hair might be worse. From time to time, it sits there for hours, dispersing, with you oblivious. If you see food in somebody’s hair, please inform them.

34. Even the Dog’s Vitamins

Source: Twitter

Guess you can’t even close a jar without getting your hair captured. When it seems like somebody with long hair is exaggerating, remember that picture. Let them vent and proceed with your life.

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