25 Relationship Rules to Rekindle Your Passion

Welcome to Relationship Rules – a modern-age love and lifestyle blog focusing on the daily challenges couples face and how to move past them. Established earlier, our principles has never changed. We hope you enjoy your stay!
Rule #1: If I say “yes” to you, it’s going to be definitive. There is going to be no looking back. I will hold your hand until the end of my days.
Rule #2: Distance has the power to break the strongest of bonds. Don’t let it break yours.
Rule #3: Trust cannot be bought, trust is gained and earned. If someone trusts you with their life, take care of that with your life.
Rule #4: Whenever I see you smile, it’s as if all of my life’s worries just magically fade away.
Rule #5: It’s not going to be easy, but it’s better than living a lie, over and over again.
Rule #6: Let’s not lie. If you grow out of love with me, just tell me and I’ll respect it.
Rule #7: I knew you were THE ONE when you made me laugh when I wanted to cry.
Rule #8: Do you know what I love about you? The fact that I can be completely weird with you and you’d only love me more for it.
Rule #9: Learning the truth may hurt you, but it will be better than staying in the dark.
Rule #10: What makes a happy marriage? Two people are looking to build their future and not thinking over the past.
Rule #11: Life Goal: Create a marriage that feels like your safe-haven.
Rule #12: A marriage should not feel like a task. Let loose, learn with each other and help each other grow.
Rule #13: Let go of things like pride and ego. They only damage your exciting bonds and cloud your judgment.
Rule #14: Being single does not mean you don’t have feelings. It means you love yourself enough to wait for the person who would appreciate you.
Rule #15: Stop looking for the right person, be the right person.
Rule #16: You don’t have to meet anyone’s standards in order to be happy. All you need is yourself.
Rule #17: Your mistakes are what make you unique. Never hate your flaws.
Rule #18: Love yourself, accept yourself, be happy and content with yourself. Because you are enough for yourself.
Rule #19: It’s much better to be single and happy rather than in a relationship and depressed.
Rule #20: Your partner should be just that – a partner. They should be your life partner, your business partner, your romantic partner, everything.
Rule #21: Arguments are a healthy part of every relationship, as long as you know when to stop and start fixing things.
Rule #22: A relationship is supposed to groom your passions and fuel your dreams, not suffocate you.
Rule #23: Above all else, respect is a two-way street in love and life. Be kind and courteous, and life will be easier on you.
Rule #24: I truly appreciate any individual who spends even a mere second thinking about my well-being.
Rule #25: Make sure 2020 is a good year for love and romance. Bring back the dates, bring back the little things, let’s make romantic a thing again!

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