21 Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love

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The holidays are both great and horrible. The former, because they’re an opportunity to make the lives of your loved ones a little better, and the latter, because that knowledge can put pressure on you during an already hectic time of the year.
To make it easier, I’ve cherry picked a few of our favorite tried-and-true gifts that would work for most boyfriends, no matter how long (or short) you’ve been together. Below are the gifts for your boyfriend that you can find on Amazon:

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1. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Hydro Flask has become a trendy favorite gratitude to water bottles that keep cold drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours.

A water bottle that keeps his drinks hot for up to 12 hours straight

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2. Leather Travel Wallet

It is one of our beloved brands for men’s allets and they make the best men’s travel wallet you can buy. It’s designed around the size of a passport, and it holds everything in designated sections: travel documents, money, cards, passport, and a pen just in case. An RFID blocking material protects cards and passports from being skimmed.

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3. Really nice new sheets from a popular online startup

We recommend Brooklinen often, and for good reason. We think they make the best high-end sheets at the best price, and most of the Insider Reviews team sleeps with Brooklinen on their own beds. Pick up the Luxe Sateen Set in a classic color and prepare for tougher mornings getting out of bed.

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4. A leather dopp kit that will age elegantly

Leather logy is a startup we recommend for its reasonable high-end leather goods, and you can shop it directly from Amazon now. This particular leather toiletry bag comes in a handful of classic colors and has sections for pretty much everything. It’s the sort of gift that they’ll wind up using often, and that’ll age well with them.

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5. Smart outlets that let him control devices from the couch or his phone

Smart Plug lets you control devices and appliances remotely or with your voice. He’ll be able to schedule lights and appliances to turn off or on through an app or tell his Alexa-enabled speaker to do it for him, so there’s no need to get up off the couch before movie night begins.

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6. Truly wireless and waterproof sport ear buds

Jaybird makes some of the most trusted wireless headphones, and we think its Vista earbuds are the best version yet. They’re sweatproof and waterproof, and a quick charge of five minutes translates to an hour of play time. Fully charged, he’ll have six hours of audio play and, with the case, an additional 10 hours.

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7. The best pressure cooker you can buy

The Instant Pot is another cult-favorite product that’s worth its hype. It combines seven kitchen appliances into one, from a rice cooker to a steamer. It makes weekday meals easier and helps maximize space. We’ve also ranked it the best pressure cooker you can buy.

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8. An assorted pack of fun, colorful socks to dress up a professional wardrobe

Happy Socks is another startup we like that you can find on Amazon. The company makes fun, multi-colored socks that are an easy way to add some color into a specialized wardrobe.

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9. 50 years of iconic photos and articles from “Rolling Stone”

If he’s into music, this coffee table book from “Rolling Stone” is a good candidate for something he’ll love to own but would possibly never buy for himself. It refines the last 50 years of music journalism and cultural criticism into one volume with plenty of pictures from the 1960s to now.

50 Years of Rolling Stone: The Music, Politics and People that Changed Our Culture

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10. The best travel pillow he can get

Whether he’s continuously traveling or just values good sleep above all else, it is the way to go if you’re looking for the best travel pillow. A soft, lightweight fleece is covered around a plastic neck support on one side, so you can rest it on either shoulder or your chest to keep your head in a comfortable position. We also highly recommend the upgraded version.

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11. A weighted blanket for better sleep

A weighted blanket is an affordable loophole in a comparatively pricey category, and it’s one of the more breathable versions out there. The idea is that weighted blankets create more peaceful sleep and can help decrease anxiety by creating the sort of comforting pressure used when swaddling babies or in thunder jackets for dogs. Pick up one that’s about 10% of his body weight. You can find a full review here.

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12. Cult-favorite noise-canceling headphones with great sound

If you’re looking for one of the most useful high-end gifts you can give, this is a good place to start. Bose Quiet Comfort headphones have earned their reputation among audiophiles for their noise-cancellation and balanced audio performance. They’re also Alexa-enabled for voice access to music and information.

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13. An Echo Dot smart speaker

The Echo Dot is Amazon’s most popular smart speaker precisely because of its small size and thousands of Alexa skills. He can hook up other smart devices to it, play music, ask it for information like the weather or news, and set alarms.

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14. A streaming media player

Turn a dumb TV into a smart one with a streaming stick that provides access to services like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Now, Showtime, Sling TV, and more.

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15. LEGO’s NASA Model Rocket

Is he into NASA, or LEGOs, or any excuse to spend hours building a model (or adult toy)? Congratulations, your gifting journey ends here.

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16. Lavish shaving cream

Sometimes personal upkeep is the only custom we have that’s just about us, and a little upgrade to daily groom can make an outsized impact. The Art of Shaving makes a luxurious cream that softens the beard for a close, comfortable shave that protects the skin from razor burn. Even if he wouldn’t buy it for himself, he’ll probably like using this.

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17. A cute food-related card

Say it with food. Maybe also pick up tacos.

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18. Great soaps that support active-duty military members and veterans

Duke Cannon makes military-inspired groom products that go beyond gimmicky. We actually like using them, and the company supports active-duty military members and veterans by donating 5% of its net profits to causes that benefit them. In the past, that’s included K9s for Warriors and Fisher House. While we stand by the products and the mission, the branding can be pretty heavily macho and a little off-putting for some. If that’s not on-brand for your boyfriend, skip it.

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19. Leather touch screen gloves
Shiny and functional leather touch screen gloves will let him use devices in the bitter cold. Plus, this pair has touch screen tech in all ten fingers and palm rather than a couple of fingers on each hand.

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20. A beer-brewing kit he can use to make his own beer
This is one of the highest-rated home brewing kits under $50, and it comes with all the essentials. The equipment is also reusable, so if he enjoys using it, he can brew another batch later on.

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21. Bluetooth Tiles that help him locate missing items
If he’s been known to lose his keys, wallet, or other important belongings, Tile may be his favorite gift of the year. He can use a smart phone to ring his wallet or keys if they’re within 400 feet.

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