15 Common Reasons Why A Man Breaks Things Off With A Woman He Loves

If you don’t previously know this by now, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention. There are plenty of reasons in which a man might break up with his partner. There are plenty of factors that go into determining the strength and flexibility of a relationship. And love has a lot to do with it… but it isn’t everything. There is a enormous possibility that the man you are with might still leave you even though he’s helplessly in love with you.
The only way a relationship would ever be able to work out is if both partners invest their time, energy, and commitment to their relationship. Granted, it’s impossible to achieve perfect balance with all these aspects, but it’s still important to try your best. And even then, it might not be enough. There are just too many factors that go into determining whether a relationship is actually going to work out for the best or not. And it’s going to be about so much more than just love.
Love alone would never be enough to continue a relationship for the long haul. There are just too many things to keep track of – and they extend beyond the love that you might have for one another. If you’re curious as to why a relationship might end even though your man still loves you, then you should read on until the very end of this article.

1. Infidelity

Disloyalty is the number one killer for most relationships. Sometimes, he ends up cheating on you or maybe you might cheat on him. Apart from, it’s always harsh to recover in a relationship when cheating is involved.

2. Sexual Incompatibility

Sex is always going to play a fundamental role in most modern relationships. It helps build physical familiarity between two people. And if the two of you just don’t mesh well on a sexual level, then it can be hard to build understanding.

3. Boredom

It’s still possible to feel fed up with someone you’re in love with. He might be missing inspiration in the relationship and that could lead to him wanting to bail out of it.

4. Neediness or Clinginess

Just because he loves you doesn’t mean that he would be eager to put up with clinginess or co dependence in the relationship. He doesn’t want a girl who relies and depends on him for everything.

5. Negativity and Toxicity

Sometimes, there can be too much lack of enthusiasm in a relationship for one man to bear. Just because he loves you don’t mean he would be willing to put up with all of the negativity.

6. Fear of Commitment

A man might love you… but the love might not be enough to actually make him want to entrust to you. It happens.

7. Feeling Not Enough

Sometimes, a man will feel like he’s just not enough for you. And even though he loves you, he might think that it would be best to just let you go.

8. Disrespect

Disrespect is always going to be a big no-no in any kind of relationship. And if you disregard him, then love won’t be enough to save you.

9. Insecurity

You must always make an effort to make your man feel like his mistakes and deficiencies are okay. He might resort to leaving you if he lets his insecurities get the best of him in your relationship.

10. Emotional Inappropriateness

There are just some relationships wherein people will not be able to emotionally connect with one another. And even though he loves you, he’s never going to find that sense of execution due to your inability to bond and connect.

11. Under appreciation

There is a good chance that you can take your loving boyfriend for granted and he’s not going to want to put up with it. If a man loves you, he’s going to do whatever it takes to make you feel his love. But if you don’t show him thankfulness or admiration for it, he isn’t really going to feel enthused to sustain it.

12. Competitiveness

A relationship should never be a contest. When two partners act too competitively, it can breed a culture of toxicity and anger in a relationship. People in healthy relationships should always act like a team.

13. Intellectual Disparity

Sometimes, a man is going to want to be with a girl he is intellectual equals. If a girl is too smart for him, he might feel panicky. If a girl isn’t as smart as him, then he might end up feeling bored.

14. Lack of Communication

Any kind of relationship is always going to require a healthy dose of communication. And whenever the two of you be deficient in in communication in your relationship. He might feel like his love for you isn’t enough.

15. Incompatible Plans

Sometimes, you are going to have certain plans that just won’t mesh. You might be heading a certain direction and your partner might be heading in another. And whenever that’s the case, your relationship is likely to fall off the rails.

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