12 Signs for a Man that Really Deserve for You

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A lot of us can spend a significant amount of time trying to look for the love that we think we’re deserving of in this life. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, we don’t have to wait so long to find that love. Whenever you do find that love, you always want to make sure that you don’t take it for granted.
You always want to make sure that you fight for that love to make sure that it doesn’t go to waste. However, a lot of us make the mistake of failing to make the division whenever we are in the relationships that we are deserving of.

If you happen to be one of those people who have trouble distinguishing the love that you are truly deserving of, then this article is for you. Don’t worry. Sometimes, people are just going to need a good old reminder.
And that’s what this article aims to do. Here are a few signs that the guy that you’re with is certainly the man that you deserve to spend the rest of your days with.
1. He doesn’t actually need a special occasion to remind you of how much he loves you. He’s always going to make sure that you know that he loves you anyway of what day it is. He always puts in the effort necessary to make sure that you understand just how important he is to you.
2. He leaves you a lot of little love notes every so often. This might seem like something that’s so simple and easy. But the effort that he puts into it is really what matters. It just goes to show that he’s a guy who values the little things. He’s a man who really pays attention to the details.
3. Whenever the two of you are away from one another, he really goes out of his way to make sure that you know how much he misses you. He calls you even for the simple reason of wanting to hear your voice. He isn’t afraid of showing that kind of susceptibility towards you.
4. You get the sense that the moments that you’re experiencing together are made for dreamy comedies. And during these moments, you always make sure that you don’t take them for granted. And you always make sure that you count your blessings because of how special and valuable they are.

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5. He doesn’t really shy away from opening up about his feelings to you. He doesn’t care if people tell him that being manly means being closed off about his feelings and sentiment. He always wants to stay transparent to you. He wants you to know that he never hides anything from you at all.
6. He is always respectful of you and all of the women around you. He is the kind of guy who is far from being misogynistic. He knows that he has a duty to always act gentlemanly around all women. He knows that he always has to be respectful of you and every woman he meets in this life.
7. He doesn’t really bash his ex-girlfriends. He only ever talks about them whenever you try to ask him about his romantic history. And whenever he does talk about them, he is always respectful. He never makes it seem like he’s holding any ill feelings or bitterness towards them.
8. He is always respectful of the professional goals that you might have for yourself. He acknowledges that you are a person of substance and that you’re not content with just living a life of mere mediocrity. He is always going to honor the fact that you have a set path for yourself that you want to follow.

9. He always values your opinions and he always makes sure that you feel heard and esteemed. He seeks your advice on various issues. He always asks for your input. He never makes you feel like he’s just going to be content with making you stay on the sidelines. He always makes you feel included.
10. Whenever he disagrees with you, he’s always going to do so in a passive and stylish manner. He’s always going to make sure that he takes a responsive approach to manage conflicts with you.
11. He is so insanely attracted to you. He always makes you feel that he doesn’t take you for granted; that he is always so charmed by you. And he’s always going to make sure that you are validated.
12. He is always proud to be with you. He is the kind of guy who would always want to be showing you off to the world. He never wants to make you feel like he is feeling shame of you. He would never do anything to make you feel like he isn’t proud to be the man who calls you his.

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