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How to Make your Nose Look Smaller: 10 Simple Tips
Every one of us has been insecure about out appearance at some point in our life. Especially during the teenage years, the struggle with constant need of feeling good about our own self is real. If you are one of those people who did not or do not care about their physical appearance, you are lucky! For those of us who look in the mirror and keep staring at it for hours; thinking how it would be if you had a different nose, longer lashes, bigger lips etc. Just know that it is alright to feel insecure about our flaws, but no one is perfect and you should always be able to see through our flaws.
Now there are various things people try to improve their appearance. May be a surgery or use of make up to enhance their features. Have you wondered how vital your nose is when it comes to your overall appearance? We can cover our eyes with sunglasses or use lenses to make them look better. We use different types of products; including concealers, primers, powders to make our skin look flawless. But what about our nose? What can we do to make it look better? Most of us are born with long noses or a huge nose.

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There are ways you can change the shape of your nose using makeup, nose exercises, accessories or surgery. And you always have an editing app for the last minute touch up. Depending on the techniques used, the results can be instant or take a while. Let us see how we can make our nose look smaller with the help of some amazing tricks:

1. Nose yoga/ Exercises:

As weird as it sounds, but there are some exercises you can do to alter the shape of your nose. Nose yoga involves inhaling and exhaling techniques.
Below is one simple exercise:
1. Use your index finger to cover your nose, press your finger slightly to narrow the nasal passage.
2. Breathe in through your mouth.
3. Exhale with force through your nose
4. Repeat the steps 10 times. Make sure you do not exhale with a large force. Do this for 3 times a day. The changes may take a while to be noticeable but the results are worth it.
There are various other exercises available, you can check them out online. Be patient as the exercises are simple and would take time to affect the shape of your nose. Do not overdo, as it will only stress the muscles instead of giving faster results.

2. Contour your nose:

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Use a shade that is two shades darker than your complexion. Now, draw two line on either end from the top to the tip of your nose. Blend in and voila! Contouring essentially makes your nose look more structured than it is. You can get a contour kit available in the market or use a foundation that is darker than your foundation for contouring.

3. Reduce the spacing between your eyebrows:

Source: IStock Photo

The technique here is to make your eyebrows closer to each other. This will create an impression of a narrower nose. You can fill in your eyebrows with brow powder to get the required results. Make sure the color of the brow powder blends in easily with your natural eyebrows. This will instantly make your nose look slimmer. Do not make the eyebrows too close.

4. Highlight the upper tip:

Highlight the center slender part of your nose. This will draw the attention to the slender part of your nose. Do not highlight the bumps or dips as this will make your nose look even bigger.

5. Nose Surgery/ Rhinoplasty:

If you are looking for a permanent solution, surgery is the best option. The procedure can take up to 2 hours. This procedure is called Rhinoplasty, it can change the width of the nose, clear out any bumps or dips and make your nose more symmetrical. The healing process can take 14 days to several weeks. There can be side effects like swelling, redness but it will go away eventually.

6. Using Lipstick:

Use a lipstick that is bold or bright. The bright shades of the lip color will get the maximum attention. You can use shades of purple, red, orange etc. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone and the occasion.

7. Accessorize the right way:

Pick up a pair of some statement earrings, necklaces or a choker. The right accessories will take the attention away from your face and your nose. Do not go for nose pins or big nose studs as they will make your nose look bigger and possibly swollen.

8. Get the perfect Angles:

Best Lighting for Your Face​

Our face looks different from different angles. Take a test! Use different angles to take pictures and figure out which angle makes your nose look the bet. Once you know the correct angle, you can use the information to get the perfect selfies or pictures. You can also use editing apps. Some phones come with an inbuilt beauty enhancer app. You can also download additional beauty apps. These make your face more proportionate and they also have a variety of different filters you can choose from. You can choose something that makes your nose look the way you wish it to look like and use it for all your pictures.

9. Choose the correct Hairstyles:

Some hairstyles tend to make your nose stand out. Bangs, tight ponytails or buns shift the focus to your nose. You can avoid this by styling your hair in different ways that suit your face cut. A middle parting hairstyle makes your nose the center of attraction, while a side parting can take that attention away from it. Do take into consideration all the aspect of your face before getting a haircut. You can also dye your hair or highlight it with two or three steaks of bright hair dye.

10. Eye makeup

Avoid using too much makeup on your eyes. Too much Kohl, thick eyeliner or using fake lashes should be avoided. Do not combine all the three. If you must, use a white Kohl to minimize the effect. Heavy eye makeup will only make your nose look bigger. Use concealer around your eyes to create shadows, this will make your nose look visibly smaller.
Lastly, do not compare your facial features to what you see in the pictures, magazines or movies. All of us are flawed in one way or the other. The models in the magazines may or may not have the perfect skin, eyes or nose. There is a lot of editing, makeup involved to make them look flawless. Accept your flaws and do not stress about how much people are going to notice it.

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