10 Signs That You’re Just Letting Him Play You Like A Fiddle

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There are just some men out there who are really good at saying and doing the right things to make you fall really deep in love with them. They might just see you as someone they can have some occasional fun with. They might consider you to be one of their many options when it comes to romantic entanglements. And it doesn’t really matter how much you love him or how attached you have become to him. If he treats you like this, then you shouldn’t ever be with him. You are letting him to play like a fiddle.

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Remember that dignity and self-respect is always going to be important. How can you ever expect other people to respect you if you don’t respect yourself? You need to make it a point to demand proper treatment from the people around you – especially those who you are in romantic relationships with. Don’t let him play ply like a fiddle and cheat you. You never want to find yourself in the position of dating a guy who is only going to play around with you and make you feel as if you’re just a temporary pastime.

Love is so much more than that. Love is something that you build for life. Love knows no games or lies. Love shouldn’t be about deceit and deception. Love should always be about honesty, openness, authenticity, realness, and sincerity. And if he can’t be all of those things to you, then he’s not the guy you’re meant to be with. He’s not a guy who’s in love with you.

1. He refuses to define the relationship with you

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He doesn’t really want to feel locked down with you. He doesn’t want to commit to anything at all. He’s trying to absolve himself of the responsibilities involved in getting into relationships.

2. He still keeps his dating apps on his phone

He still keeps a lot of his dating apps on his phone. He doesn’t really want to be with you for the foreseeable future. Clearly, what you have is just a casual and temporary fling.

3. He doesn’t take you to meet his friends

He really isn’t interested in merging social circles with you because he doesn’t think that you’re going to be sticking around long enough to actually play an important role in his life. He’s not actually interested in having his friends merge with yours.

4. He doesn’t make you feel valued or cherished

He never really makes you feel like he is grateful or appreciative of everything that you do for him in the relationship. You are practically giving all of yourself to him and your romance. But he just never seems willing to return the favor. It’s as if you’re never going to be enough for him.

5. He still flirts with other women in front of you

He doesn’t care about the fact that it hurts you whenever he flirts with other women. He doesn’t really care much about your feelings. He’s just trying to get lucky. He’s still wanting to keep his options open because he’s not really serious about being with you for the long-term.

6. He never fulfills his promises and commitments

He never really backs up the things that he tells you. Whenever he promises you something, he is always likely to fall short. Whenever he commits to you about something, it’s likely that he’s just going to backtrack and completely leave you hanging instead.

7. He never invites you over to his place

He has never actually invited you over to his place. And the reason for that is because he doesn’t really want you to be feeling welcome in his physical space. He doesn’t want to be opening up to you too much because he fears that you might be getting a little too comfortable with him.

8. He distances himself from you expressively

He tries to distance himself from you on an emotional level. Whenever you try to ask him about his life, he gives you some very vague and weird answers. Whenever you try to get to know him better, he puts up a wall as if to keep you out and make sure that you don’t know too much.

9. He only ever wants to hang out with you if sex is on the table

The only time he ever wants to hang out with you is if you promise him that he’s getting lucky at the end of the night. And that’s absolutely a bad thing. It just goes to show that he’s only after one thing – and it definitely isn’t your heart.

10. He is not consistent with you

He doesn’t really give you the reliability and loyalty that you need out of a partner in the relationship. He’s always hot and cold with you. It’s as if he only ever wants to be with you if it’s convenient for him. He never really makes you feel like things are ever going to get stable while you’re together.

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